Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Period Drama Tag~Answers

I did the Period Drama Tag and I always like giving answers myself, so I will.

1. Which period drama do you like most?
I know this is a hard question to answer, but I'll choose Robin Hood BBC. Ever so great!

2. Choose four characters from a period drama you like most.
Okay, let's see. Hard choice, because there are so much.
Sybil Crawley(Branson) from Downton Abbey, Marian of Knightley(Locksley) from Robin Hood(BBC), Edith Crawley(Pelham) from Downton Abbey and Jane Fairfax(Chruchill) from Emma(2009).

3. Which period drama have you recently seen that you recommend to other bloggers?
Land Girls BBC.

4. If you had to choose, which period drama heroine do you like most?
Marian of Knightley, Robin Hood BBC.

5. And which period drama hero?
Mr Knightley from Emma 2009.

6. Have you ever seen a movie who was exactly, or mostly, the same as the book?
Yes, The Help. I recently finished the book and we already saw the movie two or three times. It was not entirely like the book, but mostly.

7.  Which movies do you like most, Jane Austen movies(example: Emma), Dickens movies(example: Little Dorrit) or the movies from the Brontë sisters(example: Jane Eyre)?
I like Jane Austen movies best.

8. Would you rather play Emma in Emma, Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice, Catherine in Norhtanger Abbey, Mary in Downton Abbey, Marian in Robin Hood, Amy in Little Dorrit, or Jane in Jane Eyre?
Marian of Knightley in Robin Hood(Iwould prefer the BBC one, of course).

9. Would you rather have Call the Midwife or Cranford?
Although I like Cranford, Call the Midwife is better.

10. Which period drama that you haven't seen yet would you like to see?
I would like to see Poldark.

11. Which adaption of Sense&Sensibility do you like most: 1995 or 2008?
I didn't realize how hard the question was, until I had to answer it myself. 1995 has a much better Colonel Brandon, a much better Marianne, and a better Willoughby. But 2008 had a much better Elinor, a much better Ma...(I was really writing Matthew there)Edward Ferrars, and a better Margaret. I think I'll go for 2008, noooo...1995. Yes, 1995. Although...sigh...such a difficult choice. Both of them? Let's say they're even. I like them both.

12. And which adaption of Pride&Prejudice do you like most: 1995 or 2005?
That's easy. 2005. Because I didn't even watch the 1995 adaption. So, for now, it will be the 2005 one.

13. Which couple from a period drama do you like most?
Sybil and Tom, because there both so nice and such good characters.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Period Drama Tag

I'm at my grandparens for quite a few days now. Since Sunday. Every morning I get up at half past eight, I put on my clothes, go to the house(I sleep in a little shed with my sister, who gets up half past six), eat my breakfast and then I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett(which I almost finished) or do crossword or something like that. Usually I have a cup of hot cocoa in the morning with a slice of gingerbread or a biscuit. After that I read a while and then go on the computer, blogging, going on pinterest and emailing to my family. Yesterday I made(together with my grandma) a semolina pudding. And berry juice. After that, when my sister came back, we picked corn. You know, pull out the corn plant, shake the dirt off, remove the corn cobs, remove the husk around the corn cob. We had enough for everyone to have two corn cobs and there was still a lot left. It was delicious with butter and salt. In the evening we watched Mrs Doubtfire, which we had seen before(but a long time ago), and was funny, still serious and nice. We went to the library, that's were we had Mrs Doubtfire from. That's about what I do all day here. Friday my family is coming to get us up, and I'm very excited to see them again. It is Wednesday, so still two days, or actually one day, left to wait. And now the real business. I was planning to make a tag, so here it comes.
1. Which period drama do you like most?
2. Choose four characters from a period drama that you like most.
3. Which period drama have you recently seen that you recommend to other bloggers?
4. If you had to choose, which period drama heroine do you like best?
5. And which period drama hero?
6. Have you ever seen a movie who was exactly, or mostly, the same as the book?
7. Which movies do you like most, Jane Austens movies(example:Emma), Dickens movies(example:Little Dorrit) or the movies from the Brontë sisters(example:Jane Eyre)?
8. Would you rather play Emma in Emma, Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice, Catherine in Northanger Abbey, Mary in Downton Abbey, Marian in Robin Hood, Amy in Little Dorrit, or Jane in Jane Eyre?
9. Would you rather have Call the Midwife or Cranford?
10. Which period drama that you haven't seen yet would you like to see?
11. Which adaption of Sense and Sensibility do you like most: 1995 or 2008?
12. And which adaption of Pride and Prejudice do you like most: 1995 or 2005?
13. Which couple from a period drama movie do you like most?

