Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's Autumn!

It's Autumn! Time for warm sweaters, cozy evenings on the couch watching a nice movie, warm socks, cold weather(Here there is no really cold weather yet. It is rather sunny, instead of the normal Fall rain, quite warm, and no time for hats and mittens yet. Except for inside. Here it is really cold inside. Outside, there is nice weather. But inside...it's rather chilly), warm tea and coffee, leaves changing color, loads of time(when I'm not studying), Autumn vacation, and more. I'm very excited for the Autumn vacation, because then we'll go to my grandparents again. My older sister is lodging there for her study, and I can visit her, alone, can you imagine? Not immediately alone(and not very long either). I'll be there with my family, and them my family goes back and I stay there three days or so. And I'll go back with the train! It will be the first time I've ever been in the train. Honestly. We traveled quite a lot, only not with the train. With our camper. Well, I just wanted to tell, Autumn is here! Which everyone knows, but I still like to post this(and add some nice pictures too).

Friday, September 23, 2016

Movies I want to see

I seem to be getting back with the posts! (I'm catching up)
I have lots of movies and series I like to see one day. Let's start.

1. Poldark.
2. The Outcast(BBC).
Sybil and Elinor from S&S 2005 and Willoughby from the 1995 S&S play in The Outcast
3. The Go-Between.
4. The Musketeers season 3(BBC).
Still waiting for season three
5. Finding Dory.
6. Pride and Prejudice 1995.
Saw the beginning and put it off, but I think it gets nicer later
7. Zootopia.
8. Prequel Downton Abbey.
9. Belle(2013).
Based on a true story

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movies(and series). Are there any movies you would like?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Robin Hood BBC Tag

I decided to make a Robin Hood BBC Tag, because I'm a huge fan of Robin Hood BBC. There are, like mostly when I make a tag,a few rules. None or one.

Paste the button.
Link back to the site.


1. Who is your favourite character?
2. Who did you dislike the most?
3. Which couple did you like the most?
4. Who would you rather have as a couple together with Kate?
5. Which death was the saddest?
6. Who deserved more than he/she had in the series?
7. Which of the characters who you didn't see much in the series(only three or less episodes) would you want to see more?
8. What do you think of Allan's betrayal and Robin's reaction on it?
9. Who do you think is funniest?
10. Which character bored you most?
11. Who changed to someone less nice in season three, do you think?

This time there are not so much questions, but more space to put pictures in it, right? :)

My answers to the questions:

1. Who is your favourite character?
Lady Marian of Knightley, of course.

2. Who did you dislike the most?
Isabella. I didn't like her at ALL! She was mean, terrible...I cannot understand that Robin liked her. Kate is also very annoying.

3. Which couple did you like the most?
Robin and Marian. However, I didn't like Robin at some parts. But Marian was always good, and sensible.

4. Who would you rather have as a couple together with Kate?
Allan A Dale. Of course Kate annoyed me terribly. But Allan seemed to like her very much, so...And he was the only one who made her laugh. I can't remember if Robin made her laugh. I don't think so.

5. Which death was the saddest?
Marian's. Definitely Marian's death.

6. Who deserved more than he/she had in the series?
Allan of course. 'He was always in the shade and Robin in the sun.' And they didn't believe him. I still blame the gang for that.

7. Which of the characters who you didn't see much in the three series(only three or less episodes) would you want to see more?

8. What do you think of Allan's betrayal and Robin's reaction on it?
I think Allan should have said, but I understand his fear for Robin's anger. Robin shouldn't have treated him like that. He was to angry, he should have thought first. I really think Robin was unsensible and mean.

9. Who do you think is funniest?
Although it was really hard to choose between Sherrif Vaisey and Allan, I chose Sherrif Vaisey.

10. Which character bored you most?
Little John.

11. Who changed to someone less nice in season three?
Robin himself. Sure I understand, because Marian died. But he still became less nice in season three.

That were all my rules, questions, and answers. And I tag:

Everyone who likes (or is a fan, that's actually the same, but not the same, because a fan likes it more than someone who likes it...right? O, shut up, you're talking too much) of Robin Hood BBC :)

Downton Abbey is not over yet!

It's not over! Not yet! Let me explain.

Yesterday I was searching on Pinterest for a few more pins of the Downton Abbey series, when I bumped into something awkward. I saw a pin of Cora and Robert and underneath was this line.
                                                         Prequel Downton Abbey.

I was curious and excited to find out if it was true, so I searched on internet. And what did I see there? Julian Fellowes had, for a long time already, thought about a prequel for Downton Abbey, the succesful Period Drama serie he made. I'll tell in his own words what he said about the prequel, its characters, ideas, and the story itself.

''I do actually have an idea of doing a prequel of the courtship of Robert and Cora when all those American heiresses were arriving in London. They had a slightly troubled courtship, because she was in love with him, and he  married her entirely for her money. I sort of feel there's something quite nice in there because he's a decent cove, and so he feels rather guilty about this which has affected their marriage beyond that.''

