Friday, May 26, 2017

~During Robin Hood BBC~

So now I'm going to do a post, with gifs and pictures included, how it was during RH BBC.
For those wo haven't watched the series, you should not look this, cause there are spoilers! Just warning you :)

There is a new Robin Hood, a serie from the BBC. Let's see how it is.

Aha! This is a nice serie! Let's get comfortabely on the couch and watch it further.

I like the characters a lot.
Is Marian going to marry Guy of Gisbourne or not?

Phew, she is not.

Marian dies!?

Oh, it was not real! She didn't die. Very funny.

What a huge relief! So glad she didn't die!

Allan betrays the gang?

But he won't do it for long, right?

Oh, he does.

Robin proposed and she said yes!! Yay!!

Marian is stabbed by Guy of Gisbourne?

Oh no, she is!

No, no, no! Why!?

Will and Djaq are staying in the Holy Land.

It's your fault, BBC!!

Should we even continue the series now?

Well, okay then. Let's continue.

It's not nearly as good as the previous. What's going on with Robin!? Why is he being so mean!?

Wait, who's that Kate person?

Is she going to stay a main character?

Disappointment. She's staying.

And who's that Isabella? Is she going to stay also?

Yep, she's also staying.

What's going on with the new characters here?

Wait Allan and Guy die?

Noooo, not again! :`(

BBC, what did I tell you!?

 This is going totally wrong!

 Robin dies. Noooooo!

How could BBC do this?

Everybody's crying!

Now it's over. Robin Hood BBC is over. :(

Let's watch a new serie now, shall we?

The End. Hope you liked it! I didn't do entirely everything, just ideas that came into my head when I saw those pictures and gifs. ;)


  1. Yes, it is so sad and I was crying.

    Those gifs go so perfectly!!!

  2. This is so lovely Ruth!! It's brilliant!

    So heartbreaking, sad, funny and lovely. <3

    1. Oh, thanks so much!
      I did make up all the things myself, but got the idea from internet. Someone made that about Downton Abbey,but then only season 3 of DA.

  3. I'm not finishing this post because spoilers, but I looved the beginning.

    "She didn't die. Very funny." xD Yeah, verrry funny. (Or not) ;)

    And I love the first Guy of Gisbourne picture too. xD

    1. Thanks!
      It wasn't funny for me, let me tell you. I really thought she died. Until how far have you seen Robin Hood BBC?
      Yeah, the half smile(he always does that).

  4. Replies
    1. Have you seen Robin Hood BBC entirely? I didn't like season 3 that much, but it was(and still is) a great show to watch and we really enjoyed watching it with the whole family.

  5. This was SO MUCH fun to read! (apart from the sad parts, but I hope you know what I mean :D) (must have been a lot of work with all these pictures ;D)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I know what you mean, those parts reminds you of the real parts in the series, where it actually happens :'(
      Well, I first planned to do a ''My face when'' post, but then that idea came in my head and then I saw so much pictures for it, with ideas just popping in. :)
      So I did that, and let me tell you, it was more fun to do then the other!