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~More snippets: In which I show you more of my writings~

What kind of title is that? Yeah, I know, a miserable one. I don't know any good ways to name a post nor how to properly start a post :) Better than my other post about little snippets of mine. Anyhow, to the point.


I found her, sitting at the table, her head on her arms. A fan blew her hair up when he turned her side. Spread over the whole table were photos. Hundreds, thousands photos. The strangest was that they had entirely nothing to do with eachother. Hesitatingly, I considered waking her, when I noticed the pin board at the wall. More photos. And in the middle, circled with a red marker and pinned down with a big red pushpin, a photo of a man. He had a black beard, a forage cap, and a grey-green jacket. It looked like he was talking to a woman.
'Mike, what are you doing here?' I startled by Sara's voice and turned. She sat there, looking at me with those light blue eyes of her.
'Sorry,' I apologized. 'I was...uhm...busy with...' I vaguely swayed my arm to the photos. 'Just.'
'Just what?' She raised and hung a black curtain over the pin board. 'Did I tell you that you could browse around in my house?'
'Well, no, but...I thought that...'
'You thought I would allow it? Oh, Sara won't mind, I won't have to worry about that, right?'
'Sara, I didn't want to...break into your privacy.'
'You just did.' She started to put the photos on the table together on a pile.
'But I was worried about you.'
'I'll be fine.'


'I just realised something horrible.' The girl said. The boy pulled his eyebrows.
'Oh, yeah? What?'
'My dad is not my dad. I mean, he is my dad, but he isn't my dad.'
'So, you're saying your dad is not your dad, but he is your dad?'
'I don't get it.' The boy looked confused. I stopped. Something in their conversation intrigued me.
'You see, my dad isn't my real dad. But to me, he is my dad.'
'And how do you know this?'
'I just know.'
'So you think your dad is not your dad?'
'No,' The girl put down her coffee cup. 'I don't think he is not my dad. I know he is not my dad.'
'But you can't know for sure, Amber. Don't go accusing him of something, okay?'
'Listen, Jim. Even though dad is my dad in thoughts, I still want to find my real dad, to see if he wants to be my dad or not. If not, I'll be fine with that and go back to my old dad, who's not my real dad.'
'Okay, I'm hearing too much ''dad''s. You confuse me, Amber.'
'Hey!' A man pulled my arm. 'Can I get my hamburger or not?'


I ticked on my notebook with my pen and then threw it through the room. My paper was ripped out of my notebook, crumbled and added to the thousands of other crumbs in my room.
'You do know that's a waist of paper?' Matt said while he looked at me, sitting in the window.
'You do know you can fall?' I replied.
'True.' Matt raised from his seat and walked to my papercrumbs. He tried unfolding one, but I slapped it out of his hands.
'Don't read that! It's horrid.'
'What's so horrid about it?'
'Everything.' I put my head in my hands.
'You know, I'm your friend for what...eleven years?'
'Yes, eleven years.'
'I say you stop now.'
'Writers don't quit.' I frowned, and raised my head.
'Just go somewhere. Relax, eat something other than fries, pizza or tacos and then go write all of your fabulous ideas.' I looked at him.
'Maybe that's actually a good idea. The first good idea you've had in years.'
'Flatterer.' He pushed me to the shoulder.


They didn't know eachother. Neither had seen one another, not one time they noticed eachother. He was a fervent reader, and wrote something down himself once in a while. She was a reader too, though maybe a bit less than he. She didn't write. Though she did play piano. That time in the subway I had seen them, sitting far apart from eachother. That moment, I knew they had to meet. If they didn't do it themselves, fate had to do it. With a little help from me, of course. After all, I knew both of them.


