Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm away for two weeks!

A quick announcement!

I'll be away for two weeks. To visit my grandparents. So if I don't make posts, don't be surprised. We don't take our computers with us. ;-)
You can still comment. If you want, because then I'll read them when I come home. I always like to recieve, read and answer comments. I'm going away on Monday, but the following days will be very busy, so this will probably be my last post for these two weeks.

Well, it will be a great two weeks. With swimming, beautiful weather(I hope), helping in the garden or kitchen(if I can remember and I'm not too late), maybe take a walk to the forest...

So, goodbye and until two weeks!

War and Peace-the sequel of the one before-

So, I have only one episode to watch from War and Peace. I can admit that it is not my favourite, although I like it. But one scene, after the war in Borogon, I's a little bit unsuitable for children.
Natasha is engaged to Andrei, but when he is off to war, for a year, she falls in love with Anatole(who I really do not like), and wants to elope with him. This is prevented by Sonja, who told Natasha's father and mother, her aunt and uncle, Natasha's plan. And Natasha is ill for days. Because she broke the engagement with Andrei, and he could not forgive her, although he didn't tell her that.
Andrei dies. I had not expected that to happen. I thought later on he would forgive Natasha and marry her, but I think that is a little bit too happy-end-and-they-live-happily-ever-after-ish. He dies, leaving a sad Natasha, his grieving sister Marja and his little son. His father already died before him,
Pierre is still a little bit dull, and he is ever so clumsy. But I find him more agreeable now. He is not the boring-est person in War and Peace anymore. I think, and that is just a thought, that he will marry Natasha. Because he was almost going to tell Natasha that he loved her. But he is already married. But his wife is awful. I'll be so happy when she leaves Russia, or just leaves Moskou.

I like the ball, so I'm putting one picture of it on this post. See what the next and last episode brings.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

War and Peace

We started to watch this mini-serie, War and Peace. Well, if I must say, my opinion is not so high. I mean, we just started and I didn't watch it entirely, but it's not so high. Of course, I like it, not very much, but maybe that will happen later. Well it's about the war. France against Russia and Austria. The major characters:
Lily James plays in it! I think that is one of the reasons my sister lent it from the library. Lily James is her favourite actress, you know. She is one of my favourite too. Well, Lily James plays Natasha Rostova, a young Russian girl who seeks her true love. She finds her ''true love'', Andrei  Bolkonsky. So, she will become Natasha Bolkonsky. If it goes as I expect, and she marries him. I don't know yet.
This is the above-spoken-of Andrei Bolkonsky. I think he was a little bit mean against his previous wife, Lise. He had a wife, but she died having a child. I think that happens. Or she died of illness. I really don't know. I haven't watched that part, because I was drawing(yes, I draw. Pretty much). I liked his wife. She was really sad and cry-ish when he went off to fight in the war.
I don't like Pierre Bezukhov. He is dull and doesn't keep his word. He is sooooo boring. That are the most boring parts in War and Peace, when he is around. Nothing further to say about him(this is not one of the persons I like and do not have to tell much about).

Well, for the rest, it is okay. There are a few(well, pretty much, actually) kissing scenes. And one time, you see some flashbacks not nice to look at. But after all, it is BBC. And you don't see that much kissing, or bloody fight scenes. On the DVD stands that it is from 16 years and older, but on the sites stands it's 12 years and older...take the one you wish. I have to watch it further(I am going to watch it further), so I can consider to change my opinion.
Oh, something I forgot, Natasha Rostova is sometimes called Natalja, which is quite confusing sometimes, and she likes to dance.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Downton Abbey Tag

A Downton Abbey Tag.

The Rules:
Past the button.
Answer the questions.
If you want you can tag someone else too.

 My questions:
1. Who is your favourite couple from Downton Abbey?
2. Do you know without looking it up who is the director of this serie?
3. Who is your favourite character?
4. Which is your less favourite character?
5. What is your favourite Dowager Countess quote?
6. Which of the children do you like most?
7. When did you feel sadder, when Sybil died or Matthew?
8. Which character would you want to be in more?
9. Which character would you rather do not have in this serie?
10. What was the nicest moment in Downton Abbey?

So, that were all.
I tag:
Emma Jane
Ivy Miranda
Miss Dashwood

That was all. I hope you enjoy it.  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tagged Again!

I am tagged again! This time by Rachel from A Girl's Place. Thank you!
The Rules.
Paste the button on your blog.
Leave a list of new questions(this isn't required).
Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

1. Do you love Jane Austen? Why or why not? 
Yes, I do. Because she writes so great, and she is an very good writer. And just because she's Jane Austen and that she wrote books when women were not allowed too do. 

What is your favourite Jane Austen movie?
Emma! Definitely Emma! The 2009 adaption then, of course.

Would you rather have Mr Darcy or Mr Knightley?
I think Mr Knightley. He says honest what he thinks of things, and is also honest to Emma.

Have you read any of Jane Austens books? Which?
 Yes, I have read Pride and Prejudice and want to begin Lady Susan or Emma.

Do you know when Jane Austens birthday is without looking? 
 No, I must say I don't know.

Who is your favourite character from Pride and Prejudice?
Elizabeth Bennet.

Would you rather have Kate Winslet as Marianne or Charity Wakefield?
Kate Winslet is the one and only Marianne Dashwood.

