Tuesday, May 2, 2017

~Ask Me Anything Answers~

So, here are the answers!

Rachel asked:

What's your favourite book right now?

Wonderland Creek is still the best book I have ever read. So this one is going to be my choice until I find another book who is better than this one(which hasn't happened yet).

What's your favourite serie?

Ah, yes....I knew this one was going to come. It's a really hard question, because there are so many great tv-series right now and I don't know which is the topper.Poldark is of course the most recent and we have not finished it yet, but it still cannot overcome Robin Hood BBC. So, you know my answer. :)

Who's your favourite actress?


Well, I think everyone already knows Lucy Griffiths is still my favourite actress.

Who's your favourite actor?

I actually don't have a favourite actor. :)

Books or movies?

Yeah...books are great and you can just relax on the couch while reading. And you can picture everything yourself and everything is wonderful. You can watch movies relaxed on the couch too, and it's great, even though some parts are not that wonderful(keep using the same words here). But if I had to choose, I would choose...why is this so difficult? Okay, movies then. Because you can see everything and hear things. You can even cry watching a movie.

If you could travel through time, in which time period would you love to be?

Actually...I would like to go back in time in the Bible. It might seem strange, but it would be so wonderful and miracleous to see all those things. What are balldresses and dancing compared to that?

Poldark or Downton Abbey?

Poldark. :)

Are you more like Jane Bennet or Elizabeth Bennet?

I would say more like Jane. Because...I'm not witty and sharp like Elizabeth. I'm more quiet and shy like Jane. So Jane Bennet.

If you could have a pet, what animal would it be?


I would love to have a monkey, but that's not how it ought to be. Monkeys are supposed to be free in the wild. So a little kitten. Preferably an orange-white striped kitten.

Would you rather visit England or Spain?

 I have already visited Spain, so England. Definitely England!

What's your favourite movie?

Since I do not have a favorite movie, I'll just choose a movie we recently watched. It was a quite funny one and really nice.

Is there any movie or serie you would love to see one day?

I would love to see a movie with Audrey Hepburn and Roman Holiday is often said to be one of the best of Audrey Hepburn, so...

Would you rather have magic or drawing skills?

Drawing skills. I wish I could draw like this. I can't, really cannot, draw life real drawings. Only cartoon-ish and that stuff. Like from animated movies.

MovieCritic asked:

If you could be an actress in any Disney remake (already made or not), who would you be?


I would like to play in Tangled as Rapunzel. Mainly because she's my favourite Disney princess, but also because she has blonde hair.

Who is your least favourite actor?


Orlando Bloom.

Who is your least favourite actress?


 Cameron Diaz.

Rebekka asked: 

What's your favourite season?

 Summer is my favourite season. But spring comes close second.

 Butterflies or fireflies?

Butterflies. But fireflies are pretty too.

Favourite language?


 English and Spanish are my two favourite languages. But English is my favourite.

Apple blossom or cherry blossom?


  Apple blossom. It's so pretty! Far prettier than cherry blossom to my opinion.

Are you more like Anne or Diana(from Anne of Green Gables)? 


 More like Diana. Mainly because I'm not as outspoken as Anne.

Rain when you're falling asleep, or rain during the day?


Rain when you're falling asleep. It is rythmic and you fall asleep quicker by the sound(at least, that's what I have).

If you could be any one from Downton Abbey, who would you be?


Sybil Branson.

What is your favourite kind of tree?


  Oak trees. Those big oak trees like on the picture. Those are my favourite trees. They are quite easy to climb too.

Cranford, Wives&Daughters or North&South(the one with Margaret Hale and Mr Thornton)?


North and South is the best according to my opinion. Wives and Daughters is also great and Cranford too. But North&South wins.

Do you prefer to write with a pen or a pencil?


With a sharpened pencil. It's just much easier, you don't get ugly blue-black marks on the bed or on the table if you accidently write beside the paper, and you can erase errors. And as I said, it's far easier to write with a pencil then with a pen, because you can always write thin lines (if you keep the pencil sharp) and you can't always with a pen. By the way, pens break often and when the ink is up you have to search for a new pen again. Pencils get shorter and shorter when you sharpen them, I know, but not that quick (a pen doesn't either actually). But I just prefer a pencil.