'Christina Smith.' I pulled the brush over my red curls. 'Pleasure.' No, no, that didn't sound good. I rinsed my mouth and walked down the stairs, while with my one hand I ticked the photos on the wall one by one, a habit I had strangely enough, when I was nervous.
'My name is Christina. Christina Smith. How do you do?' I shook my head. Not good either. Quickly I walked into the living room, where Jen sat on the bench. 'What do you think?' I made a sort of weird dance in the opening.
'Perfect.' Jen raised a thumb and came out of her chair. I walked with her, out of the door of our appartment, down the stairs and outside.
'Are you going already?'
'Yes,' She sighed. 'I have to catch in on my work.' I pulled my nose. I loathed the thought of sitting in an office for hours like Jen did.
'Yo!' A voice said suddenly. A tall boy of about twenty walked to us. I looked at him. He was wearing a too small fake-leather jacket, shoulderlong blond hair, and baggy pants. His shirt almost reached his knees and he had a heavy golden necklace around his neck.
'Melvin!' Jen shouted. 'You're here!'
'O,' I couldn't help it, it sounded a bit disappointed. I recovered myself quickly. 'So you are Melvin? I am Christina, Jens friend.'
'Probably.' He raised one shoulder careless. 'Are we going in? I almost freeze out here.'
'O, sorry Melvin. I can't show you around.' Jen bit her lip. 'I have work to catch up with. Christy, would you give him a tour?'
'Of course.' I smiled. 'You go work.'
'Thanks!' She hugged me and ran away. I waved at her and then turned to Melvin.
'Shall we go then?' I asked friendly.
'Sure.' He sounded uninterested. With difficulty, I kept the smile on my face. I pointed at the house below our appartment.
'That's the Chinese. We often get out dinner there. He always fights with his suppliers. Then he stands there, yelling at the poor soul. Jen and I sometimes lay on the floor to catch the conversation.' I laughed. He didn't react, so I went on quickly. 'Left of us lives Herman Tfohler. He has a different girlfriend every day, never the same. To the right are mr and mrs Simpson. They always argue, and then I mean a big fight with stuff and shoes flying around. Across the street is the café. Mick, the owner, always breaks a rule and then police officer Nicholas comes by and they just stand there talking to eachother for hours. Anyhow...' I looked at him. 'Shall we go inside?' I held out the door for him and we walked to our appartment.
'So this is your place?' Melvin looked around.
'Yep, this is where we live.' I showed him the kitchen. 'Here is the kitchen. The kitchen sink, the stove, fridge and kitchen cupboards. Plus the oven, which I only use to dump junk in. Dave always gets angry about that. Here is the living room. Bench, TV, table, lamps, chairs, pillows. Upstairs are the bedrooms and the bathroom. Your room is here.' I walked to the door next to the kitchen and opened it. This was actually the room were we stuffed the things we didn't use, but for Melvins arrival we cleaned it up and now it was in the bathroom. 'You can put your stuff in the closet. Waar is your bag by the way?'
'I thought the taxi-driver would bring those up.' He said. I stared at him. Was he really that dumb or did he just play?
'Well. He won't. Shall we go get it then?'
'Do whatever you want.' He put his hands in his pockets. I stayed where I was, indecisive. Did he want me to carry the bags up alone?
'Then I'll go get the bags.' I expected a reaction like: ''Oh, no, I will get the bags'', but it stayed quiet.
'No need to.' The door opened and my second, now third actually, roomie Dave came inside. 'I got them. They were at the door, and I thought they were probably Melvins.'
'Yes, indeed. Would you like to put your things away or eat first?' I felt like talking to a child.
'Whatever.' Melvin raised his shoulders. I clenched my teeth and looked for Dave's eyes behind Melvins back.
'Help.' I said without noise. 'I can't hold on anymore.'
'Hey, Melvin. I'll make some food for you, come on. What do you like?' Dave pushed Melvin to the kitchen.
'Anything.' Melvin said.
'Thanks.' I formed with my mouth. He winked and disappeared in the kitchen together with Melvin. We were stuck with Melvin now. His slow voice irritated me immensely. I let out a sort of yell of frustration.
'Everything okay, Chris?' I heard Dave ask.
'Yes, everything is okay.' I shouted to him, to mumble after: 'Nothing is good anymore.'
Sorry, bit long. :)


