Monday, February 29, 2016

Credit to John Flanagan

Brotherband by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan

If you haven't read Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband, or one of these two, than you totally have missed something. Maybe the start is boring, but you'll enjoy reading, I assure you. I like Ranger's Apprentice the most, but Brotherband is nearby. You can't understand this maybe, you only can if you have read the books. I love these books so much!!

Ranger's Apprentice. The main character is Will, an orphan. He becomes a Ranger. He has some friends, Horace (first he wasn't a friend, but later he is), George, Alyss(who later becomes his wife, but dies), Evanlyn(actually Cassandra, the crown princess, who marries Horace), Halt( who is also a Ranger, and Will was his apprentice), Pauline( Halts wife), Crowley(Halts friend,and also Wills friend), baron Arald and his wife Sandra, Erak( who also appears in Brotherband), Gilan(also a Ranger),  and Jenny(a cook). There are of course more friends, but that's to much to tell. Of course there is also Maddie, Horace and Cassandra's daughter( and later the first female Ranger, in book 12). Will also has a horse, Tug, and a dog.

Brotherband. The main character of these 5-books serie is Hal, he only has a mother and is a skirl of his own ship, The Heron. He has a brotherband, which consists of Stig(Hal's best friend), Ingvar, Jesper, Edvin. Stefan, Thorn(a friend of Hal's dead father)Ulf and Wulf(a twin, always arguing), and Lydia. There is also Kloof, a huge dog Hal found in the mountains. Erak is the oberjarl of Skandia. Karina Mikkelswife is Hal's mother and soon to be, I think, Thorn's wife. Mikkel ''Fastblade'' is Hal's father.

That was it, I think. Maybe it was a little bit boring for you all, but I just wanted to write this down. So, thanks for reading and see you next time. ;-)
                                            And final, I really mean the end, thanks, John Flanagan, for writing these wonderful books!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Did you know version 2?

Martin Freeman who plays John Watson in Sherlock Holmes BBC is married to Amanda Abbington, who plays Johns wife Mary in Sherlock Holmes BBC.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington

Timothy Carlton, Wanda Ventham and Benedict Cumberbatch
Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham, who both played as Sherlocks parents in Sherlock Holmes BBC, are the real-life parents of Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes BBC.

Una Stubbs, who plays Mrs. Hudson in Sherlock Holmes BBC, has known Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes BBC, since he was four years, as she had worked with Benedicts mother Wanda Ventham.

Julie Andrews from The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement plays Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965).

Matthew Macfayden, who plays Mr. Darcy in Pride&Prejudice, is married to Keeley Hawes, who plays Cynthia Kirkpatrick in Wives and Daughters.

Matthew Macfayden and Keeley Hawes

Friday, February 12, 2016

BBC's Sherlock

This series are very exciting, and sometimes funny. Also, you often don't know what happens and something happens what you totally didn't expect. It is really do you call it...oh, yeah: mysterious serie. But sometimes there are weird scenes. And sometimes, you just don't get it. Well then, let's start.

The Music. The interval between the beginning of an episode and the rest of the episode, is a music soundtrack with images, pictures. That music is very nice. Also the music when you watch the series.

Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is weird, and maybe a little funny sometimes, he knows everything what everyone did, sometimes very mean and thoughtless to others' feeling most of the time.

John Watson. John is very serious, Sherlock's best friend (even while they are actually quite different), and sometimes he is funny.

The Set. You usually don't see much nature, but still, it's well filmed. I like the house were Sherlock Holmes lives: 221B.

The Costumes. The costumes are very nice. Except Sherlock Holmes weird hat.

The Other Stars. They all play their role very well. Even the bad guys. Usually I don't like the bad guys. And I don't. Except maybe Mary Morstan Watson, but she is not really a bad guy (my opinion). Mrs. Hudson is very funny and kind. And Molly is very kind too.

That's all. I couldn't find any nice pictures of the series, so this time no pictures for the end.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I love the middle-ages. With knights, ladies, horses, castles. Only back then, you could become ill very quickly. And I do not want that. But still, it's a great time. Maybe I just like it because my favorite movie is in that age, but I don't think so. For instance, look at the pictures below.
Beautiful dagger

Inside of a castle

I would love to live in a castle, but that's a bit to expensive, don't you think? And I also like the dresses they wore in that time. Purple, blue, white, to keep it short: all colors. Here are some pictures of medieval dresses.
Pink dress

Even though it is'nt a dress for rich people, with silk, and that stuff more, I like it.

Purple dress

Golden dress

Blue and black dress

Blue dress
Well, that was all. I could show you some more pictures, but then this post would be like thousands of pages long. So, this is the end.

                                                                    THE END.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Downton Abbey: My opinion

Hey y'all! Today it is time to show my opinion of...I think you have already guessed...Downton Abbey! To begin with: It's a great series to watch! Very exciting! But you have to start with the beginning, because otherwise you do not understand.

The Characters. I could show you all the characters in the movie, but then it would be a far to long post. So, here are some of the characters I like the most.

Anna Smith, later Anna Bates

Lavinia Swire

Lady Rose

Lady Violet

Matthew Crawley

Lady Sybil

The Set. It's filmed on really magnificent places. I like the house Downton Abbey very much. It has a little bit of a castle, but also of a house.

The Music. The music is great. Not as good as the Robin Hood BBC music, but still: beautiful music.

 The Other Characters. They also play very well. But I do not like some of the characters, like Thomas Barrow, or Miss O'Brien, or Vera Bates.
Lady Violet is very funny

The Costumes. Lady Mary usually wears dark clothes, but sometimes she has nice dresses. Some of the costumes are not so nice. I especially like Lady Rose' and Lady Sybil's dresses. Not Lady Edith' dresses. They are don't have a word for her dresses.

For those who didn't watch Downton Abbey:

Hope you liked the post!

Monday, February 1, 2016

10 favorite dresses from movies

Elizabeth' swing dress

Marian's white dress

Lady Rose's wedding dress

Marian's blue dress

Lady Sybil's plain, simple cooking dress
Emma's pink dress

Molly's blue and white dress

Emma's flower dress

Cynthia's pink dress

Missy's blue dress. It's not really a dress, but I still like it.

                                                    The End.