And I Tag:
Miranda Jo
Ivy Miranda
Naomi Sarah

and anyone who would like to do this and I may have forgotten. I'll do my answers later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Header Choice

I made three headers yesterday and according to the comments, header 2 and 3 are the favourite.

and 3
I counted the points and they both had the same amount of points. So I was the one who had to make the choice between both. After quite a while of thinking I decided to choose header 2. So header 2 will be appearing on my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2016

My family of me

Yesterday, we went to friends, and when we were going home, we first checked in at the station. My sister Rachel, and I were going to go per train(not the train in the picture) and later per bus, to our grandparents. It was really awkward to feel the train move and see the landscape flashing by. Meadows, hills, trees, walls, houses, rails, sheep, some horses and I really was surprised how many people had a little pony. I saw a lot during the train journey. I took two books with me, to read when we would be at our grandparents, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and Fire by Night by Lynn Austin. But I didn't read them when I was in the train, nor when I was in the bus. We had to wait eight minutes until the bus arrived. The train rode really soft, no bumping. I thought there would be a lot of bumping, but the train just went on and on and only stopped at stations. The bus rode soft too. More bumpy than the train, because the bus is riding on the road and not on the rails. Well, we got out of the bus and we first thought we had to walk the rest, but in the train, my grandma said, over the telephone, that our uncle would pick us up. So we rode in the car too. We don't ride in a car much, because we have a camperbus, which sits a lot higher than a car. But hey, you'll probably wonder why this title is about family, when I'm just talking about trains and buses. Well the second part is to come.
I really was sad when I said goodbye to my family and stepped in the train, waving. My youngest brother asked why I had to go and he said he didn't like it that I went with the train, away.Of course, it was all made better by the thought that I still am with my family at my grandparents. I still am with family, my sister and grandparents. But when you're away from the people you are always among, and who always take care of you, you realize how much you love your family, and how much you depend on them. I really miss them, even if I'm not even one day apart from them. I miss the giggles all around the house, the evenings on the couch watching a movie, or in the room talking with your bigger siblings(although that didn't happen a lot anymore), I even miss my homeschool work. Even if I sometimes don't like my homeschool work and don't feel like it, I enjoy it most of the time. And even if I sometimes get angry on my brothers and sisters(I can never stay angry on them for a long time, though)and am tired of their whining to play with them: ''Shall we go upstairs?'' ''Do you want to play with playmobil?'' or whatever it is, cars, stuffed toys, dolls, or just playing and wearing other clothes, I still miss them and I miss all the sounds. It is very quiet here. Not that I mind that much, I like silence. But sometimes, I just miss the noise they can make. Family is important. Even if we are in bed and my younger sister doesn't stop making sounds and talking and singing in bed. Your family is still your family. It is yours, and I'm proud to have the family I have.

New header(s)

Today is the day I change my header again. It will be a chosen header, again, and three header choices, again. So, here they come. Everyone can comment, and choose which header you like best. But remember, if you say:''I like them all.'' all of them will get a point.




Those were all. I just now searched some pins on Pinterest, and made headers of it. I didn't even pre-made the headers for later. Another method. I liked this method, it gives me a lot of beautiful pictures which I can use for pretty headers. Just comment, and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I'll pick which one is chosen most and put it on my blog.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Robin Hood BBC Tag

 This Robin Hood BBC Week is sadly almost over! I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for this week, Rachel!
Rachel tagged me with this Robin Hood BBC Tag. Thanks, Rachel! I always like a tag, especially when it is of favourite series.

Tag questions:

1. Who introduced you to the Robin Hood BBC series?
Well, Netflix did. My mom had this series in our list for a long time and we just finished Downton Abbey season...3, I think. There were no seasons from Downton Abbey anymore, so my mom said: ''Let's watch Robin Hood''
and we were all: ''Noooooo!''
We had seen a Robin Hood earlier, 2010, but that one was terrible. We always call it: ''The fight obin Hood.'' :) It really seems as if there is only fighting in it. So I thought that this one would be just like the 2010 Robin Hood. I don't know what my brothers and sisters thought, but I know I thought that it would be awful and we'd just put it off right away. I was really really surprised how much I liked it.