I sat in the bus, lonely and alone. Well, alone. Three persons. Except for the chauffeur and me, there were three more persons in the bus. First it was only the man. He just put a bottle of cold beer to his lips. A outstanding scar ran across his dark arm. Long and thin. His hair was frizzy, and he missed one eyebrow. His nose was a bit crooked, and he had a golden ring in his ear. His sneakers were white, but had blue lights when he walked. I saw that when he came in. The second was a boy. He wore a blue cap, where his ravenblack hair peeped out. He whiped his hair out of his face all the time, because the peaks were in front of his eyes. He wore a white shirt, which was wet from sweating. He ran to the bus, and just made it. Out of his gray backpack stuck all sorts of papers and he had a skateboard under his arm. Every five minutes he moved on his place and looked out of the window as if he was expecting someone. He had dimples in his cheeks, which not only appeared when he laughed but also when he just moved his mouth, and a dimple in his cheek. Also he had a scar, but less outstanding than the dark man. It was by his eyebrow, which made it seem as if he had a stripe through his eyebrow. The most remarkable thing still were his eyes. One was dark brown, the other lighter and seemed to glow when the sun was shining in it. As last there was the woman. She was sitting on the bench waiting, her head bent and her bag in her hand, until she stepped in the bus. Her long black hair curled and fell to her waist. She had a pony and her big lightblue, the most light ones I had ever seen, constantly darted back and forth. She wore a bright green shirt, jeans, and high heels where the heel was extra thick. Her nose was small and she had a small mouth, which she constantly moistened with her tongue.
I saw a pin on Pinterest which said, describe a man, a woman and a boy who are in the bus, and make them be so recognizable that when you see them they could not be anyone else. I did my best ;)


He sat there, his hands in his head. I resolutely stepped toward him and pushed a chair by his table. He looked up and I saw the surprise in his eyes. 
'Let's start over again.' I held out my hand. 'I am Lauren Michel, and you are?' A few seconds he let me sit there, with reached out hand. 
'Drake Wyatt.' He shook my hand. I smiled.
'Nice meeting you, Drake Wyatt.'
'The same.' He pushed the plate of fries toward me. 'Want some?'
'I wouldn't want anything else.' With still the same happy smile on my face, I dipped the fries in the mayo. That evening we sat there three hours. Talking, laughing, and stuffing ourselves with all kinds of junk. Only half past nine, the owner came walking to us. 
'Time to go.' He said. I raised and walked out of the café, followed by Drake. Outside we cheered with our half empty cups of cola. 
'To a new future.' Drake said.
'We'll do it right this time.' I completed, smiling.


The wind and the trees seemed to work together and talk to me, telling me to go back. ''Don't go further'', they whispered. But nonetheless I went on. My feet seemed to walk through mechanically. Stepping over stones, avoiding holes and burrows. Occasionely a rotten branch collapsed and fell down cracking, where he came down with a dull thud. Apart from that, there was no sound except for my own breathing and the pounding of my heart, even though I didn't run. I felt something. The feeling you get when you're not alone. The feeling you get when someone is looking at you. Quickly, I turned around, but there was nothing to see. Yet I did not feel that I was wrong. I was rarely mistaken. A rave flew up. The worst feeling in the world, except for the feeling that you can't do anything, is when you know you are being followed but there is no one to see. That is frightening. Probably that was the reason why my heart pounded like crazy.


'Hey, boys, what are you doing here?'  A small man with gray...well, gray...more salt-and-pepper hair, walked to us. 'You were going to catch tonight's dinner, right?'
'Yes, yes, we would, yes,' Frank nervously cleared his throat. 'But Jack ran into someone and called us.'
'I can see.' The man looked at me and then at Jack. 'Couldn't you handle it yourself?'
'I didn't know what to do, right? I mean, what could I do? I was here, she was here, and the others were...' Jack pointed somewhere behind him with his thumb. '...somewhere there.'
'Aha.' The man looked at him without expression. 'So you called the others away from their hunt to go think together what you should do?'
'Uh, yeah. Yes, it comes down to that, yes.' Jack nodded frantically, to reinforce his words. It was clear that he had no idea what the man would do. I myself couldn't figure him out. 
'That's very smart of you, Jack.' The man looked at me again, his eyebrows frowned. 'You couldn't make it on your own, so you called the others? And why? To chat for a while whether she is a lady or not.'
'That was Ace. I didn't do anything. I said it was a lady. I mean, she. That she was a lady...is a lady.'
'Ace is right. How innocent somebody may seem, you should always be on your guard, understood?'
'Yes, Ivan.' Jack bowed his head. So that was his name. Ivan. The name fitted him. 
'I'm only saying so you won't get in trouble, Jack. For your own safety, you shouldn't immediately trust someone on their word.'
'I get it.' Jack squeezed his lips together.
'Hey, Ivan?' Ed raised his hand. Ivan, who walked further, turned to him.
'If you want to talk to me, you don't call me by just: ''Hey''. Than you do it somewhat polighter.'
'Ivan is a whole lot older than you, after all, Ed.' Jack said laughing. Ivan looked at him with narrowed eyes.
'I am not that old,' He tapped the stick against his leg. 'By the way, we don't raise our hands like we are small kids in school.'
'Sorry,' Ed dropped his hand. 'But can I ask something?'


