Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mr Selfridge~A review~

Because I like them so much.
Mr Selfridge started as a bit dull serie, but it had it interesting sides. I did want to watch it further, to see what happened. Well, the first...four episodes were not so fun, but later on it gets better. Of course, there are some ''close your eyes'' parts, which are not very suitable. But I like the serie. However, season 4 got less good(we haven't finished it yet, but that's my opinion) Now, the characters.

Agnes LeClair (Towler).
She's my favourite female character. She is kind, and caring, and never does anything wrong. She has a father(who is terrible, and disappears later, gladly) and a brother. Both Victor en Henri like her, and eventually both love her. She chose Henri(I was so glad, didn't like Victor). She's really a good character.

George Towler.
George is a good character too. He loves his sister, and was very shy first. Now, he is more open and speaks up. He is kind, loyal, hardworking, and has a heart of gold. I really like his character.

Henri LeClair.
Well, there we have him. He is French(remember that when you speak his name, not Henry, but Henri :)) and kind, but sometimes he can be a bit harsh. He goes to war and comes back traumatised, but still marries Agnes. He and Agnes have trouble in their marriage, because he doesn't want to talk about the war. But Agnes loves him and wants to help him, even gives up her job at Selfridge's for him. They go to the country and, sadly, never come back anymore. I did like him, my older sister did not, but I did. And so did my oldest sister. We have different opinions :) He is also Harry's best friend.

Harry Selfridge.

I don't like him that much. Didn't like him in season 1, liked him in season 2, in season 3, but in season 4, he goes down again, to where he was in season 1. He cares for his staff and family(but in season 4, you can doubt that a lot of times). He was...okay, I guess. He likes winning.

Rose Selfridge.

She is Harry's wife. I did like her, although there were some points at which I did not like her. She loves her family, is kind and does a lot of charity events. And she is American, like the (almost) whole Selfridge family is.

Rosalie DeBolotoff (Selfridge).

Rosalie is the oldest daughter of Harry and Rose. She is a bit a mothery type, and very kind. She loves Serge, but he is a bit...mean to her sometimes(that changes later). She cares a lot about her family.

Gordon Selfridge.

 Gordon was quite a nice character too. He didn't mind giving up his job as assistent-director at Selfridge's for the woman he loved and wanted to marry. He is very caring for his family and quite chivalry. I like him.

Grace Selfridge (Calthorpe).

Yes, this is the shopgirl Gordon falls in love with. She is very nice, and loves Gordon. She stands up for him when his father says mean things about him.

Violette Selfridge.

I don't like her. She married someone called Jacques, can't remember his last name so just typed Selfridge up there. She was in love with Victor, but he refused her, because his opinion was that she wouldn't fit in his world(he owns a club, Colleano's). She's very stubborn and outspoken.

Victor Colleano.

I do not like him. Never did, never will. I only liked him when he said to Agnes that he could not marry her and she had to go to Henri, because Henri loved her and she loved him. I'm glad he did that, but I still don't like him.

Mae Rennard (Loxley).

I like her. First, I didn't, but then later I did. She has a mind of her own and has an awful awful husband. She does care about money, but not anymore later on. She divorces Loxley and marries someone else, called Rennard. But she divorces him too. She was a friend of Rose(yes, I speak in the past tense for a certain reason), and is a friend of Harry and the whole Selfridge family.

Lois Selfridge.

Lois is a very kind mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She loves her son very much and tries to protect him from going the wrong way. I really liked her.

Lord Loxley.

Ugh, this man. He is the George Warleggan of Mr Selfridge. He is really awful, a villain, and all he wants is revenge for Mae(his wife) taken away from him. He says Harry took Mae away from him(which, of course, isn't the case), but she left herself(understandable).

Kitty Edwards (Hawkins).

She is a bit haughtily and thinks very highly of herself. She wants to be the best in everything and has such a...twittering voice. She became nicer later on, when she realised friends were more important than being the best in everything.

