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~Gilmore Girls: A review~

So, this is a review of one of my favourite series. It's funny, warm, friendly and just everything you wish for in a serie. And it's pretty long. Seven seasons, every season 22 episodes of about 45 minutes. And then you have season 8, that has 4 episodes, one and a half hour long each. Spoilers will come around a bit, but not very major ones.

Lorelai Gilmore.
Lorelai is hilarious! She has the best lines in Gilmore Girls and is very witty. But she's also very emotional and she loves her daughter Rory. She and her parents don't have a very smooth relationship, but they still meet sometimes(Friday dinners, you know). I think, no I know, Lorelai is my favourite person in the show. She is not flexible, and likes to have things her own way. She's not the marrying person, but still engages twice. She is a great person in Gilmore Girls.

Rory Gilmore.
Rory is quite shy sometimes, she thinks no bad of anyone mostly, and is very sweet. She has no hard relationship with her grandparents, but sometimes gets really mad on them(mostly on Emily). She grows a lot during the seasons(not like growing, getting larger, the other growing). She is quite witty sometimes too. Her real name is Lorelai, but Rory is how everyone calls her to prevent confusion.

Luke Danes.
His real name is Lucas, but he prefers Luke. He gets mad really quickly and has a regular routine. He always quarrels with Taylor, and is quite jealous sometimes. He is also grumpy most of the time. But despite of that, he has a big heart and is very kind. He is funny too.

Jess Mariano.
Jess is a lot like Luke. He doesn't get mad that quickly and doesn't have a regular routine at all. He quarrels with people, but he loves Rory until the end. Luke quarrels a lot with him, but Jess knows when he deserves it(he's the one who's pushed in the water by Luke). Despite of the fights Jess and Luke have, Luke is proud of Jess later, when he wrote a book. Jess is actually kind, but does not like everyone and doesn't show it a lot either. I didn't like him first, but later I did, and I still like him. Ad he is really funny.

Lane Kim.
Lane hides her secret life from her mother, who's very religious. She plays the drum in a band called Hep Alien, loves rock and junk food and is Rory's best friend since kindergarten. She also changes a lot during the seasons. She's very kind and curious. And scared that her mom will find about her secret life. She talks a lot.

Paris Geller.
Paris is a strange girl. She is Rory's enemy at first, but later they become friends. She is not patient at all and if she's mad, better stay out of her way. But she's kind too and sometimes doesn't think about something she says that might hurt someone. She doesn't care what anyone else says about her, and remembers things for a long while. Her only friend is Rory. She is smart, but strange. And very talkative. She talks really fast, loud, and much. She is also directly.

Dean Forester.
I liked Dean first. Later he became very annoying and I didn't like him. He was sweet and all to Rory, but was not the one for her. Rory was constantly afraid that he would get mad(which shouldn't be the case with your boyfriend, right?). And later when he...ehm...I'm not supposed to tell that, so I'll skip that part. However, I still don't like him. Still.

Sookie St. James.
Sookie is great. She's Lorelai's best friend and is kind, caring, giggly, nervous, and a very good cook. She is the cook in the Independence Inn and later in the Dragonfly Inn. She is really funny and very precise about her food.

Michel Gerard.
Michel is very sarcastic and we laugh about him all the time. Despite of that, he's a friend of Lorelai. Although he always fights with Lorelai. ''Michel is to me like Paris is to you''. That's what Lorelai claimed to Rory. He talks American with a French accent in the show, but in fact he's plain American, with no trace of French.

Emily Gilmore.
Emily is annoying, and a big meddler. She always interferes in Lorelai's and Rory's life. I mean, sometimes it's allowed and good that she does that, but mostly not. But we can laugh about her sometimes. And she's a good wife to Richard. She gets panicked quite quickly when something happens.

Richard Gilmore.
Richard meddles in Rory's life also. He is her grandfather, but meddling is still not always good. But he's actually a very nice guy. Well, that's what I thought. Sometimes he was not being nice, but still. He was kinder than Emily. I don't have that much to say about him.

Christopher Hayden.
I'll never look at the name ''Christopher'' the same way. I did not like Christopher at all. Why did he come between Luke&Lorelai? Why did he think he and Lorelai could be together? Why did he wait for Lorelai to marry him? Why did he even marry Lorelai? Sorry, that was a spoiler. But he's so annoying! So very annoying! I'm sorry, but I don't like him. Everytime he shows up, everything goes wrong. When we see him coming up in the show, we all say: ''Noooo!'' Really, it's true. Everyone finds him annoying. I couldn't find a gif of him. By the way, he always says ''Lor'' to Lorelai.