'Call Phillis in.' Dickens walked out the door, and was replaced by a young man. He wore a sort of soldier uniform.
'There we finally have mister soldier.' I raised from my chair and saluted. 'Good evening.'
'Sit down.' He pointed at my chair and sat down himself. I did what he said and layed my arms over eachother on the table. 
'How are you doing?' I was slowly getting tired of answering the same answers every time.
'Fine. Now can we get to the questions?'
'You're already doing that.' I smiled at him, but it was not a friendly one. 
'Ah, yes of course. My apologies.' He gave me the same smile. 'Where were you Tuesday, nine o'clock?'
'According to you I was at the bank, so saying something else won't really help.' I raised my shoulders. 'So I was just at the bank then.'
'And what were you doing there?'
'Yeah, stealing I think. That's what the four officers before you said, so yeah...stealing.'
'And with who were you there?'
'As I recall, it were three colleagues, right?' I looked upwards, with a innocent face, as if I had to remember. 'Yep, three colleagues.'
'Who were they?' He didn't write down anything, just ticked on the book in front of him with his pen, with an irritating regularity. 
'Ah, I really have no idea, captain. Maybe you should look it up in that book of yours.'
'Who were your colleagues?' He repeated. 
'Well, as I said, I have no idea. Say captain, can you really read if I lie or not with that thing there?' I pointed at the lie detector.
'So am I lying or not?' I looked at him defiantly. He looked straight back with no fear, what surprised me. The others before him all looked away. Nevertheless, I didn't show anything. 
'Well then?' I threw my hands in the air, as if it was so obvious all this time. 'What am I still doing here then?'
'You're being questioned.'
'But the lie detector said I am innocent. Or do lie detectors lie these days?'  I tapped my chin with my finger, as if lost in thoughts, and then looked up with a cleared face. 'No, I don't think they do.'
'Miss Ocean, you are-'
'Tut tut tut.' I swung my finger in front of his face. 'No formalities please. I am just Pacific, and you?'
'Eugene.' He answered.
'What?' I laughed. 'What kind of name is Eugene? Are you a duke or something like that?'
'Maybe I should better ask what kind of name Pacific is.' He looked at me diagonally, with a small smile. I frowned.
'Pacific is a common name. Eugene though is a name for silly spoiled rich kids. Say, officer Eugene Phillis, are you a rich kid?'
'I was rich.' He answered, emphasizing ''was''. 
'What happened? Did your father disinherite you when he heard you wanted to play soldier?' I put on a compassionate face. 'How sad for our little officer.' I tapped his arm with my hand comforting. 
'I myself left my parental house.'
'Oh, how brave! Risking your fathers anger and leaving your mother in tears.'
'They both died.' I blinked. I didn't expect that. 'Where were you nine o'clock, fifteen september?'

There.  I'll float away like the lantern in Tangled.

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~When Calls the Heart review update~

Season 4 is on Netflix! We are already finished with it now(so soon). So, now that season 4 is finished, it's time for an update, don't you think? Here we go then.

Elizabeth Thatcher.

Elizabeth has grown a lot. If you look at season 1, where she's still a bit...well, scared, so to say. Not used to the life in Hope Valley(it was Coal Valley back then). She can't ride a horse, she can't cook or bake anything, and she hardly has any friends. Now she isn't afraid to stand up for herself, has her own(very strong)will, has a lot of friends, can ride horse and can cook, and fits in Hope Valley perfectly right now. She doesn't want to live anywhere else. She is still a meddler, now even more than first, but that is mainly just for the sake of her students and Hope Valley.