2. How do you react when there's someone else who just started seeing the series?
''Keep on going. You'll definitely enjoy.''

3. Which season did you like the most?
Well, season 3 of course. No, kidding, season 2 is the best. But the ending was so so sad!

4. Did you want that the show would go on and on, or should it have ended just like it ended?
They made a season 4, but it was not published. Shame, because I would like to have seen what happened with the gang. And maybe Djaq and Will came for a visit? I don't know. I would like it if season 4 was published.

5. Favourite character? (Okay, pick at least four, because there are much characters to choose)
Marian, Allan, Much, and Djaq.

6. Which character do you dislike most?
7. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?
More than 10.

 8. If you could save someone of dying, who would it be?
Marian! But...if Marian didn't die, nothing of that would happen, so actually that's choosing three persons not to die. Because Allan A Dale is there too. I'm sure Marian would believe him.

9. Which character would you not want to play in the show?
Again, Isabella.

10. While watching the series, did you ever read any spoilers about the show?
No. I think it spoils the surprise.

11. What's your favourite quote from Robin Hood BBC?
That's a hard one. Let's see...
''I've lived in shame, but because of you , I die proud. I am free.''
12. At least, which couple do you like most?
Robin and Marian always! (By the way, in this photo, you can see well that they have clothes that are  a mix between the past and the present)

We are Robin Hood!

Robin Hood is the very best serie existing! It is funny, good, and still sad. I also like it so much because it is different from the books and other movies, and its not violent. The soundtracks are very nice and compelling. And the characters are great and well-chosen.
I saw this on pinterest, and thought it was a good presentation of the characters and the story.

Characters who annoyed me a lot:
Isabella was awful! Even when she was nice, I didn't like her at all. I can understand Guy. She is really mean. And she does unthinkable things. How can she even think of killing her own brother, Guy, and her(probably first real)friend, Meg? Ugh...she was terrible! And all that with Robin. Robin, you are really chosing the wrong women. Isabella and Kate? Really? I'm disappointed. And she doesn't fight normal. My younger siblings always put ther two hands in front of them, as if they are holding a dagger, and ask: who am I? And then the answer is Isabella :) And above all, she is cruel. Kill her own husband? Her brother? Her husband was awful, I know. But you didn't have to kill him, Isabella. And who kills her own brother? Sheriff helped her a hand, yes, but still she stabbed him too.

 And Kate of course. But I already talked about her in the first post from this week.
Little John annoyed me a lot. Sometimes he was alright, but most of the time...well, he was annoying. He doesn't think at all before he does something, and repeats the same lines all the time. ''We go to Nottingham'' and ''Him/Her I liked.'' and ''It's a good day to die.''
 He storms to someone, screaming, without thinking if it is safe. He is good when it comes to people. I mean, he knows the characters well. But why didn't he go visit his wife, Alice and his son, Little John, before? He could at least leave something so they'll know he was there and is still alive, if he is too scared to see her again. Or just visit her. Then she wouldn't be married, and then Little John would know that he is his father. And then all the things of punishing and his wife and son leaving wouldn't have happened maybe.

The characters that were funniest:

Sheriff Vasey is funny. He is cruel and mean, but still funny. ''A clue: no.'' :)
Always rolling his eyes, teasing. He is really funny, but on a other way than Allan A Dale. Allan has a friendlier funnyness(I don't know if that's even a word: funnyness) :)

Allan A Dale is really funny. ''I'm not being funny, but...'' is one of my favorite lines of him. Because he's always actually right with those. And he has the best and funniest facial expressions. He deserved more than he got. And when he died, he knew that the gang didn't believe him, but still wanted to save them. His death is so terribly sad.

Djaq was also very funny sometimes.
Allan: Maybe if you try wearing a dress.
Djaq: I will if you will.
(In case the letters on the picture are not readable)
Much was also very funny.
And the scenes with Prince John were funny too. Although he is psychotic.
Count Friedrich was very funny too!

Characters I like most:
Marian is great! Lucy Griffiths plays the best Marian ever. She is intelligent, witty, stubborn, speaks her own mind, and still kind and caring. Her father and the poor are her biggest concern. Although she is sometimes a little bit unfair towards Robin. She says he's a fool to protect the poor, while she does it herself as The Nightwatchman. She takes care she isn't caught, but in the end she gets caught and if Guy of Gisborne and Allan A Dale weren't there, she would have been hanged.

