Monday, July 18, 2016

Cranford~A review~

My family and I watched this mini-serie to its end yesterday. I think it was the second time we watched it. Anyway, it was great to watch, again. The music is not my favourite, but nice. The characters...well, let's take a look at the characters now.

Miss Matilda ''Matty''.
Miss Matty(I always call her that, even if her sister didn't like that)is very dependent on her sister, and after she died, I mean Miss Deborah, not Miss Matty, things ran a little out of hand. Miss Matty's money is lost, she has a little dept with the bucher, and she can't pay her maid, Martha, anymore. Despite of that, she maintains friendly and even gives five pound to Jem Hearne, so he can buy Martha a shawl. She doesn't want to see her family distressed and unhappy and sad.

Mary Smith.
She is very nice, farsighted and a real matchmaker. As you can see by her actions. She sends a letter to Major Gordon, that Jessie Brown is sorry that she rejected him, and Major Gordon comes back to Jessie, she sends a letter to Dr. Marshland that he must solve Dr. Harrison's problems and admit that he send the Valentine's-card to Caroline Tomkinson, and she tried to get Miss Matty and Mr Holbrook so far that they maybe would marry. That's really a little matchmaker, right?

Miss Deborah.
She likes to stick on to the old habits, doesn't like it when people say ''suck'' or suck their oranges. She is very strict, but sad.

Miss Pole.
Miss Pole is a funny gossip and believes she is a matchmaker. Miss Pole doesn't like that everyone says that she is still ''Miss'' Pole and not ''Mrs'' Pole. She is very interested in cloth, lace, gossips, and that sort of things. And she is easily offended. But she is a very good friend.

Mrs Forrester.
Mrs Forrester is kind-hearted, very emotional and cares a lot about her cow, Bessie. She treats Bessie as if she was her own daughter, as she said so herself once or twice. I think she is very funny sometimes and a good friend.

Miss Galindo.

She is a milliner and respects Lady Ludlow a lot. She likes Mr Carter and Harry Gregson. She believes that later women will get rights too. I have not much to say about her.

Lady Ludlow.
Lady Ludlow likes Mr Carter and Miss Galindo. First I thought she was just hard and cold, but she is actually nice. I think that she is nice, in any case. And she cares a lot about her son, Septimus. Awful name, don't you think?

Jessie Brown.
Jessie is a quiet, kind, and caring young woman. She cares a lot about her father and her sister(sisters,I think. She probably had more sisters than one), and about Major Gordon of course. I like her very much. Tomber, Professor Z, Grem, Mel Dorado,  Oom en Mama Topolino

 Sophy Hutton.
Sophy is sweet, and loves her father, sisters and her little brother Walter. And Dr. Harrison by the way. I like her, but I don't have much to talk about when it comes to her...sorry.

Caroline Tomkinson.
I couldn't find a picture of her, so this one will be blank. I do not like Caroline Tomkinson at ALL! Pretending she has a disease and faintings and being jealous on Sophy, and whining, and all the fuss with Dr Harrison. I don't like her. I'm glad she was engaged to marry with that bucher.

Dr Frank Harrison.
Dr Harrison is kind, but a little bit dumb sometimes. I like it that Simon Woods playes Dr Harrison. Dr Harrison cares a lot about the opinion of others.

Mr Carter.
Mr Carter is kind, sees ambition in Harry Gregson, and believes every child has to have learned how to read and write. Therefore he teaches Harry how to read and write. I like Mr Carter and it was sad he died.

Harry Gregson.
I don't have a veeery high opinion of Harry. Of course, he wants to be honest, is keen to learn, loves his family, and likes Mr Carter very much, but I don't like him that much. I just don't like him so much.

There are other characters, like Captain Brown

and Augusta Tomkinson, but I will stop now.

No, wait, I will keep on for a little, little while.
Sophy Hutton and Frank Harrison get married.

A little something that I have discovered.
Jim Carter(Mr Carson or Mr Brown) and Imelda Staunton(Miss Pole or Mrs Palmer) are married in real life! Isn't that funny!?


  1. I love Cranford. Have you seen Return to Cranford? It's also really good. I didn't know they where married! There's quite the height difference between them.

  2. Yes, indeed ;)
    Yes, I have seen Return to Cranford and it is also very nice. I'm making a review of it, since we watched after Cranford.

  3. P.S.
    What's your blogspot? I would like to visit your blog and maybe follow it.

  4. I used to have a blog but I deleted it a little while ago due to no time to keep up with it. I'm thinking of starting a new one but I don't know if I'll have the time.

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