Jack Thornton.

Jack is mainly still the same. He is loyal to his job as Mountie, and therefore goes away. He still cares a lot about Hope Valley, maybe even more now. He grew more attached to Hope Valley and doesn't want to leave either. But, duty calls! (That, you will understand if you have watched season 4) He brings his relationship with Elizabeth to a higher level and loves her even more.

Frank Hogan and Abigail Stanton.

I put them together, because there were not much nice pictures where Frank is on alone. Abigail is still protective, very caring, and trusts people very soon. Some think she trusts people too soon. She becomes mayor of Hope Valley, and forfills that duty very well. As for Frank, I like him a bit more now. He is determined, and tries to take care of and help everyone. Let us just say, he is okay now. Not my favourite, but okay. :)

Rosemary Coulter.

Rosemary is still the same good-meant meddling, stubborn, enthusiastic about everything, funny Rosemary. She still loves to help and solve problems. And she has a will of her own, and believes all of her ideas will work, she never gives up. When things turn out bad, when something fails, she will try something else until it works out. She is my favourite character in the whole series.

Lee Coulter.
Lee is also still the same. Both he and Rosemary haven't changed a bit. And I'm glad for that! He is a good friend, puts up with Rosemary's complaints and even her well-meant talking-instead-of-him. You know, when he lost his voice and she did all the talking for him, ordering dozens of pies, scones, cupcakes and giving Jesse a higher position, and handling hard with the railway people(with that, I mean she demanded more money). He has his break-down moments from time to time, and then Rosemary on her turn puts up with him. When he was sad because Cody being sick reminded him of his brother Patrick, and when he had a deadline or else the railway wouldn't get the wood from him but from another saw mill company. He and Rosemary really fit.

Bill Avery.

Remember when I said in my previous review of When Calls the Heart that I didn't like him that much? Well, that changed. I like him now. He is protective, a good friend, and knows how people feel, he knows when something is wrong. He also never gives up. A.J. Foster was a woman who wanted to testify against Henry Gowen, but she pulled back on the last moment. He searched for her, and eventually caught her. Even though she escaped.

Jesse Flynn and Clara Stanton.

I like these two a lot. It is a bit disappointing that they are not in the show more often. I would like to see more of them in season 5, because they are both favourites of mine. Clara is really nice, and Jesse too. So yeah, I wish they were more seen in season 4.

Henry Gowen.

He is okay now. First he was grumpy and didn't want to accept help from anyone, then he did. But then he did business with the railway again and helped put Elizabeth off her position. Then he felt guilty, when a man who was hired by Ray Wyatt was sent to kill Bill and A.J. Foster. He didn't want them to die. And when Ray Wyatt pointed his gun at Bill and wanted to shoot him, Henry stopped him. To me, he's still on the good side, even when he did some bad things. He wanted to stay too, when Cody was sick. To see how it ended, before he would leave.

Faith Carter.

Faith is nice. She is a kind woman, and a good nurse. Sorry, I really don't have a lot to say about her.

Ray Wyatt.

I do not like Ray Wyatt. Of course, he is the bad guy. In my head, I scream: no! whenever he comes on screen. :|

People who came to Hope Valley during the 4th season(and some in season 3):

Shane and Philip
Cyrus and his dad
Ray Wyatt of course
Chad and Earl Wyatt and their dad
Mr Stoneman
Doug and his mother
Carson Shepherd and his sister-in-law
Harper and his mom
A.J. Foster
And Becky appeared again.

That was all! My review update is finished!

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~The Book Lover's Tag~

I have been tagged with The Book Lover's Tag by Hannah from Books, Cameras, and Succulents! Yes, yes, yes!! Thank you Hannah, for tagging me!


Answer the questions
Have fun! (I sure will!)
Tag some book loving bloggers

1. If you could rewrite the end of a book, which one would it be?

O....kay. I'll try to think of one. Maybe Fire by Night by Lynn Austin. Because Ted dying was the saddest thing. But no, no. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The end was so so sad. Rudy, Hans and Rosa Hubermann...It was so sad. I would have loved if they hadn't died. So, maybe that end.