Allan A Dale was a good person too. I liked that he was a sort of thief in the series, while in the books he is always described as musician or noble. He is always teasing everyone, and mostly agrees with Will. I think that Joe Armstrong plays Allan the best. He is really funny. But sometimes he is just being serious. He risks his life to save the lifes of the gang. Which became his dead.

There are a lot of nice persons still. Djaq, Will, Much, Meg...and more. But that's too much too write about. I don't want to bore anyone. :)
So, that's the end.
I love this series and always will.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First post from the Robin Hood BBC Week!

The subject of the post is Kate. Just to let you know :)

Kate was the one person of the gang, and also the only woman(except for Isabella, of course), who I really disliked because of her behavior. She was so annoying and every time she came on screen, I sighed, because she was so terribly annoying to me. And she refused Much. Not that that's so bad, Much already had Eve. But the way she did it, it was unkind and actually quite mean. And what about Allan! Everyone could see that he liked her very much! 
But they didn't see that. They were too busy with their own things. And Kate only payed attention to Robin. Speaking about Robin and Kate, I hated that relationship(it was not really a relationship, but how must I call it else?). Kate hated him, then she liked him, then she hated him, then she liked him, and that goes on and on. In the finals, she likes him very much, but no, Robin is not the right person for Kate and Kate is definitely not the right person for Robin! I mean, the only one who Robin should have married with(and he did), is Marian. Not Kate, and certainly not Isabella(we will talk about her later). And I really liked Joanne Froggat in Downton Abbey, as Anna, but Kate is such a annoying person. She is really childish sometimes and stubborn(on the wrong way)...I just dislike her so much! If she would wear nicer clothes(yes, that's also a fact I don't like about her), stay away from Robin and like Allan, act more grown-up and be nicer, then maybe I would consider my opinion again. But she doesn't do that. And I hated how they tried to replace Marian by Kate! I mean, Marian was far better than Kate would ever be(I know, that sounds very mean, but it is true). Marian is just so nice, and...well, Kate could never replace Marian. If they wanted to replace Marian by putting Kate in, then they failed miserably. Really!
I know, Allan, and Much, and Robin liked her. But I don't. I don't understand why they like her. And poor poor Allan, he liked Kate so much, but Kate liked Robin very much. It must have been terrible to see that, again. Because he said that Robin was always in the sun and he in the shade and then it happens again. Robin in the sun, and Allan in the shade. But...I was talking about Kate(I must remember that. Allan is for another post, if there's enough time). I think I like a few parts of Kate, if I think, she cares about her family, and is brave. That's all I can think about. But about that stubborn on the wrong way, she never listens. That's what I meant with ''stubborn on the wrong way''.
This was the end of this post. Up to the next post!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

You've Got Mail~Review~

I didn't make a review about movies for a long time, and I just saw this picture on my pinterest board again and thought, why not make a review about You've Got Mail? It's funny, and still nice. A romantic comedy. Here's a bit of the story-line.

Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly, two business rivals, have an online romance. They can't see eachother, but just communicate per mail. They are business rivals and at day they fight with words. In the evening, they talk with eachother about their life and their problems, not knowing that they actually are business rivals. Kathleen Kelly owns the ''Shop Around The Corner'', and Joe Fox owns ''Fox Books''. That was about all of the plot. It really has a good, and funny story.

The characters are really really good too. Meg Ryan plays a nice, but still sharp Kathleen Kelly. And Tom Hanks plays Joe Fox perfectly. It's really a good movie.
Kathleen Kelly is the owner of ''The Shop Around The Corner''. She has a friend, Frank Navasky, who is newspaper writer for ''The New York Observer''. At day, she works in her bookshop and does normal things, in the evenings she opens her laptop, and hears three words: 'You've Got Mail'. She has mail from so named NY152. She herself writes on internet under the name Shopgirl. (NY152 is Joe Fox) They talk about normal things in life, and then Joe Fox comes, with his large bookshop ''Fox Books''. Kathleen and Joe argue with eachother. Kathleen sees that Joe Fox' shop has friendly employees, but without the same dedication to children's books as her friends in the bookshop do. Her employees are also friends, you know. Birdie, Christina and George.
As I said already, it is really a very good movie. And if you didn't watch it, you should definitely try it. It's really enjoyable!
Last picture: the argue in the restaurant. Joe asked Kathleen on internet to meet him in the restaurant, but when he sees it is Kathleen from The Shop Around The Corner, he doesn't want to meet her anymore. He does, but doesn't reveal that he is NY152, who would actually meet Kathleen.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blogger Recognition Award

