Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am tagged...

Just-some-plain-questions-Tag- Answers

Answer-Question 1. What is your favourite ice-cream flavor?

Lemon ice-cream. It's the BEST!! Not too sweet and not too soft. Just fresh and...delicious!

Answer-Question 2. Do you love Period Drama? Why or why not?
Yes!Because I like it. Because they have beautiful costumes, and because it's interesting and...well, I just really like Period Drama's.

Answer-Question 3. What is your prettiest book cover?
Well, I don't really have one of myself. But randomly, Until We Reach Home, by Lynn Austin. And Wonderland Creek is nice too.

Answer-Question 4. What's your favourite series?

Um....that one is tricky. I think I would take Downton Abbey or Robin Hood BBC. Don't look like eachother at all, though!

Answer-Question 5. Do you have a favourite flower? Which one is your favourite?
Yes, yellow roses. They're so pretty!

Answer-Question 6. Do you write?
Yes, I do. Not always, but I love to make up characters and write ideas.

Answer-Question 7. How old is your blog?
I started blogging on December 2015. So that's....almost a year or so.

Answer-Question 8. Do you love Lucy Maud Montgomery? Why or why not?
Yes. She writes good, although I only have read the Anne of Green Gables stories.

Answer-Question 9. Do you like Fashion?

Yes, I like fashion. Look what style is yours, fit dresses...

Answer-Question 10. What's your favourite color?
Yellow. And my second favourite color is purple.

Answer-Question 11. What's your favourite actress?
Lucy Griffiths. I like Lily James too.

Answer-Question 12. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I have two older sisters, an older brother, a younger sister, and two younger brothers. Quite a big family :)

Thank you for tagging me, Rachel! It was fun to do!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When it's raining...


When you're in bed and listen to the rythm of the raindrops ticking on roofs, windows, everything.
When you're under water, you can see the raindrops falling on the water.
That smell is really lovely. I can't describe how it smells. But surely, you have to have smelled it once?
See all the little raindrops still lying on the little leafs and slowly sliding off.
Watching a raindrop fall and seeing it splash around.
Listening to the soothing sound of rain dripping.

So, all with all, just...
Except when you're outside and it's making you all wet, and with your boots filled with rain, and all your clothes wet, and when the wind blows and wips the rain into your face, or when it's all wet and swamp-like...but that's just an exception, it's not always like that. I'm just a little exaggerating ;)




Monday, June 27, 2016

Cinderella~A Review~





We recently watched this movie for the second time, and it was, again, great. It was magical, with lovely songs and pretty dresses. Let's start with the review. First the characters.

Ella is kind and courageous. She is sweet, even to her stepmother and stepsisters. In the end, she even forgives them. She is good with animals, and understands them. Altogether, she's just like her mother wanted to. But she lives in poverty, working as  servant, tired every day, and unhappy. She still tries to be kind. Lily James is the perfect person to play Ella. Even if I always thought Cinderella had blue eyes. Her name, Cinderella? Thought up by Drisella, because her face was covered with cinders. ''Oh, I know, ''Cinder''Ella!'', as she said.

Anastasia and Drisella with their ridiculous hairstyle's and awful dresses. If Lady Tremaine was different, sweeter, they could grow up being kind, but still perfectly stupid. I mean, look at their behaviour to each other. So silly. But that's just how they are. They are, in a certain way, kind.

Lady Tremaine. How do I begin? She makes Ella a servant, let her do all the chores the servants used to do, let her sleep on the attic, does not let her sit on her chair at the table and does not let her eat much, only scraps. She is simply evil. Buuuuut.....(and that is a huge but)she has known sorrow. Lots of sorrow. She married out of love, had two daughters, and then her husband died. She met Ella's father and married him for the sake of her daughters, and then he died also, leaving her with many debts. I kinda feel sorry for her, to be honest.

The fairy godmother helps Ella to go to the ball of the prince, and she's actually quite funny. She doesn't remember everything so very good, and cracks her neck. But she is really nice. Only her a little bit ugly. But that makes her extra funny.

Prince Kit is.......nice. I don't have much to say about him, actually. He is stubborn, and loves his father. Nothing to say about him anymore. *Bows her head and leaves the room*. (I'm not leaving yet ;-))

Now, the dress! The blue dress.
It's blue, which is a really pretty color, and sparkling and it has cost lots of effort to make it. Very much layers of cloth and very heavy. It's very pretty, only a little bit too low cut, if you ask me. But it's beautiful(must have said that a hundred times) and the glass slippers too.

The ball. Wow, it was really pretty! She goes to the ball in a golden carriage made of a pumpkin, lizard-footmen, a goose-driver, and mice-horses, wearing her blue dress and glass slippers, made of a simple, pink, torn dress and little brown shoes. That's really......magical.

 Some small mistakes:
If Ella's glass slipper fits perfectly, how could it have fallen off in the first place?
Why doesn't Ella's glass slippers transform into her brown shoes again after the stroke of midnight?
 And how could the PRINCE get away from HIS ball, without anyone noticing, and accompanied by a mysterious princess with a very noticeable BIG blue dress?

Happy End!!
Ella fits her glass slipper, and marries the prince. Lady Tremaine, her daughters, and the baron are put out of the kingdom, never to return. People say that Ella and Kit were the kindest king and queen ever seen. Happy end indeed! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Answers of ''Recognize the movie/serie''

Here they are finally!

Movie/Serie: Cinderella

Movie/Serie: Downton Abbey

Movie/Serie: Finding Neverland

Movie/Serie: Love Comes Softly

Movie/Serie: North&South

Movie/Serie: Robin Hood BBC

Movie/Serie: Seabiscuit

Movie/Serie: The Musketeers BBC

Movie/Serie: The Sound of Music

Movie/Serie: The Young Victoria


Rachel: 55 points. Well done!

Ivy Miranda:Also 55 points. Well done!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A few of my favourite series and movies

I thaught that, since I made ''A few of my favourite books'', I could make one of movies and series. So now is the time to make one.

Of course, the one and only......Downton Abbey!! Not only season 2, but all seasons(although I don't like season 4 so much).

Emma (2009). A mini-serie.

Little Dorrit BBC. Also a mini-serie.

Robin Hood BBC (all seasons).

Cranford (also Return to Cranford).

Lark Rise to Candleford (all seasons).

North and South BBC. Mini-serie

Road to Avonlea. We have only seen this one, but there are more, and I'm sure I would like those too.

Love Comes Softly series.

Anne of Green Gables. Only season one and two, the third is just...not good.

Sherlock. Even though it sometimes really creeps me out.

The Musketeers BBC. A bit too violent for my opinion, but still a nice serie.

Wives and Daughters.

August Rush.

Holes. Ha, this one. We must have watched it at least nine or eight times. Okay, maybe just five or six times.

Duma. Love this movie, it's really great. (By the way, Duma, the cheeta, doesn't talk or anything like that)

Newsies. Great musical.

Letters to Juliet. Maybe a little bit too much Romeo and Juliet and ''they live happily ever after'', but I still like it.

Pride&Prejudice (2005). I know, I know. How can I ever like the 2005 P&P?! Sorry, I really do like it.

Secondhand Lions.

Stick It. To me, it's one of the most enjoyable gymnastics-movies, together with Full Out.

Soul Surfer.

Cinderella (2015).

Sense&Sensibility 1995.

Sense&Sensibility 2008.

Well, it appears that it wasn't just ''a few'', there were a lot. Not quite what I had in mind. But never mind that. And I didn't include everything, that would go on endlessly :)