And it will be in America, like Julian Fellowes said himself.
''I do feel very strongly that America rescued me. All the stuff in England, the stuff we have about each other, they don't care about all that. They care about whether your last picture did anything or what you're doing next.''
And now how about the cast?

Who can tip Dame Maggie Smith in the role as Lady Violet Crawley, Robert's sarcastic and hilarious mother? There is no cast picked yet as the roles of Robert, Cora, Lady Violet, or anyone who plays in it. We don't even now for sure if Lady Violet will appear in this prequel. Because Julian Fellowes said he didn't now yet whether he will let Lady Violet interfere with the story or not. I hope she will and that they will find good cast for the roles.

 And the actress who will play young Cora must be American, because Cora is born as an American.
And there is also no actor for young Robert. And maybe he already has Isis in the prequel.

I'm really curious about what the story will be and who will play in it. Of course we all here in Holland must wait so long 'till it finally reaches our land. But still, I was very excited to find out and I'm still excited!
The only thing I know, is that Cora loved Robert before their marriage, but Robert loved her only after year or less.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Pinterest

                                          Hannah Gordan


It is not my real name: Hannah Gordan. But I always have a shelter name on the internet. Blogger is also a sort of internet, but I seem to care less about shelter names and that sort of things on Blogger. I don't know why. But well, were was I. Oh, yes, my Pinterest. I have 26 boards, a lot of pins, only a few likes, 134 followers, and I follow 21.My Pinterest link is here, if you want to look around someday... But beware, I've had this picture for a long time. Maybe I'll change it someday. But it will still be Marian, because she's my favourite character of the whole movie world. That was all. I just wanted to say: ''Here's my Pinterest.'' :)
I've had my Pinterest since I was 10, but actually since I was 12, because I wasn't really grown-up when I was 10. Well, on the age of 12 is not grown-up either, but my boards became more sensible. I have some secret boards, which are just ideas for stories and Character Inspiration. What can I say more? I have boards about Downton Abbey, Robin Hood(of course the BBC, there is no better one), Gilmore Girls, Jane Austen, nature, the seasons, lovely things, books, movies, clothes, quotes, drawings and paintings, jummy things, behind the scenes, birds and animals(sea and ordinary), horses, dreamworks and disney stuff, funny things, some boards I share, secret boards...and more. I'm making a board with all kinds of movies, at least not the ones where I already have a board for, and I made a When Calls the Heart which is still on the bottom of my Pinterest...I talk to much, don't I? I should stop now, and I will.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I've been away from Blogger for a while...

Beautiful picture, isn't it?
I know I haven't been here for a while. I apologize for that. If I will say that I was busy, then it is true. I was busy. My older sister is going to study somewhere else, and one of us joins her to keep her company. I did the tea, the coffee, chores, the bread and cupcakes. But I enjoyed doing it. All of it. Really. Because I love cooking and baking and all things that involve that. And we went to my grandparents for the weekend. And tomorrow I have to do the newspaper job I have without my brother(who accompanies my sister right now). But my parents are gonna help. So it's not so hard. It isn't hard anyway. And fall is approaching. The leaves here are already turning into brown and yellow, orange and red. Some stay green, the whole year. Not the trees out here. It is cold and windy, and the days become shorter. Talking about fall, I made a new header
 What do you think? I made it a fall header, with still some Downton Abbey.
Say what you want(even if you think it is ugly, or not my best, you can say all you want).
I'm working on a new post idea.
See you next time!

Amy~A review~

It's really a good movie to watch. When Amy's husband Elliot Medford objects to a wife with career, Amy leaves him and goes to teach hearing-impaired children how to speak. That's a little bit of the plot.

Amy Medford.
I was really surprised to discover that Jenny Agutter from Call the Midwife played in it as Amy Medford. When we first saw her I was thinking and thinking and then shouted out: 'The mother from the Railway Children!' and like two seconds after my older sister said: 'The nun from Call the midwife!'. Well, she was both. She played both characters, I mean. We were both right about her. Jenny played a kind, brave and sweet Amy. She was so brave to stand up against her husband(who is really terrible for my opinion). I really like Amy. She is so...great. She keeps believing that deaf can talk. And they can.

Ben Corcoran.
I didn't like him so much. I mean, he was kind, and understanded Amy's idea. And he didn't treat her the way her husband did(I'm glad about that). But to say he was my favourite, no, not exactly.

There are more persons, like Elliot Medford, Malvina, Helen Gibbs, Just George, Henry Watkins... but I couldn't find pictures of them. So I'll do them all together. Malvina is scared that Amy will take over her job, that's why she isn't that kind to Amy, but she tries to later, Helen is a dear friend, Elliot is not a nice man nor husband, Just George is so sweet and sad, and Henry is the first to speak in his class, he's also the best in the class. That were all. You should see the movie. It may be old, but it's nice and has a good story. Also it is based upon a true story.