Would you like to be the eldest sibling, the youngest, or in the middle?


Well, as it is now, in the middle. Because I'm the middle child. Two older sisters and one older brother, and two younger brothers and one younger sister. The middle. So I wouldn't like to be the eldest, even if you do everything first before the others do it. And I wouldn't like to be the youngest either, because in my family I would turn out as 4 then. And when you are the youngest, your elder siblings tease you that you're small. So...

What's one of your favourite quotes?


  One of my favourites is: ''Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.'' But there are lots of quotes I like too. 

aGirlWithIdeas asked: 

Do you like being homeschooled?



Yes, a lot. You don't have to get up really early(and I'm a late sleeper, so that would be uncomfortable), you can do what you want, you don't have to sit in a classroom with a lot of other children and a teacher you may or may not like, and it's just a comfortable work environment to be. What could be better than have school at home at your own pace? So, yes, I like to be homeschooled.

What's your favourite book?


Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin. It's really a great book and you should definitely read it, or at least try.

Do you do any kind of dance?


No, I don't. I like dancing and I would like to learn a dance...But I don't do any dance, no.

What's your favourite thing to do on a lazy day?



What I like to do most on a lazy day? I simply wouldn't know. Just kidding! I love to read on a lazy day. On the couch or on your bed.

What's your favourite color?


Yellow is my favourite color!

What is your favourite period drama?


Poldark!! Can't wait for the second season to come out!

What's your favourite flower?



Do you speak more than one language?


Yep. Well, I don't speak more than one language. I only learn Spanish and French and Latin. Oh wait, I do speak more than one language! English and Dutch! When I was little, we always watched English movies, so we were introduced to English rather soon. We also watched Little House on the Prairie when we were little. Which is quite a long and English serie.

Ruth Elizabeth asked:

Sunrise or sunset?


Sunset. Because the sky turns lightblue, pink and orange. Because day turns into night. Because you can watch the sun go down. Because the sun gives everything a orange glow.

What's your favourite type of music to listen to?


Ckassic and soundtracks. I think. I'm actually not sure what my favourite type of music is. I don't think I have a definite favourite music type, so none.

Do you play any musical instruments? 


Yes, I play the piano a bit. If you can count a few note reading and mostly playing out of my head ;)
Because most of my piano playing is out of my head. The Robin Hood BBC intro, Clocks, a small tiny tiny tiny bit of Downton Abey intro, and uhm...Do A Dear, A Female Dear, Re...and so on, and some others like the song from Up and Inside Out(not entirely).

What musical instrument would you like to play one day?


I play the piano a little bit and I would like to play it more. But without counting the piano in, I would say a....guitar? Violin would be nice too, but I prefer a guitar.

Favorite subject in school?


Ah, that would be languages. I just love to learn those words in a foreign language :)

Thanks for all the questions, girls! I enjoyed it a LOT! Maybe, you never know, I'll do one again(not now of course, in a while)

Sorry, there suddenly came a big empty white space! :) 




















  1. Loved your answers Ruth! <3
    I always enjoy Ask me Anything posts. :) Because of the answers, which are very lovely.

  2. Lovely answers, Ruth, I enjoyed reading them very much! :)

  3. I loved reading your answers! I especially enjoyed reading what songs you can play on piano. I play piano too and I can play all (except for Inside Out) of the ones you mentioned!(Clocks has such a cool sound) I don't know why but I just found that really funny and cool! :) I loved Wonderland Creek too! I really want to read it again.

  4. Great answers! :D

    I do not like Cameron Diaz either!

    I love to use pencils! My little sister always uses pens, but I love pencils! I love that picture you put there!

    You can play the Robin Hood BBC intro on the piano!!!!!!!!???????????????? That is amazing! I would love to hear you play!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the great post, you can really get to know a person like that! So many cool answers, also so many I can really agree with!
    Thanks again it was fun!

    1. Yeah, that's why I like Ask Me Anything posts so much! It was really fun answering all those questions!