Rae tagged me with this Blogger Recognition Award. Thanks Rae!
~Thank the blogger who nominated you
~Tell a little bit about how you started blogging
~Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
~Nominate 15 other bloggers

Well, my older sisters began with it, and I didn't care a lot about it first. But I started to read the blogs and I liked it very much and wanted to have a blog of my own. I asked my mom(first ask your parents of course :)), but she said I was too young. I was disappointed, but my mom had a point, I am young(everyone stays young, right? But no, I am probably really too young for blogger). But later, there was a surprise for me! My mom said that she thought I was responsible enough for a blog and gave me permission to make one. So that's how I started my blog!

Well, first, you have to come up with a nice name for your blog and a header and background and first post. Then you can make one. Not that I was so smart to do that ;)
And second, if you want to introduce your blog to someone, just comment. They'll visit your blog and maybe, if they like it they'll comment and/or follow.
The third advice is:(yes, I know, I am only supposed to give two pieces of advice, but a third is always good, right?)try to visit as many blogs as you can so you can follow all those lovely bloggers. Everyone has their own turn to their posts, and their own taste of movies, films, headers...

Nominate 15 other bloggers? I don't think I know so many bloggers.
I tag everyone who likes to do this tag! That should be enough bloggers ;)

Robin Hood BBC week coming up!

I'm so excited! Rachel is hosting a Robin Hood BBC themed week! It's a really great show, so I'm really really excited. Writing about this show is always fun to do. Well, that was just what I wanted to announce. There is gonna be a Robin Hood BBC Week for anyone who wants to. Just go to A Girl's Place for more information.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Header choice+Anne of Green Gables Kickoff Tag

This tag is from Miss Evie with her delightful blog Over The Hills.


How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
My sisters, if it is concerning the book. When it comes to the movie, I should say my mother. We all watch movies together and since we had a couple of Green Gables books, we watched the movie too.

Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?
I think I am neither of them. More Diana than Anne, I believe. I'm far too shy to be Anne!

If Rachel Lynde called your hair as red as carrots how would you react?
I'ld say: ''Thank you.''
Yes, really. I mean, what does it matter when someone says your hair is as red as carrots. That's pretty!

Gilbert or Morgan Harris?
Gilbert Blythe.

Honest opinion on the third Anne film.
I don't like the third Anne movie. I don't know why. I just don't like it. All the trouble and than that man...

Have you seen the new Anne film?

What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?
Someone who likes the same things I like, and who cares a lot about friendship and family.

Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?
I haven't seen Green Gables Fables, so I'll choose ''movie Gilbert''.

Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?
No. We were searching for it a long time, but still only have seen the first part. :)

Favourite book cover?
O, ehm.....I don't know. Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin? Or was it supposed to be a Lucy Maud Montgomery book?

The films or the books?
Although I like the books very much, I think I like part 1 from Anne of Green Gables most.

Those were all questions. And now the header choice. I've chosen by the people in the comments(who chose a header they liked most). The happy one is:

2 was also chosen a lot, but 3 more. So it will be 3. I liked this header choice. I just made three I liked and let the commentors choose. Maybe I'll do it again.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Apologies-and header

I apologize for being so late for my next post. I was ill Friday and didn't feel well for a few days. I still have a little cold, and I cough a lot. That was the reason why I wasn't on Blogger to make new posts or answer comments or even comment on another lovely blog. And I made some new headers. To make it different than normally, I'll let anyone who wants, choose which header will appear on my blog. In the comments, tell which one you like most, and tomorrow I'll(by the comments and votes for the headers) choose which one I will put on as header. So, you're welcome to comment and say what's your opinion about these headers :) Here they come.

Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.
Choose whichever header you prefer. Or no header(that would be possible). If you don't like either of these, just don't comment. Or comment that you don't like it. Whatever you want.
Tomorrow, I'll decide which header will have the honor of being the prettiest ;), by the votes.