Logan Huntzberger.
I didn't like Logan very much. I mean, first he was just annoying and quite arrogant. And rich, which meant he spent money on parties and cars and Birkin bags for Rory. Later he was not that annoying, he was...okay. But then as the serie moved on, I still didn't like him more. He wasn't always that steady with his relationship with Rory. I'm actually glad she decided to go away from him. Although I felt sorry for him *SPOILER ALERT* when Rory refused his proposal *SPOILER OVER*. He always calls Rory: ''Ace''. I don't know why. Maybe it means something. If you watch the gif closely, you can actually see him say ''Ace'' on the end of his sentence. Sometimes he calls her Rory. But most of the time, it's just Ace.

Taylor Doose.
Taylor is very annoying, he always argues with Luke, and sometimes does things without anyone knowing. But I'll admit he's a good member of the town council. Look at Jackson, who wanted to be a member of the town council(it all went wrong). Taylor loves tradition and history, and always makes up weird events to raise up money.

(Couldn't find a gif of Kirk either, so just a picture then) Kirk is really really weird. He surprises you everytime with the weirdest things you can think of, and beyond. He shows up just like that at places. He made two short films (who are, I have to say, extremely weird). He had 15.000 jobs over 11 years, and has 125.000 dollars on his bank bill. Despite of that he's dorky, he's a good chap. And he wants to prove to Taylor that he can do things right. He once hid easter eggs around the whole town, and didn't remember where the last eggs were. So, the whole town smelled like rotten eggs. Taylor was mad!

I think I had the most important ones now. There are a few other people though: Miss Patty, Babette, Morey, Max Medina, Jason Stiles, Zach van Gerbig, Gil, Brian, Kyon, Lindsay, Nicole, April Nardini, Sherry, Mrs Kim, Steve and Kwan, Georgia(Gigi), Alex, Paul, Lucy, Marty, and some others.

So, all in all, I want to say: Gilmore Girls is fabulous and the characters are great and the scenes too. Amy Sherman-Palladino and the other producers of Gilmore Girls got talent.

An ending gif.

And we're done!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I won't be posting any posts, 'cause I'm currently busy with a review of Gilmore Girls. We are done. We ended Gilmore Girls. :( We only have four episodes of season 8 left. So I thought, let's make a good full review. It will probably be very long, because there are a lot of characters. With pictures and gifs and all. So this was just to let ye all know that the only post that will appear over a few days will be the Gilmore Girls review.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

~My story~

Well, first of all, the story is about Kaya. Still need to find a surname for her. (See, I told you it wasn't really finished yet) She lives with her mom, who is not taking good care of her, and Kaya is always taking care of herself. Kaya is send away to another family and her mother doesn't have the right anymore to take care of her. When she's been at the other family, Jack and Barbara Hay, who are a little orphanage themselves, for a while, she's asked back to go live with her mother, who promises she will make everything up to her. Eventually Kaya misses the others, and she has the choice between Jack and Barbara(and the other children, introducing them later) and her own mother. I do not have a title, if you know a nice one, do comment. I would love too hear some title suggestions. This is how the story starts:

''I looked out of the car window. The landscape flashed by. Vast fields, hills, sparkling rivers that flowed through the country in the light of the sunset...My stay for the next few weeks, maybe months. I thought back to two weeks ago. My mother came home drunk with one of her many boyfriends. The situation went out of control and I ended up in hospital with a bruised arm.''

Character 1.
So, this is Kaya. I know this picture is of an actress, but this is how I kind of picture Kaya. She is used to take care of herself and has no friends. She is quite stubborn, and not always the nicest, but she's kind. By the way, she's 16.

Character 2.
Jennifer Mayden. She's 16 and becomes Kaya's best friend. She had no parents, no house, but had a job at the supermarket. No one knows who her parents were.

Characters 3+4.
Caitlin and Nora Kelly. They are sisters. Caitlin is 17 and Nora is 4. They were left at the orphanage when Nora was 1.

Character 5.
Jodie Evans is 15. She's kinda mysterious and doesn't like to talk about her past.

Character 6.
Mike James is also 15. His actual name is Michael, but he prefers Mike. He is a comedian and makes almost everyone laugh. He used to steal, but gave theft up to live with Jack and Barbara. He's still handy with breaking in.

Character 7.
Jess' parents died in a car accident. He doesn't talk very much, but when he does, it's not really nice all the time. But despite of his unfriendly appearance, when you get to know him he's actually very nice. He's 16

Character 8.
This is Christina Rose. Her nickname is Christy or sometimes Rose. She has a bulldog, Jackie, and is 18 years old. She's the oldest and therefore looks after the most of the children.

Character 9+10.
Kyle Gordon and Dane Elston tend to get in a fight often,(not with the hands, more arguing)but are close friends. Kyle is 17 and Dane 16. Dane is serious, but can laugh too. He likes using difficult words and reads a lot.
This is Dane by the way.
Character 11.

