Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Robin Hood BBC~Marian's Hairstyles~

Today, Marian's hairstyles. Marian has a few of the loveliest hairstyles.

I think this is really suitable for Marian. Her hair is loose, but it is still out of her face. That's convenient and very pretty. But it doesn't suit some people. Like Kate. She had the same hairstyle...
...but she has too thin hair for it to be pretty. And she has the braid not directly after her hair. There is a space between her hair line and the braid, which is not the case with Marian. And Kate doesn't have curls. With curls it is much prettier. But we were talking about Marian's hairstyles, not Kate's.

I liked this bun very much. It was very pretty, and elegant. It seems like it is difficult to make at some points, but sometimes it looks like it is easy. And the beautiful hairpins. They are so pretty!

I really like when she has her hair loose. She has such pretty waves in her hair. And her hair has the perfect length. She also has curls in her hair sometimes.
But I think that's curled by a machine, how do you call those? But it still is pretty, very pretty.

I loved this hairstyle. I thought it was really pretty. And she had a ribbon in her hair, which made it even prettier.

This hairstyle is beautiful too. It's real simple. You have your hair loose, and put in a hairband. Done!
I would like to have this hairstyle once. But I wish I had Marian's curls. They're so pretty.

This hairstyle is very pretty. It looks like normal, that she didn't do anything with her hair. But she did. She pulled it backwards. It looks gorgeous! I would love to have this hairstyle! But I would like to have curls still, when I had this hairstyle.
I didn't like this hairstyle so much. Nothing to say about it. Only that I didn't like this that much.

Robin Hood BBC~Marian's Wardrobe~

We have just watched Robin Hood BBC(at least the first three episodes) and therefore I felt like creating a Robin Hood-themed post. Here it comes...Marian's wardrobe.

I love this dress. It has no really bright colors, but still it is very pretty. And I love the way the dress is covered by a pinafore dress(what else could you call it? Can't get on the name)that kinda stops above her knees and then goes on in a sort of veil fabric.

This dress is just ordinary plain white, yet it is very elegant. It has long sleeves and a belt around the waist. It is a lovely dress and I would wear it(if I lived in that time)too.

This is the same dress as above, only this onew has not that long sleeves and a other belt. But it is made even more prettier by the cape. The cape is very pretty and suits her dress well. Also that broche(is it a broche?) is very lovely.

I am not very fond of the color orange, but Marian suits it well(except her face looks a bit pale here, but maybe that's just the photo or something). The...how should I say that?...big necklace around the neckline is very pretty and it adds more elegancy to the dress.

Personally this is not my favourite dress. The style is definitely her style, only this dress is more manly, less feminine. And less colourful. green and white and grayblue...It is very suitable as camouflage-dress in the forest, but of course she wasn't in the forest with Robin's gang yet.

The outfit of Marian as ''The Nightwatchman'' is very nice. It has long boots, and a really long cape. She has a sword hanging on her belt, but she doesn't use that, it's just for safety. Marian is having a new identity by this costume, helping the poor and fighting against injustice. That's what I like about this costume too.

This dress is simple, but one of my favourite, and although it is not Marian's dress, she wore it. So I picture it as a dress of her. The shoes she wears with the dress are pretty and elegant, but still they're just simple. And the blue and white prints are very nice.

I never wear red, because it makes my face seem pale. But I love this dress. The cloth seems to be silk or something like that. The decorations around the neck line and the waist are very pretty and the long sleeves too. I like long sleeves. They make the dress different and prettier.

This is a pretty dress, really pretty. But I don't like it. Because it reminds me of Marian's death all the time. And then the scene repeats in my head. And I get sad. That's why I don't like the dress. I mean, the dress is pretty, but it reminds me of that last scene of season 2, where everything collapses. I hoped during the whole scene, that something wonderful would happen. That miraculously Djaq could heal her or that she just fainted. I wished so hard for that to happen, like the first time Marian ''died''. But she died. She really died. And the whole season after was dark, and sad, and less colourful without her. So that's why.

