Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Robin Hood BBC Tag

Rachel made a second Robin Hood BBC Tag. She didn't really tag anyone, but I assume anyone can do this tag :) So, here it goes!

No rules, by the way.

1. What's your favourite season?
Season 2. Although I really hate the end.

2. Favourite outfit?
Oh, that's hard. There are so many pretty outfits, I don't think I can choose one. But I'll have to choose, so my choice is:
This one. I do think I like this one best.

3. Favourite bad guy?
Well, it is not going to be Guy, certainly not Guy. I expect I'll choose Sherrif Vaizey, because he's so funny. But still mean. Very very mean.

4. Which character did you feel sorry for?
Well, I actually feel sorry for a lot of people. Marian, Robin, Allan, Much, even John, Guy and Isabella. Yes, Isabella. Although I really do not like her, she's still kinda sad. I mean, her own brother sold her and she had to live with that horrible Squire Thornton. But if I had to choose one, really one person, it probably would be Allan. Because no one ever really believed him.
5. Djaq or Marian?
Why, Marian, of course!

6. Favourite piece of music?
 ''The Nightwatchman Theme''

7. Least favourite episode?
The final episode of season 3. No, no, the episode where Isabella and Robin were stuck in the well, you know, the episode with the drought.

8. On which moment you cried? (You don't have to answer, I understand)
When Marian died, and when Robin died. Also Allan and Guy. But the most, Marian. That is!!

9. Favourite male character?
Can I choose two? I like Allan and Much the best, because they're both very funny also.
10. Favourite female character?
Marian of Knighton. Who didn't know that? :)

11. Kate or Isabella?
How much I both dislike them, Isabella will always be the worst. I'll choose Kate.

12. If you could save someone from the death, who would it be?
Marian. Because if she hadn't died, whole of season 3 wouldn't have happened, and no one else would die.

13. Favourite couple? (Pick three)
Because there are not that much couples in BBC's Robin Hood, it's even easier to choose three.
Marian and Robin

Djaq and Will

Meg and Guy

Those were all. I enjoyed this tag, and since you don't have to tag anyone, I just tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


I'm already more than one year on blogger. But I still don't know a lot of blogs. Of course, I know the blogs of my sisters: It's a Wonderful Life and A Girl's Place. And a few other blogs.
Lavender Spring
Movies Meet Their Match
Over The Hills 
Rae: A Drop of Golden Sun
Second To The Right or I Dearly Love To Laugh  (which is sadly deleted)
Hamlette's Soliloquy
Revealed In Time
Sunshiny Corner
Musings of a Jane Austen Wannabe
Wonderland Creek
That Polkadot Girl
An Old Fashioned Girl
and a few more... But I would like to see more blogs and read all those lovely posts. So I thought, why don't ask everyone if they know some more lovely blogs. That's what I'm doing right now. I hope this doesn't sound very awkward :)
Does anyone know more lovely and ejoyable blogs? I would like to know more(as I already said)blogs.

Monday, December 12, 2016

~I'd rather be reading~

Reading is a thing I do a lot. Reading is what I do when we're in the car, on our way to visit friends or family. I read when I feel like it. You can read a book anywhere, at any time. Reading is like traveling. You can be a girl visiting a town, to have a job in the library, ending up to be helping someone who was almost killed by a friend. Or visit World War II, making ships, meeting nice and kind people. You can be furious on someone, like someone, dislike someone, meet a lot of kindred spirits(as Anne would say), sympathize with people who are in hard times. Shiver when something scary comes on your way. Laugh when there is humor in the book. Or cry when someone is gone. I did. When I was little, reading Robin Hood, I cried when Robin Hood died. And now, when I read a sad book, I am on the edge of crying. Reading is the greatest adventure that you can have. When you close your book, you're like, which book shall I read now? There are always good books to read. Sometimes, I do not pay attention at anything around me, only keep reading, on and on. Dreaming with my eyes open.
It is true. Some stories can never be forgotten. They stay with us forever. A lot of stories keep spinning in my mind, showing up whenever I think about something that looks a bit like the story. I like to make up stories and characters myself too. But they're never as good as in the book. Never. Never ever as good as in the book. In books you see them almost as real persons. Well, that's how I see it. It's the same with movies I really like, I know it is fake, but still I see it as real. Saying that because we have just finished the last episode of Robin Hood season 2. Saturday. It was really so sad. Still. My little sister of nine cried with her head in her arms, on the couch. Then I know it is fake, but still it is real. How hard I keep trying, I keep seeing it as real. Don't a lot of people have that? Well, I have that. For sure. And books give good advices too. They do not speak, but in it you read their advices, their stories. By the way, sorry that I haven't posted lately. :)

Monday, December 5, 2016

~Selected Header~

Header 2 had the most votes. So header 2 it will be! Short announcement, I know, but I like to say when I change my header :)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Behind The Scenes~Robin Hood BBC~

Sorry, but the posts I was posting this week were almost all Robin Hood BBC-themed. And here is another. Pardon for the repeating Robin Hood BBC posts :)

Marian with sunglasses. Never saw that before.
It seems that Gordon Kennedy made everyone laugh and was the funniest actor on the set. Didn't expect that!
Sherrif and his biggest enemy taking a break, and laughing about a joke. Looks funny, seeing the two biggest enemies sitting next to eachother and laughing.
You could see this as a normal day in the camp. But Robin and Guy are laughing, something what didn't happen a lot after Marian's death. And Kate never laughed when she was near Guy, so this is a behind the scenes photo. It looks like they had fun making Robin Hood BBC. Why did Jonas Armstrong wanted to leave the set then, if he had such a fun time? Something I will never understand. If I were to play a role in Robin Hood BBC, I would never want to quit.
A photo of behind the scenes Robin Hood BBC. I can see Allan, Isabella, Tuck, Little John, Kate, Much, Archer, one of the guards(you can see it by the black stripe over his eyes)and...yeah, that's Robin in his old clothes(in season 2).
I think Archer is explaining something to the producers, or asking something.
Robin already fired his arrow(they all shoot themselves, with bow and arrow), and I can see Little John on the background, right of Robin. Allan and Roy are there, and I can see Much too, with glasses. The man next to Robin is one of Little John's men, you know, the one that made that joke about: ''Sherrif got your tongue?''. I can see two other men, whom I don't know. Maybe more of Little John's men.
Archer and Robin talking. And is that Little John's head? I think it is.
Allan practicing some swordfighting. And on the backgroud is Tom, Allans brother, fighting with his fists.
Guy reading through the lines of the little red-haired boy who helped Little John(forgot his name).

The End.

Friday, December 2, 2016

~A random Robin Hood BBC post~

This post will be a bit different from others. I just pick gifs and photos of characters and put them on the post. There will be no writing, except for the above and caption here and there. I was just in the mood of putting some pictures and gifs from my favorite show on a post.

Lucy Griffiths as Marian of Knighton

Jonas Armstrong as Robin of Locksley(Robin Hood)

Joe Armstrong as Allan A Dale

Joanne Froggatt as Kate

Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett

Anjali Jay as Djaq(Saffiya)

Sam Troughton as Much

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

Lara Pulver as Isabella Thornton(of Gisborne)
Holliday Grainger as Meg

Gordon Kennedy as Little John

Keith Allen as Sherrif Vaizey of Nottingham

David Harewood as Tuck
Clive Standen as Archer

King Richard Lionheart
William Beckett as Royston White(Roy)

Joseph Kennedy as Carter
The End.