Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tag and Robin Hood blog party!

Rachel tagged me with A Call The Midwife Tag and Olivia is hosting a Robin Hood blog party. Anyone can participate with which Robin Hood version you want. So, said that, now on to the tag.

Rules: Thank the blogger who tagged you. Thank you, Rachel! 
Answer the questions(no obligations)
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Question 1: Who's your favourite character?

 Well, Cynthia Miller(later Mary Cynthia Miller) is one of my favourite characters, but also Barbara Gilbert and someone I also like is Shelagh Turner. So, either one of those three would suit.

Question 2: When did you first hear of the show?

When it came on Netflix :)

Question 3: How do you react when you hear someone else is a fan too?

Oh, you watched it too! Great! It's such a good tv-show, don't you think?

Question 4: Do you consider yourself a Call The Midwife fan?

You could say I am a fan, but not a really really big fan.

Question 5: Who's your favourite male character in Call the Midwife?

I don't really know all the guys in Call the Midwife. I remember Alec, Jimmy and Reverend Tom. And Patrick Turner and his son. I think Patrick Turner then...

Question 6: Do you know the real name(actress name) of Jenny Lee without looking it up on internet?

No, actually not. I first thought she was Jenny in real life too, but realized it wasn't that. She is Jessica. But what was her last name? Maine? That's what I thought. It's Jessica Raine. Pretty close though :)

Question 7: Do you know who was nominated as best actress in 2012?

Probably one of the three first midwifes(Jenny,Trixie and Cynthia), but I wouldn't know which one. If I have a guess, I'd say Jessica Raine.

Question 8: Which character do you dislike most? Why?

There isn't really a character I dislike. I didn't really like Jimmy though and Patsy's friend isn't my favourite either. Don't really have a reason, just don't like those two.

Question 9: If you could play anyone you want, who would you play?

One of my favourite characters.

Question 10: Who's your favourite couple?
Shelagh and Patrick Turner.

Question 11: Would you rather be Trixie or Barbara?


Thanks again for the tag!

I just realized Chummy is actually my favourite character. Such a pity she left the show. You never see her in the Call The Midwife nowadays.

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  1. Love your answers Ruth!!! Thanks for doing the tag dear! <3