I kinda liked this. Reviewing costumes, dresses. Maybe I'll make a part 2...and I want to make one about hairstyles. Marian's hairstyles.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday today! 20 november 2016. I am another year older. But I don't mind at all. With every year you grow older, you grow wiser and more sensible. We don't celebrate our birthdays big here, no friends invited or a lot of food. Normally we just hide the presents for the birthday boy(or girl) and open the presents(thank everyone of course), and have cake. We had chocolate-blueberry muffins instead(which I made myself). And the presents are always great! This time I really had no idea what my presents would be. I had a bicycle for my birthday(but we bought it a month ago,because I really needed a new bicycle)from my parents. And my youngest siblingd(4,7 and 9) gave me self-made drawings and jewels(so cute). And I had cards from them and from my aunt and my grandparents. I also had drawing stuff(because I draw quite a lot), fineliners and pencil erasers. They're like pencils, only then you can erase things, little things, with it. In case you didn't know;)
 I think pencil erasers is not actually the correct translation, though. And most surprisingly, I had a note book where I can write in a lot(from my older brother) (Which I absolutely love), and...
I just thought I'd made a photo of it, so you can see how it looks like. Really nice :)
...my own(MY OWN!!!) sample of all three seasons of....

                                                  ROBIN HOOD!!

My two older sisters gave it. My siblings really know what I like.
Just so you know I am talking the truth :P
It has a lot of DVD's in it, with a lot of characters on the DVD's. On the front is Robin Hood(as you can see :)) and on the back is...guess what? Kate. KATE! I mean, why Kate? She's not that important, right? Actually she is really NOT an important character to me. Why didn't they put Marian on it? Marian is far more in the series than Kate, two seasons! She deserves to be on the back. But I'm still very happy with it, don't understand me wrong. I still love that I have a own sample of Robin Hood BBC. I couldn't believe it when I opened the present! So, I had a wonderful birthday-morning. And it's my birthday, so I can choose a movie tonight(maybe episode 1 of Robin Hood).

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Header Choice

I counted the votes of everyone, and it seems that header 2 has by far the most votes.
Now, the only thing I have to do, is to put the header on my blog and find a nice background. Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I've decided I'll change my header about every month. I made 7 headers, which is quite a lot more than usually, so I'll choose four and the other three will be for the next time. It was actually harder to choose only four headers from seven than I expected.





Well, the choice is all yours! As usual, the header with the most votes, will be the chosen header for my blog, with a background that fits the colors.

Time flies

I love this picture. The clock shows you have time, the almost broken string that time is precious and doesn't last forever.
I can't believe that it is already almost winter! Time flies and you can't stop it. The sunny and warm summer has turned into a windy and cold autumn, now following by icy cold winterdays. Not that I don't like winter, I do. But our winters(the winters in Holland) are just cold, and rainy(really a lot of rain). No snow. I wish we had snow here in Holland. I love winters with lots of snow. But we haven't had snow here for a long time. My brother, two sisters and I used to play in the snow, make snowmen. Have snowball fights. A lot of things. Now it didn't snow in Holland for two, three years. Sometimes, if we were lucky, we'd go to our grandparents(where there sometimes is snow). Or sometimes it would snow here, but the next day or even shortly after the snow fell, the snow was already melting, or it was raining again. But I have lost track. I was talking about time. Yesterday I slept until eleven o'clock. Can you believe it!? Eleven o'clock? Really? That is the longest time I've ever slept. I mostly sleep until half past nine, nine o'clock, or half past eight. But that day was different. I was tired. And in winters, you have short days, where the light must go on in the morning if you want to make breakfast, and the lights turn on five o'clock in the evening. I can't sleep when it's light. In summer I don't fall asleep soon. Because it is hot and because it is still light. In winter I sleep a lot, because it is cozy and warm in your bed, and because it is still dark.
Time is valueable. You need time for everything you do. If you are working, you need time to finish it. You need time to think about a problem and think of a solution. You need time for making things, learning things, waiting for things. You need time to know when you have to do this and when you have to do that. You need time to get enough rest and sleep. You need time for almost everything. You cannot erase time. If you did something, you can't turn back or just erase that thing of your...let's say schedule. Wishing you could turn back time...you read that a lot in books. But you can't. You can't turn back time. Time has its own way. You can't change it. Yesterdaynight, when I was in my bed, I kept thinking of how odd it is than you don't realize you sleep 24 hours when you are asleep. You don't even know when you fall asleep. It's really strange. It seems like time is over in just a blink, but actually you sleep one whole day...or when you're in a train...time seems to go really fast. Or when you watch the clock when waiting for something. Then everything goes really slow. 