How many Jane Austen movies have you seen? Which?
Ehm...Northanger Abbey 2007, both of the Mansfield Park's, Emma 2009, Pride and Prejudice 2005, both Sense and Sensibility's...Persuasion. That's 8. Do movies about Jane Austen count? If they do, it will become 10. Because I have seen Becoming Jane and Miss Austen Regrets.

Who is your favourite character from Emma?
Jane Fairfax.

Would you rather have Lydia and Kitty as sisters or Marianne and Margaret?
Marianne and Margaret.

Which Jane Austen movie isn't your favourite?
Mansfield Park.

Do you have a favourite Jane Austen quote?Which?
This one is my favourite.

Thank you again, Rachel! I always like to be tagged.




Sunday, July 24, 2016

I made a new header!

I did not make a fully Downton Abbey header, but partly. A Sybil and a Rose ;-)

Well, may I ask, what do you think of it?

Emma~A review~

I made a short review of Emma, but I didn't exactly remembered how it had gone back then. No, however, I can. Yesterday we watched Emma. The 2009 version of course. There is no better one. And waching this mini-serie reminded me of how I liked this little serie. So, my ''longer'' review has started, or, as some may like to call it, my ''normal'' review.

The Music. Of course, it is pretty. Though I have heard better music.

Emma Woodhouse.
Sometimes I really want to be angry on Emma, but I just can't. She says bad things sometimes, I know. But she makes everything well again. She insulted Miss Bates and then was sorry and gave her pies and talked with her a while. And about Jane Fairfax...she couldn't help it. She couldn't know what was going on between Frank and Jane. So it wasn't her fault. But what was her fault, was Harriet's state. She encouraged Harriet to reject Robert Martin and wait until Mr Elton proposes. But Mr Elton had someone else in mind, be sure of that! Well, I really like Emma and Romola Garai plays her very well. Rich, a little bit spoilt, likes to see herself as matchmaker to the people around her. That's how she is.

George Knightley.
Mr Knightley is kind, helps everyone a lot, like Harriet, Robert Martin, Jane Fairfax. He scolds Emma, when she has done something wrong or bad, and Emma accepts it and tries to follow his advice. Not always, but still. Which shows how highly Emma's opinion is of him, and Mr Woodhouse's opinion. I like Mr Knightley a lot, and although I don't like the roles Jonny Lee Miller plays often, he plays the best Mr Knightley ever.

Mr Woodhouse.
Mr Woodhouse is overconcerned for everyone and everything. He worries a lot. But he is a kind and loving father, as fathers always are, of course. Personally I do not like Michael Gambon so much, not in Cranford either, but the role of Mr Woodhouse is perfect for him.

Harriet Smith. 
I do not like Harriet Smith. She mopes a lot, and is far too quickly influenced. She is in search of a good friend, of course. But she also falls in love far too quickly. First Robert Martin, then Mr Elton, then Mr Knightley, and eventually she marries Robert Martin. And by the way, another reason I do not like Harriet, is because she has far too much self-pity. 

Mr and Mrs Elton.
Of course, they are both mean, but they both play so very good. Augusta Elton is nice to Jane Fairfax, but a little bit too kind. She keeps pushing her too walk with her, and searches a job as gouverness for her, while she didn't even want it.

Jane Fairfax. 
Jane Fairfax is such a sweet girl. I feel so sorry for her. The way Frank Churchill treats her. Argh!
She loves him, although I cannot imagine why.

Frank Churchill.
He is mean! He treats poor Jane so awful. It doesn't seem that he loves her. Yes, in the end, but before that...he mocked her, when he was with Emma, and he courted Emma in front of Jane. I don't like Frank at all! He is to Jane! How can I tell it? I really don't like him.

Mr Weston.
Mr Weston is very kind, and I feel sorry for him. He was hurt by Frank. Don't you understand, Frank? He loves you, and had to be apart of you for twenty years or so. 

Anne Taylor(later Anne Weston).
I like Anne so much! She is very kind, loves Emma, and a little bit mischievous sometimes, especially when Emma is around.

Miss Bates.

That I put her as last, doesn't mean I dislike her or like her last. It is not ranked, the characters, in any case not per how I like them. I like Miss Bates very much. But I feel so sorry for her. She is very talkative, and everyone mcoks her. But she is so friendly. I like her very much. (Said that already, but I'll say it again).

This is the end. Some pictures for the end.

Friday, July 22, 2016

A few of my favourite soundtracks

These are a few of my favourite soundtracks. I like them and some are very funny.

1. Dawn(Pride and Prejudice 2005).

2. Arrival At Netherfield(Pride and Prejudice 2005).
Liz on top of the world(Pride and Prejudice 2005).
Darcy's Letter(Pride and Prejudice 2005).
Georgiana(Pride and Prejudice 2005).
The Lonely Goatherd(Sound of Music 1965).
I have confidence(Sound of Music 1965).
So Long Farewell(Sound of Music 1965).
Maria(Sound of Music 1965).
Do Re Mi(Sound of Music 1965).

My favorite things(Sound of Music 1965).
The hills are alive(Sound of Music 1965).


The Nightwatchman(Robin Hood BBC).
 Outlaws(Robin Hood BBC).
Robin and Marian(Robin Hood BBC).
Downton Abbey Soundtrack Medley(Downton Abbey).
Little Dorrit Theme Medley(Little Dorrit 2008).
Who is she?(Cinderella 2015).
Courage and Kindness(Cinderella 2015).
You Shall Go(Cinderella 2015).
That where all, I think. The pictures are just pictures, no links or videos to listen. I tryed and failed to put videos on it.