Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday today! 20 november 2016. I am another year older. But I don't mind at all. With every year you grow older, you grow wiser and more sensible. We don't celebrate our birthdays big here, no friends invited or a lot of food. Normally we just hide the presents for the birthday boy(or girl) and open the presents(thank everyone of course), and have cake. We had chocolate-blueberry muffins instead(which I made myself). And the presents are always great! This time I really had no idea what my presents would be. I had a bicycle for my birthday(but we bought it a month ago,because I really needed a new bicycle)from my parents. And my youngest siblingd(4,7 and 9) gave me self-made drawings and jewels(so cute). And I had cards from them and from my aunt and my grandparents. I also had drawing stuff(because I draw quite a lot), fineliners and pencil erasers. They're like pencils, only then you can erase things, little things, with it. In case you didn't know;)
 I think pencil erasers is not actually the correct translation, though. And most surprisingly, I had a note book where I can write in a lot(from my older brother) (Which I absolutely love), and...
I just thought I'd made a photo of it, so you can see how it looks like. Really nice :) own(MY OWN!!!) sample of all three seasons of....

                                                  ROBIN HOOD!!

My two older sisters gave it. My siblings really know what I like.
Just so you know I am talking the truth :P
It has a lot of DVD's in it, with a lot of characters on the DVD's. On the front is Robin Hood(as you can see :)) and on the back is...guess what? Kate. KATE! I mean, why Kate? She's not that important, right? Actually she is really NOT an important character to me. Why didn't they put Marian on it? Marian is far more in the series than Kate, two seasons! She deserves to be on the back. But I'm still very happy with it, don't understand me wrong. I still love that I have a own sample of Robin Hood BBC. I couldn't believe it when I opened the present! So, I had a wonderful birthday-morning. And it's my birthday, so I can choose a movie tonight(maybe episode 1 of Robin Hood).