''Time is very slow for those who wait. Very fast for those who are scared. Very long for those who lament. Very short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternal.''
                                                             ~William Shakespeare~

Friday, November 11, 2016

Lady Sybil Crawley-Branson(aka Jessica Brown-Findlay)

Lady Sybil was really the sweetest spirit under the roof. I still can't understand why they killed her off. Why does someone have to die when a baby is born? When Mary had little George, Matthew died and when Sybil had little Sybbie, she died. I hate it when writers let my favourite characters die. Sybil Crawley(my favourite person in Downton Abbey), Matthew(also one of my favourites), Marian(my favourite character in Robin Hood BBC) and Allan and Robin(who were also two favourite characters, maybe not Robin, but it was so sad for everyone). But Sybil was so sweet. She was kind, caring, sensible and she didn't care about her position, not so much as Mary. She wore pants, put off her corset, and married an Irish chauffeur. And she helped Gwen find a job. I can't explain, she is just so kind. Jessica Brown-Findlay(who played Sybil) is still angry that they wrote her out of the serie. I know I would be too. I would love to play someone like her. And if they wrote me out of the serie I would be angry too.
She was the youngest of the sisters Crawley, but was grown-up first. I think she is more sensible than Mary and Edith. She was my favourite, and after she died, it was all so sad. I felt so sorry for Tom, Sybbie(who never knew her mother), Robert and Cora, and Mary and Edith, for Violet and for everyone who knew her and loved her(the watchers too). I mean, who couldn't love her? She is so sweet and...I said this so many times, but I say it again, she was my favourite and the kindest soul.
And I feel so sad to know she never actually knew her child. Yes, she saw her, she gave her a name, but never actually knew her(does anyone understand what I am saying?). I know it is just made-up and played, but I always see it as real, I can't help it. And I am always over-emotional when someone dies. I mean, my sister Rachel doesn't have tears or something like that when someone dies. But when Sybil died, the tears were in my eyes, and I had a lump in my throat, while I knew it was not real. But those series and their characters are just so real and you attach(to say it in that way) to them. I was sad when Downton Abbey was really really over. And I was extra excited when I read that there would be a prequel. But Sybil probably won't be in there :(

Sunday, November 6, 2016

~A Period Drama Tag~

Rachel tagged me with A Period Drama Tag. Thanks Rachel!

Thank the blogger who tagged you
Answer the questions

Thanks again, Rachel!

The Questions.

1. What's your favourite Period Drama movie?
Ehm...that's hard. I think my favourite Period Drama movie is...most of them are series...I'll choose Pride and Prejudice(2005, because I haven't yet seen the 1995 version).

2. What's your favourite Period Drama serie?
Okay, serie...Robin Hood BBC.

3. Which Period Drama do you dislike most?
None. I don't have any I dislike. The one I like less, will probably be Lark Rise To Candleford(not that I don't like this serie, but I like it less from all Period Drama series I have seen)

4. Anne of Green Gables or Little Dorrit?
Little Dorrit.

5. Your favourite Period Drama dresses?
Dresses? How many dresses can you choose then? I'll just take a few I see and like.

6. Who's your favourite Period Drama character?(Okay, pick at least five)
Phew, I'm glad I can choose five. Marian(Robin Hood BBC), Sybil(Downton Abbey), Edith(Downton Abbey), Jane Fairfax(Emma 2009), and Emma(Emma 2009).

7. If you could join a royal ball, which dress would you do on?
A royal ball? Ella's balldress is suitable for a royal ball, but I'ld prefer wearing Ella's wedding dress to a royal ball.
8. What's your favourite Jane Austen movie?
Emma(the 2009 of course).

9. Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife?
Downton Abbey for sure.

10. Sybil Crawley, Jenny Lee, Emma Woodhouse, or Marian of Knightley?
Marian of Knightley.

11. Which couple of a Period Drama do you like most? (Pick at least four)
Robin and Marian, Sybil and Tom, Matthew and Mary, and Anna and Bates.

12. At last, which Period Drama villain do you like most?
Okay, let's see. Ella's stepmother is a villain, and Thomas Barrow. No one else? I can't remeber anyone else. Oh yes, Rigaud from Little Dorrit. Then I'll go for Ella's stepmother, I think. Because she's not entirely a villain.