2. Which fictional character are you most like?

Oh, let me see. No one? I can't think of anyone. Well okay, maybe Jane or Rosalind from The Penderwicks.

3. Do you have any signed books?

Nope. Not any.

4. What's the best book you've read so far this year?

This year?
The Book Thief. Honestly, I haven't really read any new books, except for this one and Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. Even though this had a lot of swearing in it (I just didn't read that, I read through those things), it was a great book!

5. Do you have any bookish pet peeves?

Yep. Donkey ears, loose pages, torn pages. Those.

6. Out of the books you have read this year, what has had your favourite cover?

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham.

7. Is there a book that releases this year that you cannot wait to read?

Brotherband book 7 and a short book of Ranger's Apprentice. There aren't any more books that I really want to read. I can't think of any except for these two.

8. What is your favourite non-fiction book?

So, based on a true story, right? Or on true events? I haven't read many of those, except for the story of Anne Frank and oh yes...Little House on the Prairie of course!

9. Do you have any favourite location and/or time period to have a book set in?

Well, I love fictional countries. They are always so magical and different than the real thing. Like houses inside of trees or a big village in the trees. On underground. Anything like that. Time period: Not specificly a favourite. I love any time period, except for futuristic.

10. Is there a book that reminds you of something else?

Well actually there is. It's a Dutch book I read when I was like eight or nine. Can't remember the title nor the author, but I read it when we were on vacation to Belgium, so it reminds me of our vacation there.

I tag:


Just to make it easier, and not name everyone and everybody, I tag you who reads this.
And then I mean all of you!

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~Be yourself~

This has nothing to do with the post, again.

My youngest siblings keep repeating this. It is the funniest part according to them.
So was this :) Anyhow, lets get down to business. *in mind adding: to defeat the Huns!*

Be you. Always stay yourself, no matter what they say.

If they criticize your opinions

Stay yourself.

If they criticize you

Stay yourself.

If they say you can't do this, because you're not the right person for this

Stay yourself.

If they say you will fail, because you're not smart enough

Stay yourself.

If they say mean things about you or your family

Stay yourself.

If they mock your dressing style or anything about you

Stay yourself.

If they try to change you

Stay yourself. 

Always, always, stay yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't fit in, because if you should be or dress otherwise just to be in their group, they're probably not worth your companionship.You are what you are because of everyone around you. Because of your family, God, your friends. And because of yourself.

''They say: ''It is better to give than to receive'', right? Well, I say: ''It is better to forgive than to have grudge''. Because having grudge is not good. It eats you. It takes away all your time and lets you forget what's really important. The things that are really important, are family and friends. And forgiveness. Forgiveness is a good thing. It's a gift. Just like love, and honesty, and kindness. I am who I am because of them. Because of all of them. Because of my family, because of my friends and because of myself. And for that I thank them ,with all of my heart. It doesn't matter how many times they have said to you that you're not good, that you don't belong with them, that you should be different. Don't pay attention to that. Stay yourself, no matter what happens.''

Who can guess where that's from? ;) No, just joking. I think I made my point. No matter what happens and what they say, you should be yourself, always. This was kind of a short post, just like the one about dreams,remember? But I wanted to write this down. I just did. Even though it may be a bit confusing, or short.

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~Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken: A Review~

Told you I would make a review. This is such a good movie. The story is about Sonora Webster(it is based on a true story), a young girl who dreams to dive with horses. When she gets kicked out of the house by her aunt, she leaves to find Mr Carver, who owns a show with diving horses. She, after a few difficulties, gets a job as stableboy(well, girl, actually). A new horse arrives, who she calls Lightning(after a big horse she had at her aunts house), and she(together with Al) tames the horse. Mr Carver says to her she has a chance if she learns how to drive the horse. So she does, even though she fails a lot.But eventually she dives with horses instead of Marie(I thought her name was Marie, maybe I'm wrong, I couldn't find a picture of her, but she's the girl in the third picture from the right row). Al leaves, but writes Sonora every day(she didn't receive them, Mr Carver held them from her). One day, Lightning is sick and she doesn't know what to do. Al returns and they save Lightning, but he cannot dive for a while. Al arranged a job in Atlantic City, but on the road to it, Mr Carver dies. Sonora has to dive with the other horse, but it is scared for the loud music. Before Sonora rides, Al asks her to marry him and she says yes, with the whole public listening(such a sweet scene). Then she jumps with the horse, but it gets scared and they land wrong. The horse is not harmed, but Sonora came in the water with eyes opened. She says it is nothing, but when her sight goes away one day, she is examined by the doctor. She will be blind forever. So diving is not possible anymore. Sonora doesn't want to give up, and tries to ride Lightning, even when she is blind, but it doesn't work. But then she, together with Clifford, locks Marie and dives with the horse herself, even when she is blind. Al and Sonora get married(not shown in the movie), and Sonora dives for 11 years blind, without the public knowing. It is a great movie, and you should really see it!