Izzy Hay is the 4-year old child of Barbara and Jack. She's actually called Isabel, but Izzy is her nickname.

 Character 12.

Theodore Parker is called Teddy and is very curious. He's also very smart and everyone likes him.

Characters 13,14 and 15.

Jack and Barbara Hay is the couple who own the house where they took in all the kids I just mentioned (except for Izzy, she's their own kid). Marc(the baby on Jacks shoulder) is their almost one-year old son. Jack stays at home and sometimes does some little jobs and Barbara is a cook. Even when she's at home, she cooks.

Some children at school.

These boys are, from left to right, Sean, Morgan, Jake, and Dylan. They are the bullies at school.

Jane is someone from school,
and Alice too.

That were about all characters that have a bigger role in the story. There is also Kaya's mother(Madeline), but I haven't found an appropiate picture for her yet, nor for Theresa Kingsley(Kaya's lawyer).

Maybe I'll do some hobbies or something next time, but it's almost four o'clock  right now, so...

Monday, February 20, 2017

~The Simple Questions Tag~

Rachel tagged me with The Simple Questions Tag. Thanks, Rachel!! It has been a long while ago since I was been tagged.

Answer the questions(no obligations)

1. How does your morning start?

Well, it normally starts around eight o'clock or half past eight. We have breakfast and then I do my studies(we're homeschooled). After I finished it, I still have time to play with my little siblings and read and go on the laptop. In vacations and weekends, we get to sleep more. Like today, I woke up at half past ten. Isn't that a sleepy head?

2. What's your favourite colour?
I like most colors, but yellow is my favorite.

3. What book are you reading right now?
Currently, I'm not reading any books, but I have recently read Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin and it's a really good book, I can assure you!

4. What is your opinion about having a mobile phone?

Well, first of all, I don't need it to be large and fancy or new. Just simple and pretty. With all the regular things on it. Calling, texting, Pinterest, photos...So just all you need on it. No newest adaptions or anything. Only going on it when it's necessary or when I'm not in the mood to start the laptop and still want to go on Pinterest. That's all I need from a mobile phone.

5. Your favourite actress? (Pick at least two)

Well, I don't have much actresses I like. My two favourites are Lucy Griffiths and Lily James. That's it.

6. What's your favourite movie right now?
O.....kay. Favourite movie? Uhm...I don't know, maybe......The Help? Or Sense&Sensibility or Pride&Prejudice. I think Pride&Prejudice. No series alloud, so Pride&Prejudice(2005 obviously, because I haven't seen the other one and if I would've watched it, it still wasn't alloud, because it was a serie).

7. Snow or rain?

8. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Lemon ice cream or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? How can I choose between those two? Explain to me how? Lemon is so fresh, but CCCDIC(chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream)is so
good. I'll go for the CCCD Ice Cream. Second lemon ice cream. They actually share the frst place, but I only get to choose one ice cream flavour, so...

9. To which countries have you been?
 Actually quite a few. I have been to South Africa(or was it Namibia, I don't remember, I was just a baby), Suriname, Belgium(several times), Luxemburg, twice to Spain, France and Portugal, to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and that was all.

10. What are you doing mostly in the evening?
I love the gif. It's so funny!
Well, naturally we eat. Then we watch some episodes of a serie for the little ones in our family. And after that we watch Gilmore Girls. We're already at season 7. No, no, NO! I don't want it to end. We still have four episodes of season 8 though. (Yeah, as if that's a relief)Only four. Plus the episodes left of season 7. Sigh.

11. How old are you?
O...yeah, well old enough to blog, and young enough to not drink alcohol yet. What shall I say...between ten and twenty. (Very vague, yes)

12. Which countries do you really want to visit?

Is there a specific number of countries? I want to see them all. But top are: Italy, America, England, Brazil(that's also America, I know), Africa, Japan. Okay, I should stop now, before I really name them all ;)

13. What's your dream career?

*opens her mouth to say something and shuts it immediately* I have really no idea. I like a lot of things. Language, writing, cooking. So I would really have no idea what my dream career is.

14. If you where casted in a movie, which character would you love to play?

Hmm, I don't know. Lady Marian, Elizabeth Bennet. Maybe Jane Fairfax. Yeah, she's not that bad to play. I probably wouldn't be good at any other role that is not like me. I mean, I'm very shy(which is  very annoying sometimes), quiet, and not very witty. I don't get mad so quickly and I can't stay mad on someone. How hard I try, I can't stay mad on someone. I'm really quite emotional(I can't stand sad scenes where people cry, it makes me cry too)and I'm not very good at acting. So I would probably play no one. But I'll say Jane Fairfax then.
Because she's really sweet and forgiving

As end, a gif from Gilmore Girls:

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Bucket list #2

So, a bit different title, but still the same post. Not the exact same as the last one, but...what am I saying? This is not normally the way you're supposed to start a post, right? Okay, fresh start:

Hey, back again for a new small bucket list. Said I would, didn't I?