Frank Edwards.

Frank is a journalist(as you can see), and a friend of the Selfridge family. He made a play to revenge Harry for not giving him a job, about Harry and his family and friends, but came to regret that later. I don't like him very much.

Arthur Crabb.

Now, Mr Crabb is one of the kindest persons in Mr Selfridge. He is a friend of...well, everyone actually. I like him a lot. He is a bit against modern things.

Connie Towler (Hawkins).

She is Kitty's sister and George's wife. She is kind, but outspoken and can be annoying sometimes. Still she is a true and caring sister(and wife, of course). She and George expect a baby.  I like her.

Emily Paynton (her fake name is Nancy Webb).

I didn't like her first, but later on I began to like her and feel a bit sorry for her. Harry fell in love with her when she tried to steal his money(secretly), and she later fell in love too and they were even engaged. Then Nancy got frightened because her brother was arrested for fraude, and she took Harry's money and wanted to elope. But she gave the money back and left(because Harry told her too leave immediately). When we first met her in the series, I thought I recognized her from somewhere, but couldn't remember where from. I happened to scroll down my Robin Hood BBC bord(which I do sometimes, just for fun), and saw a picture of Much and Eve. And who did I see in Eve? Nancy Webb! Nancy Webb was Eve. That was where I recognized her from. Really strange, it's a bit the same role, but in such a different time period.

Delphine Day.

Juk. Blegh. She is so annoying and stupid and not a real friend, I don't even know why I put her in here, I should just remove her actually.

Joyce Humphries (new name, and stage name is Ellen Love).

Ugh, I hate her. She is so annoying and stupid. She is like Delphine Day, but...I don't know who is worse. I'm glad she is gone from the show.

Roger Grove.

:( Mr Grove, I did not like him. He was...stupid and did stupid things. He and Miss Mardle had a relationship, but he married Doris, a younger shopgirl(she died later). He was a hypocrit, like Miss Mardle said.

Josephine Mardle (Josie).

Miss Mardle is a bit the mother of the shopgirls in Selfridge's. She is a friend of Mr Grove and Mr Crabb, and of Mr Selfridge, Agnes, Kitty, and Doris. I don't like her that much.

Other characters:
Princess Marie Wiasemsky, Russian. She is Serge's mother and Rosalie's mother-in-law. Serge De Bolotoff is also Russian, and Rosalie's husband.

Reg Towler, father of George and Agnes. He is a violent drunk.

Roderick Temple, painter. He painted Rose and wanted a relationship with her.

There are more: Franco Colleano(Victors brother), Beatrice Selfridge(Harry's daughter, who you almost never see), Meryl Grove, Alice Grove, Eleanor Grove, Arthur Grove and Ernest Grove(all Mr Grove's children), Tilly(a seamstress who's shut outside everything by the other seamstresses), and others(but I can't remember their names).

The soundtrack, set and story: beautiful, and the scenery's are all good. The whole story is real, based upon the real Selfridge's.

Favourite characters: Agnes, George, Henri, Mr Crabb, Gordon, Grace, Connie, Rose, and Rosalie.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

~What do I want to be?~

This is Cornwall, isn't it lovely?
I have often thought of what I wanted to do when I was smaller. I imagined I would be a farmer, or a cook. But now it has changed, of course. I have other interests, other dreamjobs. I only don't know what to be yet. That's the problem. I like traveling, I also like small children and babies, and wild animals(no pets or bears or fish,or insects and reptiles. More cheetas, zebras, giraffes, lions, monkeys, species of paradise birds, that sort of things), I like the languages English and Spanish, and nature is, of course, beautiful and interesting. A thing I also like is cooking and baking of course, and I like making up stories and writing them out on paper and then go on with a real story. Seriously, ideas pop into my head so many times. I have a lot of ideas, but writing them all at the same time, isn't how it is to be. I work on one or two stories, not all on the same time, If you do the last mentioned, you will get confused and can't focus on the stories. Oh, and titles are the hardest (names are easy, but titles?). Of the school work I do, I don't like geometry and algebra(math isn't really my favourite thing), but languages and biology are more my interests. I like history and literature too, but not really to do something as job with. Geology.........well, some things are interesting and others are just boring.
What I also kinda like, is making photographs. So, I'm not really bothered that I don't know what to be, but just...I don't know, maybe I am a little bothered about that :) I know what I like, but not what job I want. That's the case. Now, I'll bid you adieu!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