Sonora Webster.

Gabrielle Anwar plays Sonora, which she does very well. Sonora is a stubborn, rather wild, girl. I really like her. She is so brave and I felt so sad when she got blind and couldn't perform the diving anymore, her dream.

Al Carver.

Al is also very stubborn, and his father too, by the way. He doesn't have a very good relationship with his father, they always argue. He falls in love with Sonora, but after another fight with his father, he leaves. But loyally writes, even though she doesn't write back(she couldn't, but he didn't know that). He cares a lot about Sonora, but also about his dad, even when he doesn't show and they argue a lot. I like him.

Doc Carver.

I didn't really like him first. He was always fighting with his son, Al never did anything right in his eyes. He cares for his show, and doesn't want to give it up. He hides Al's letters from Sonora, which I thought was very mean of him. I mean, let her read them. They're hers! He didn't have the right to hold the letters back. But anyway, he is sorry later and tries to apologize to her, but he dies without telling her(she later finds one of Al's last letters, where he writes he loves her). I liked him in the end.


I couldn't find a picture of him, sorry. They are hard to find, the pictures. But anyway, I really liked Clifford. He was so funny, and sweet, and such a good friend. When Al was practicing: ''Ladies and gentlemen, Sonora and Lightning!'', you know, he and Sonora overheard it and laughed so hard about it. He walked away, still shouting: ''Ladies and gentlemen!'' and laughing. I think he was my favourite character.


As I said before, no picture of her also. I didn't like Marie, so spoiled and ''Sonora is too poor and not good enough for me and my show''. And then telling Sonora she wasn't pretty, ugh.

For the rest, there was no other major character. This was really a good movie, even though I couldn't really make a proper deserved review about it. Really good!

Friday, October 27, 2017


''It's a funny, desperate cry for coffee,''

No, the title has nothing to do with the post. I just thought, it's autumn and autumn asks for pictures (Sure, why not) Okay, let's do this. (Don't make it boring) No, I won't...I hope...Well, any- (Promise) Promise what? (Not to make it boring) I promise. So, I was start- (Don't start with ''so'', you always do that) I do not...I do...I won't now...Shall we begin? (Begin properly) Stop saying that, I begin like I like to begin. Why do I even talk to you, you're just a voice in my head. (Because you're crazy) Wow, thanks. (My pleasure) Quit the sarcasm. (I will if you will) Stop interrupting me, okay? (Sorry) Thanks. This day is already...the 27th of october, actually I'm really late with it. Okay, I don't do picture posts a lot, so excuse me for my unknowledgement. (Why would they do that?) I thought I told you to stop? (Oh, yeah, you did. Excuse me) Fine, I'll start now. (Finally...)

The pictures aren't my own credit (Of course not, you don't even know how to make such lovely photo's) That's right. I can take photos, but never such pretty ones. I put this picture in because it reminds me of the house at my grandparents. (But then without the river) Yeah, without the river. The birds should be pigeons then, because the neighbours have pigeons, and the house should actually be visible on the left and the garden on the right. (You're talking nonsense now) Sorry, I'll go on.

By the way, we watched Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, 1990. (Which is based on a true story) I was going to say that. So, it's based on a true story and it was really good. (Review about to follow) Exactly, review about to follow. We also watched Marmaduke, which was good for a movie about dogs talking with eachother (They don't need to hear that) You're probably right, sorry. (You should stop talking when you post a picture) Sorry again.