~Have my own style~

My own style, that's what I want to have. I've seen a lot, really a lot of great clothes pass by. Not all from my closet, sadly enough. We have stores were you can see a lot of clothes, but you don't buy them all. And we have Pinterest, were we can look up fantastic wardrobe's. And hairstyles by the way. That's a big part of your style. So I want to have my own style! I really want to have my own style of clothes. Also, I wish I was handier with hair. I have very thin hair, that curls a bit. So maybe, when I'm somewhat older, I'll decide to curl my hair one day. I would like that. Or just have my hair a little shorter, so I can wear it loose. Or in a bun, or in a other easy but elegant hairstyle. So, closing off this part of my bucket list.

~Write my own book~
I have had many ideas, so you could say I've got the fantasy, but maybe not the writing. (Is that how you say it?)
I've begun a few stories, erased some parts, erased some whole stories, and am currently busy on a new one. I'll tell you about that on Sunday, or Monday or Tuesday, if you read it then. Or not at all, that's a possibility. Well, I would love to be able to have a good idea, believable characters, pretty names, good style of writing, not to much use of the same words and finish the story. And be able to make up a good title for it. It doesn't have to be published, it just would be nice if I finished it. I have a lot of secret boards on Pinterest of this story and that story. I even have all the characters inspiration photos. And some other photos of other stuff.(I am using the word ''other'' a lot, aren't I)

~Learn languages~

I like language. Not only my birth language but also others. Like Spanish, French, and English of course. I like English the most, because it's so pretty. Spanish is an easy language and easy to pronounce. Only they talk so fast. French is quite hard, but also a very pretty language. And Dutch...well, Dutch is just what it is. It's my own language and it's okay. Not really pretty, but still my language. And it's easy to learn(for us Dutch people). A lot of people(not Dutch from origin) say Dutch is a tough language to learn and understand. And it probably is, but not for me. It's very easy, but awfully strange when you compare it to English.
Like yes is ''ja'', and no is ''nee''. Pretty is ''mooi'' and language is ''taal''. Pretty weird, right? For the English people among us(which is the majority, I believe). So, now I probably explained why I like language ;)

Dag!/Bye!/Adíos!/Au revoir!

For clarification: Dutch, English, Spanish, and French.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

~My bucket list for later~

Again, I'm very late and again, I'm sorry. I know this title sounds a bit childish and maybe weird, but this is kinda my bucket list. Things I would like to do when I'm older. But may never do. So, here's number 1.

~Visit the world~
I want to visit the world. And not in a hotel. Well, maybe sometimes staying in a hotel, but mostly just traveling. Per car. Or rather, per bus or per camper. I want to see the Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu (don't pronounce it wrong, you have to say Macchu Pigchu, because else you say it wrong and...well, never mind), piramids and sfinxs in Egypt, mountains, all kinds of forests (rainforests, pine tree forests etc.), the Tower of Pisa, Venice, Rome, the Colosseum, The Liberty Statue, the Eiffeltower, Rio the Janeiro, Paris, New York, Texas, Mexico, the Wild West, Sydney. That's the world and I would love to explore the world. It might seem strange to some people that I want to travel. Because some people don't like to travel. My sister doesn't. But the rest of my family does. So it's understandable to some, and not to others.

~Try out a lot of new recipes~
I want to try new recipes. Make anything and try to add something so it tastes even more delicious. I bake every Friday and sometimes I just want to put something in it, to try if it tastes better. But I can't do that, because if it tastes revolting, then it's my fault and then I've messed up the muffins. You know? So I can't do that.

~Try a delivered pizza~
I seriously just want to order a pizza once. Just call a pizza business, order the pizza I want(probably a cheese pizza), wait until the doorbell rings, open the door, pay the boy or girl that delivers it, take the pizza, close the door and eat the pizza. I've never done that. It may sound silly but I really want to do that once.

~Meet a book author in real life~
I would love to meet an author in real life. Ask questions like: what is your favourite character of all the books you've written, what's your favourite book, why did you start writing, what inspired you for Wonderland Creek, did you really visit all the places? That kind of stuff. That would be great. And it doesn't have to be Lynn Austin, it can also be another author. Or maybe an actrice, but rather an author.

Well, now I'll stop. We have a limited time on the computer, so we won't be seriously very addicted to computers. So this will be the end. For now. Maybe I'll make a sort of part 2. But hey, starting again. See you again next time. (That sounds awfully formal)

I'll just say bye then!