Wednesday, June 14, 2017

~It's good to dream~

When I think of dreams, I think of clouds. And of lying in a meadow, looking at the sky. Dreams are not always good, sometimes they are bad. But if they are bad, they are dreams in your sleep. Usually, you don't remember dreams when you wake up in the morning. But sometimes you do. Dreams are not always dreams in sleep. They are also dreams of the future. Dreams of a family, or dreams of a job, or dreams of traveling or anything you want. (It depends on what sort of person you are)
With dreams I also think of Robin Hood BBC, because dreaming is quite a large subject there(it is mentioned several times)

''The pair of're dreamers.''

''But I'm afraid for me, it will always be just a dream.''

''In the Holy Land, my master had dreams.''

''It's good to dream.''

And because Robin and Marian were the dreamers.The dreams about a better future for England and a future for them together.

Dreams are beautiful. But when they are crushed, it of course hurts, *coughRobinMarianseason2finalecough* and persons may be afraid to dream again*ahemRobinseason3*

But dreams are good. Dreams are good things in life. It helps you do things. It helps you imagine things. Sometimes, it helps you forget. When you think of what was before. When you dream about all things in life that are lovely and beautiful, you sometimes forget the bad things that happen in life.
Sorry this post was a bit short. :)
The post ideas all ran away, out of my head. I still have a million RH BBC posts ideas, but it's a life blog, not a Robin Hood BBC blog. So, that's not an option. And sorry, if I won't be posting a lot of posts these times. I will still be commenting on posts, though, and making monthly headers. So, for now, taking a break is what you can call it. (Except for the commenting and the headers) Maybe some posts now and then. I'm really sorry, but I think everyone sometimes needs a break, right? ;)