~Poldark review update~

Now Poldark season 2 is over(for us, we will finish it this night), it is time to have an update on the season 1 review. It seems only fair to do so, after some characters changed a bit, or really changed.

Demelza Poldark.

Well, Demelza is still the same. Although she now stands up for herself more, but made one mistake. Won't tell what it is, because that's a spoiler, and I will not tell any spoilers about season 2. But she is still the same.

Ross Poldark.

Is this the same picture I used for Ross in season 1? Maybe. Ross has changed. He previously did not appreciate Demelza as much as he ought to, but now he barely notices her. Maybe that's exaggerated, but I do think he does. He doesn't inform her of certain things, doesn't appreciate what she's doing for the house, and their son (sorry for that spoiler, but you probably already knew), and for him. I actually do not like Ross that much. Especially after...something he did, I just wanted to punch him(Demelza did it for me). I did feel sorry for him when Demelza said that George was better than himself. I mean, he did stupid things, but to compare him with his biggest enemy, and say that he is the lesser man is a bit harsh, don't you think? Never the less, I liked him more in season 1.

Francis Poldark.

Now, there is a man that changed. You know, he's the kinda person who is the like-dislike man. At first, I liked him, then not, then he became agreeable, then he did something I did not like(but he put himself off that idea), then I liked him. He became a good father, a good husband, and a good cousin. He encouraged Demelza, said that Ross chose the good woman to be Ross' wife, that there was just one fault about her, that she thought too less of herself, when she said she was not the good wife for Ross. He did a good job in the mine, took care of his family members, forgave Captain Blamey (which made Verity so happy), finally said to George what he was supposed to say a while ago. But'll know what happened then if you saw season 2.

Elizabeth Poldark.

Okay, I must admit that my thoughts of Elizabeth moved towards liking her, first. But then not anymore. Now, I don't even feel sorry for her anymore. I just don't like her, that's all. She does think of her family, and what's the best for them, but leave Ross and Demelza alone for a minute, will you? Or say to Ross that he should not come by so often (poor Demelza). Anyway, I don't like her  (I know, said that a million times already, but I just don't like her)

George Warleggan.

And there we have him again. The slickery, annoying George whose plans always work. I really do not like him, he is so annoying and always makes things so bad for Ross and Demelza. Nothing to say about him more.

Caroline Penvenen.

Caroline Penvenen is a new character in Poldark. She is...she is...I don't like her that much, but she's okay. Short character review, I know, but I can't really put my finger on my opinion of her.

Dwight Enys.

We already know Dwight. He is doctor, helps the poor without asking for money, and so now and then helps the richer people. He is a good friend of Ross and Demelza, and a faithful one. He even warned Ross for the soldiers. I also don't have much to say about him, sorry.

Aunt Agatha.

She is a bit the Violet Grantham of Poldark. She pretends she is a bit deaf, she won't hear when people speak normal. So when George Warleggan says something, when he thinks she can't hear him, she just hears all he says. She loves when Verity comes visiting, but hates George Warleggan.

Also Jud and Prudie Paynter come along again (those two...they always make you laugh), and some other characters like Captain McNeill(blegh) and Jeremy(Demelza and Ross' son). Geoffrey Charles of course(he is the son of Francis and Elizabeth, might you not know), Caroline's uncle, Captain Henshawe, and the villagers. Season 2 was still a success here. The soundtracks are still beautiful...the serie is still good. See you again when season 3 is watched(which will take a very very long time, sadly).