Thank you for this tag, Rachel!
Rachel didn't say I had to tag anyone else. So I'll just say: Everyone who likes to do this tag, is welcome to do it!

Anne of Green Gables~Review~

Yes, we've just watched Anne of Green Gables part 1 and 2 all over again! We stopped at the end of part 2 of course, because part 3 isn't like the book at ALL! And it is so boring, and fake. But part 1 and 2 are still good.

 The Characters.

Anne Shirley.
Anne has a lively imagination, and thinks of the fanciest names to describe something. She is enthusiastic, has a kind heart, likes to talk, is easy with people, and has a hot temper. She is very outspoken and sometimes she gets in trouble because of that. But she is honest and kind, and people like her. She is also creative and sometimes gets caught up in her fantasies. Like that day on the beach, were all her papers blew away with the wind. She is a good friend and searches for kindred spirits in everyone.

Diana Barry.
Diana is a sweet girl. She cares a lot about her family's opinions, and her clothes getting dirty do mind. She is a very loyal friend and caring and thoughtful. She is not as imaginative as Anne, but certainly does dream. She dreams of being a good wife and mother, and is happy to marry a sensible man(that'll be Fred), no matter what he looks like or what Anne says. She searches for helping her friend in any way possible. Writing her in into a writing competition, without Anne even knowing, telling Gilbert Blythe why Anne says no, that sort of things.

Marilla Cuthbert.

Marilla is serious and logical, but has a similar temperament to Anne. She respects tradition and however it's hard for her to express her feelings, she is loyal and caring to everyone she love, even if she is a strict disciplinarian. She is always there for the people who need her. She always has a surprisingly funny sarcastic tone to the things she says.

Matthew Cuthbert.
Matthew is quiet, loyal, and very caring. He likes to be in the background and has difficulties having a conversation with anyone(except for Marilla and Anne). However, Matthew has the biggest heart anyone could have and spoils Anne to her heart's content. He always does his best to provide and make people happy. Like Marilla, he also respects tradition and security, but in a more...feeling way. I like Matthew very much, maybe because he's a little like me. I find it hard to have conversations with people I don't really know, and I'm rather quiet and especially shy.

Gilbert Blythe.
Gilbert is creative, and popular. He's very quick-witted and can sometimes be too logical in his debates, which can offed someone with a more feeling personality(like Anne). I don't have much to say about Gilbert. Apart from the above and that you say Gilbert, not Jilbert(so many people do that).

Rachel Lynde.
Rachel Lynde can be a litte controlling and hypercritical, but she also has a big heart and is unfailingly caring toward those she loves. Her responsibilities are incredibly important to her. She is unable to take criticism well, and has an explosive temper and a sensitive ego. She also respects tradition, making every event she's in charge of the best ever. She tells everyone exactly what's on your mind, which rather makes her a gossip. She relies a lot on her feelings, and is good at taking care of others.

Those are the main characters. I could talk about Pauline Harris, Emmeline Harris, Mrs Harris, Morgan Harris, Miss Katherine Brooke...but I won't. I just want to say that Morgan Harris is extremely annoying and actually non-existing, and why does he grab Anne's arm or hand all the time? And why does he follow her all the time? I would have already said I would rather not have him following me or grabbing me. I said I was shy, but I am stubborn too and sometimes I can explode(if I'm really angry). And I would explode. Especially at the ball. But, what did I say? No talking about them. So, end of characters review.

The Costumes.

Anne's costumes.
I liked this dress

and this dress
and this one too
but this dress...no. I like the color, but the dress? No, not really. Those puffed sleeves are far too puffed for me. I like the lace and the form, but not those puffed sleeves and that high neck. I don't like too low necks either, of course. But not that high necks, no, that's not comfortable and not so pretty.

Diana's costumes.
Diana has rather pretty costumes. I like Diana's clothes better on the ball. Only she should have changed the color. But the costumes in this little serie are great, and so pretty.

For those who haven't watched the mini-serie yet, do. You'll enjoy for sure. Maybe not part 3 (and maybe not the parts with Morgan Harris)though, but the other 2 are quite enjoyable. And for final conclusion, a nice picture.

Anne with an ''e'' says goodbye!