Sunday, May 28, 2017

~''I said terrible things to those men. The bravest, most loyal men in England. I didn't want anymore blood on my hands. Truth is, I'd die for them.''~

Season 3 was the least favourite season of mine of Robin Hood BBC. And season 2 my favourite. Season 1 in the middle. But why not say why I don't like season 3 that much? I'll not only crack season 3 down, don't worry, I'll also say some good things I like about season 3. But first, why I do not like it so much... Spoilers ahead!

Marian, my favourite character of the whole series, is no more. She died and is buried in the Holy Land.

Will and Djaq stayed in the Holy Land too, and Kate came instead of them.

Also Archer comes, and Isabella.

Robin just wants to forget Marian, as he said to Isabella.
Isabella: ''How was she?''
Robin: ''Who?''
Isabella: ''The woman my brother killed.''
Robin: ''She was...Marian...''
Isabella: ''She must have been a wonderful woman, if you and Guy speak so highly of her.''
Robin: ''I just want to forget her.''
I really wanted to slap Robin then. How could he want to forget his wife!? I understand, it is hard if you think of her all the time, but try to forget her is something different.

The old Robin was gone. It was like...

This Robin was gone. The funny, protecting the villagers, stubborn, sometimes doing without thinking, Robin was gone.

And replaced by this Robin. The season 3-Robin. The one who liked persons like Isabella and Kate, the one who wasn't funny anymore, who looked like an other man, who wasn't the same Robin anymore. Only when it came to the end, you could see a little bit of the Robin he first was. By the way, he suddenly looked so much older.

The gang betrayed Allan. Yes, it is the GANG betrayed Allan, not ALLAN betrayed the gang. They did not trust him, they did not believe him. And because of their betrayal, he died. Because of them.

Some nice things about season 3.

I liked Tuck. He was nice, although he did some stupid things. I can still hear his voice in my head.
''It's harder to cut the spirit with a blade.''

Guy became nice and part of the gang. I even liked him in the end.

There are more reasons to dislike season 3, but I won't name them all for the sake of Robin Hood BBC. ;)

Friday, May 26, 2017

~During Robin Hood BBC~

So now I'm going to do a post, with gifs and pictures included, how it was during RH BBC.
For those wo haven't watched the series, you should not look this, cause there are spoilers! Just warning you :)

There is a new Robin Hood, a serie from the BBC. Let's see how it is.

Aha! This is a nice serie! Let's get comfortabely on the couch and watch it further.

I like the characters a lot.
Is Marian going to marry Guy of Gisbourne or not?

Phew, she is not.

Marian dies!?

Oh, it was not real! She didn't die. Very funny.

What a huge relief! So glad she didn't die!

Allan betrays the gang?

But he won't do it for long, right?

Oh, he does.

Robin proposed and she said yes!! Yay!!

Marian is stabbed by Guy of Gisbourne?

Oh no, she is!

No, no, no! Why!?

Will and Djaq are staying in the Holy Land.

It's your fault, BBC!!

Should we even continue the series now?

Well, okay then. Let's continue.

It's not nearly as good as the previous. What's going on with Robin!? Why is he being so mean!?

Wait, who's that Kate person?

Is she going to stay a main character?

Disappointment. She's staying.

And who's that Isabella? Is she going to stay also?

Yep, she's also staying.

What's going on with the new characters here?

Wait Allan and Guy die?

Noooo, not again! :`(

BBC, what did I tell you!?

 This is going totally wrong!

 Robin dies. Noooooo!

How could BBC do this?

Everybody's crying!

Now it's over. Robin Hood BBC is over. :(

Let's watch a new serie now, shall we?

The End. Hope you liked it! I didn't do entirely everything, just ideas that came into my head when I saw those pictures and gifs. ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

~Robin and Marian's Story~

Robin and Marian's story was very complicated. I'll show you with pictures, gifs, and some sentences. First legal Robin Hood Week post(the other one was a mistake, wrong date).

They meet again, after Robin comes back from the Holy Land. She greets him with an arrow and tells him to leave.

First she is telling him that he is being an idiot and that he has to ''Grow up.''. But he still has a big part on her heart, even after those years.

Guy of Gisborne stands in their way all the time, because he likes Marian a lot.

She lives a prisoned life in the castle, he is an outlaw in the forest. I like this picture because it describes how they are. A barricade between them, but still together.

Then she almost died. But thanks to Allans observence she's saved, but... almost wedded to Guy of Gisborne.
That didn't happen. What a relief!

She goes with him to the forest and they are happy there.

But then they argue. About a lot of things. They're both being stubborn.

Then they make up again, say sorry. And it's all good.

Robin proposes and she says yes.

Then she has to go back to the castle and they only visit now and then. She thinks Robin is dead and tries to kill the sheriff. Sheriff Vaizey takes her to the Holy Land and Robin goes after her. They almost meet, but not, it has to end the way it ends.

Guy stabs Marian with his sword and she is dying.

They marry, but then the awfullest thing happens.

She dies and Robin returns to England, sad and heartbroken.

Then he dies and Marian takes him with her.

Their love story is tragic, heartbreaking and lovely at the same time. You smile when they argue and are being funny, or when they are together. But you cry when she dies and when he dies and because of their story, that is so...painful, but beautiful and tender. They both fight for justice and freedom. For the peasants of England, for the king of England. And they both die for the same cause. And both by those horrible Gisbornes. (Guy was okay in the end of season 3, but Isabella never will, although she brought Marian and Robin back together). They are the same, even if they don't realize it. That's why they are one of my favourite couples.