A thing I like about cold weather is wearing warm socks (You're doing it again) I can talk when I post pictures, because I am doing the post, not you. (It's write. You are writing when you put a picture in it) Just stay quiet, will you?

This reminds me of The Railway Children.

Oh, hey, October! It's october right now. (They know that already) What did I tell you?

Riding in the car, seeing the raindrops slide down the windows (Only if you're not the one riding) I suppose it doesn't help telling you to shut up? (Nope) *sigh* Well, never mind then.

Fire. Is so compelling. You can't help but stare at it all the time. Where did I hear that before? (I don't remember. In your head, maybe?) Don't be silly. No, it was a movie...Never mind.

I did that too. Throwing leafs into the air. When we were at our grandparents (*contemptuous snort* That's boring. Moving on.)

I leant this from the library the day before yesterday. I saw it, and thought: ''What is this about?''. I read the back and then looked at the front. (You judge books by the front?) I do, yes. If the front is a mess, I don't take it home. (How prejudiced) Anyway, then I saw that it was written by Lauren Graham, the actress who plays Lorelai in Gilmore Girls. And it sounded interesting, had a good front picture and the author was known. So I leant it, together with some other book by Victoria Hislop, or something like that. Didn't start that one yet, first started Someday, Someday, Maybe. And I like it. Franny reminds me of Lorelai Gilmore (Franny is the main person in the story, don't forget to mention that) Yes, she is the main person. I wonder if Lauren Graham is in fact alike Lorelai and Franny. It would be funny if she was. Mostly, stories have winks of the authors personality in it. I'm not done yet(With the book) With the book, I'm not done with the book yet, but I have read it for a quarter(Do you even say that like that?) Probably not, but I'm not in the mood to look it up at Google Translate (You hate that, don't you?) Yeah, I do. It makes me feel dumb and unknowing. Except for when I'm learning a language. My oldest sister has started reading it too, so we have turns :) (You don't mind) No, I don't mind. I don't always read, the entire day.

Watching Mulan the day before yesterday made me remind how much I love this movie. Mulan and her relationship with her family, Mulan and Shang, Mushu, Cricky, Ling, Yao and Chien-Po. Mulan is really smart and brave, she protects her family and goes off to war to save her father's life. He would have died for sure if he went to war, she could die also, but she cared less about that than her father's life. I love this movie so much, the whole family loves it. It's basically one of the few the whole family love. It's always arguements about which movie we are gonna watch. My two younger brothers like animation only (Road To Avonlea is an exception)That's true. Except for the youngest, but he is too young to understand, probably. My younger sister likes aimation and a bit of real-life movies. My older brother and me like animation and real-life movies(Which is very handy) Yes, it is. Although my older brother doesn't really like romantic movies. My two older sisters like real-life movies, with a few animated ones as an exception (Like Mulan) Like Mulan, yes. I'm the one who's talking here, remember? Sorry, writing here. (Excuse me) My parents are the same as my two older sisters, only then they like even less animated movies. So, every time we try to watch something, it leads to arguement. Once, we only chose after almost an hour. Crazy, isn't it? We have put in a schedule, actually. Friday is for the three smallest to choose, Saturday for the three older girls, and Sunday for the parents. My older brother mostly chooses with the three smallest. Then it's still sometimes a bit arguement, but that's fine.

Just thinking about Robin Hood BBC makes me want to watch it all over again. Even though it makes me cry sometimes. (Yeah...)

This looks almost to good to eat! (If you had it here, you would eat it, don't forget that) Yes, I would eat it. I said: almost. Almost to good to eat. It looks so delicious though! It's making me hungry.

I should stop the food pictures. (Absolutely) Okay, the food-pictures will stop now. Right now.

Tadaa! Told you the food pictures would stop. (Letters to Juliet? Seriously?) Yes, seriously. Anyhow, this isn't really an autumn pictures post, is it? (Not at all) That's not true, I did have some pictures of autumn in it. And, by the way, I already did a picture post. Two posts away. I probably should stop now, before I embarass myself even more ;) (Wise decision)

Bye! (For now) It's just a bye. Not any additions. (Why not? Just a ''bye'' is so boring) It is not! (It is) It is not. (It is) I'm not going to argue with you, you're just thoughts flying out of my head. (Whatevery you want).

Bye now!