Friday, July 1, 2016

Sense and Sensibility~Comparisons~

We've watched both of the Sense and Sensibility adaptions. 1995 and 2008. Here, in this post, I'm gonna talk about comparisons of which I like more and why.

Comparison 1. Elinor Dashwood
I like Hattie Morahan as Elinor Dashwood more than Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood. Emma Thompson is, sorry to say it, a little bit too serious and old. Although she had beautiful hair. I like Hattie better, she is friendly, and silent. And caring for her sisters and mother. I simply like Hattie more than Emma.

Comparison 2. Marianne Dashwood
I really don't like Charity Wakefield. I really don't. Kate Winslet is much better than Charity. Charity is a little bit too...I don't know, I just don't like her. Kate Winslet is a good actress and I like her. She plays the role of Marianne very well.

Comparison 3. Margaret Dashwood
Although they both play well, both a little bit naughty, hiding under tables and in treehouse's, I like Lucy Boynton more than Emilie Fran├žois. I like Emilie too, but I prefer Lucy. She looks a bit older, more thirteen. Emilie looks like....11 maybe?

Comparison 4. Edward Ferrars
I like Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars much more than Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant plays too stiff, and very serious(which suits Emma Thompson, actually). And Dan Stevens is very friendy, and kind, and not so serious at all. Much nicer than Hugh Grant.

Comparison 5. Colonel Brandon
This is obviously. Alan Rickman is a much better ''Colonel Brandon'' than David Morrisey. Alan Rickman plays a nicer, more caring Colonel Brandon. And personally, I don't like David Morrisey.

Comparison 6. Lucy Steele
I don't like Lucy Steele. Nor the actresses. Anna Madeley and Imogen Stubbs play well, but I don't like Lucy Steele. Not at all. Well, if I had to choose, I would probably take.............Anna Madeley's portrait of Lucy Steele(if you don't know who she is, Anna Madeley is the blonde Lucy Steele)

Comparison 7. Willoughby
I must say that I don't like them. Not Greg Wise as Willoughby and not Dominic Cooper as Willoughby. But if I had to choose, I would choose Greg Wise immediately. Dominic Cooper is....awful and scary. Of course, he plays it, and that's why I think they both play their role very good.

Comparison 8. The Palmers
No one could play the role of the Palmers as good as Imelda Staunton and Hugh Laurie do. Tabitha Wady and Tom McMullan are nearly as good as Imelda and Hugh. Imelda plays the chatty and cheerful Mrs. Palmer and Hugh plays the cynical and always-in-books-or-newspapers Mr. Palmer. That quote above is really funny.

That were all comparisons. Hope you enjoyed!
What's your opinion about those comparisons?


  1. I like Kat Winslet better than Charity Wakefield. I don't really like both Colonel's, they are too old. :)
    Both Margaret's are lovely. I agree with you about the Palmers, Lucy Steele, Edward and Elinor. Lovely post!

  2. I loved David Morrisey's Colonel as it was my first role of his but AR will always be my colonel :D

  3. I haven't seen the 2008 version, but I really enjoyed reading this!!

    I do not really like Edward because of Hugh Grant (definitely too stiff), but I think Dan Stevens would be marvelous!

    Because S&S was my first movie that is based on a Jane Austen, it will always be my favorite, Alan Rickman especially! :D

    This was a great post, Ruth!! :D

    1. I don't like Hugh Grant that much. He doesn't play nice roles, at least not in the movies I have seen(which is actually not much ;)), and he played Edward too stiff. Dan Stevens did a good job, but it could have been better. Picky, picky, I know :)
      It's one of my favourites, apart from Pride and Prejudice.
      Thanks! :)