Wednesday, May 10, 2017

~First Robin Hood week post~

So, Olivia is hosting a Robin Hood Week, and this is my first post. What is it to be about? I did the characters once, I did a post why I liked Robin Hood BBC so much, and two reviews about the show. What is there else? Well, lots of things of course, but I can't come up with one right away. I first thought I'd do a Robin Hood BBC versus another Robin Hood, but that's not fair because I can't remember the Robin Hood 2010, I believe. I could do RH BBC versus Princess of Thieves, but then another idea came up in my head. Why not a Kate vs. Isabella? I never actually know which one is worser, so I'll do that. But then, did I not do that post once? I don't believe I did.

Kate vs Isabella


They were both terrible. They both were a sort of replacement for Marian which failed. They both held a sword like it could fall out of their hands. I think that if you want to know who is better, you should make a pro-con list, the Rory Gilmore method. 

Kate's cons

1.She whines and does things without considering the other people in the gang.
2.She tries to replace Marian
3.She hates Robin and doesn't want to help him for her brother, and then she falls in love with him, then she hates him, then loves him. Until he dies. I mean, make up your mind!
 4. She annoys me and acts childish and yells all the time when she's fighting(that annoys me)
5. She's not nice to Much, doesn't even really try being nice to him
6. She wasn't always nice to Allan either
7. She blames people for something she actually caused herself if you think about it
8. She didn't even cry when Allan was killed

Kate's pro's

1. She at least tried to protect Allan when Rufus tried to kill him
2. I think that if she was in the camp when they thought Allan betrayed them again, she would've stood up for him.

Isabella's cons

1. She tries to replace Marian
2. She killed Guy and Robin
3. She also acted childish and was really evil and did stupid things
4. She was flirting when she was around Robin(which annoyed me, because Marian is still his wife)
5. She wanted to kill Meg
6. The gang never really trusted her
7. She also screams when she fights (annoying!)  
Isabella's pro's 

1. She did show some regrets when Guy was dead
2. She had reasons to be so evil
3. She was really scared for Thornton
4. She was nice to Meg(at first)
5. She was smart and a strong woman(not strong like lifting heavy weights, of course)
6. She really did feel sorry for the poor(before she was against Robin)

That was all, I think. If you have any cons or pro's of the two of them, you can tell(it might even change the situation). The pro-con list shows that Isabella is the better person. Prooved that Kate is worse!



  1. Loved this post Ruth! Kate or Isabella can never replace dear and lovely Marian! NO ONE!!! I wish she just still was alive, everything would be different.

    Kate and Isabella are really annoying.

    1. Thank you! Nope, never ever, no matter how hard they try. Yes, I wish she was. Season 3 would be so much different and more enjoyable.

  2. I really agree with this! Kate is worse than Isabel.

    I tagged you, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. :)

    1. Kate is definitely worse than Isabella.
      Yes, thanks for that!

  3. Honestly I don't even care that it was early; this is a great post! I like your pro-con lists, and it made me think about both of them a bit more. I guess that's true about Kate, how she probably would have defended Allan (BUT SHE STILL DIDN'T SHOW ANY EMOTION WHEN HE DIED). And I agree with your ideas about Isabella.

    Thanks for the post! :)

    1. Thank you, Olivia! Yes, that's what I was trying to do. Some people think Kate wasn't so bad after all, but she was so annoying for me. I'm really mad for that none-emotion part when Allan died, and that she ran away even if she could have saved Allan from dying(she didn't know that of course). Isabella had reasons for her evilness, that's true.
      Thank you for commenting!