Wednesday, May 24, 2017

~Robin and Marian's Story~

Robin and Marian's story was very complicated. I'll show you with pictures, gifs, and some sentences. First legal Robin Hood Week post(the other one was a mistake, wrong date).

They meet again, after Robin comes back from the Holy Land. She greets him with an arrow and tells him to leave.

First she is telling him that he is being an idiot and that he has to ''Grow up.''. But he still has a big part on her heart, even after those years.

Guy of Gisborne stands in their way all the time, because he likes Marian a lot.

She lives a prisoned life in the castle, he is an outlaw in the forest. I like this picture because it describes how they are. A barricade between them, but still together.

The she almost died. But thanks to Allans observence she's saved, but... almost wedded to Guy of Gisborne.
That didn't happen. What a relief!

She goes with him to the forest and they are happy there.

But then they argue. About a lot of things. They're both being stubborn.

Then they make up again, say sorry. And it's all good.

Robin proposes and she says yes.

Then she has to go back to the castle and they only visit now and then. She thinks Robin is dead and tries to kill the sheriff. Sheriff Vaizey takes her to the Holy Land and Robin goes after her. They almost meet, but not, it has to end the way it ends.

Guy stabs Marian with his sword and she is dying.

They marry, but then the awfullest thing happens.

She dies and Robin returns to England, sad and heartbroken.

Then he dies and Marian takes him with her.

Their love story is tragic, heartbreaking and lovely at the same time. You smile when they argue and are being funny, or when they are together. But you cry when she dies and when he dies and because of their story, that is so...painful, but beautiful and tender. They both fight for justice and freedom. For the peasants of England, for the king of England. And they both die for the same cause. And both by those horrible Gisbornes. (Guy was okay in the end of season 3, but Isabella never will, although she brought Marian and Robin back together). They are the same, even if they don't realize it. That's why they are one of my favourite couples.

~Robin Hood Week and Kickoff Tag~

So, Olivia is having a Robin Hood Week. Yes, yes, yes!!! I made a post for the week before, but I forgot to check the date, so it was too early. Sorry! :)

Now the tag!

What was your first exposure to Robin Hood?

The Disney version of Robin Hood. We watched it several times when I was little, and now my younger siblings watch it now and then.

On a scale of 1-10, how big a fan are you?

Hmm...I would say 9, because I hate the death scenes(I am talking about the BBC version, they could have made it less heartbreaking)

How many versions or spin-offs from the legend have you experienced?

Four, if you only count the ones I have fully seen. Those are the Robin Hood BBC version, the Disney version, Princess of Thieves, and the 2010
version. The one with Russel Crowe as Robin, I mean.

What is your favourite version of Robin Hood(can be book, movie, TV series, anything)?

Of course, everybody already knows my favourite! The BBC version!! Especially season 1 and 2 of it.

Are you one of the lads(Meaning, have you watched /are you a fan of the BBC show)?

Yep, I definitely am! Well, I consider myself a fan (I own a sample of the BBC show, do you need more proof?)

Who is your favourite Merry Man?

If you mean the BBC show, I am doubting between Allan A Dale and Much. But I think Allan because he's so funny, and I like him. (And because he needs a real friend who trusts him)

Do you have a favourite portrayal of Lady Marian?

Yes, of course. Lucy Griffiths portrayal of Lady Marian!

Do you have any interest in or aptitude at archery?

I like archery and I would like to do it, but I have no aptitude. I am not really good at it. Maybe if I practice more(which I probably won't, I don't like it so much to make it a hobby).

Is Robin Hood fact or fiction--which do you think?

I believe it is fact. Robin Hood is of course not entirely fact, most of it is made up, but it is based on someone in Nottingham. Who did the same thing as the legend we know now, steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Do you think Robin Hood has been ''done to death'', or are there still new twists that can be found?

I don't believe any version can be better than the BBC version. End of discussion. (Come on, look at it)

See? Best version!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer is coming!

It's almost summer! Warm, sunny, ice cream eating, swimming-weather, ice-cold drinks drinking, making trips with the bicycle, taking walks, cool and light-clothes wearing summer. It's my favourite season, for thousands of reasons (exaggerating here, because no one can name a thousand reasons for loving summer). In summer you swim, you eat ice cream, you drink cold drinks, you mae trips with the bicycle, you play outside, you make walks outside, you wear summery clothes, you tan, you make summery headers(or not), you sit on the swing doing nothing but thinking and singing, you write summery stories, you make a little review of Road To Avonlea. Well, that's what I was going to do. There will no spoilers for seasons we need to watch(there are some spoilers if you haven't seen it yet). It's a really lovely serie, with lots of great characters. Every episode is different, interesting and funny. Shall we begin with the characters? Yes, we shall.

Sara Stanley.
Sara is the main character in the serie(although sometimes it's about other characters more). She thinks up the funniest things to pay someone back for things they did to her. She is also an orphan and lives with her aunt Hetty King (Olivia was there too first, but she has her own house now). She and Felicity don't always come along, but they are good friends. Felix and Cecily are of course friends with her and so is almost everyone in Avonlea. She likes to help others and has a will of her own. She's very stubborn.

Felicity King.
Felicity likes household and school. She is good in them both. She loves novels and has a diary. She sometimes isn't nice to Sara or Cecily and always argues with Felix. She is the oldest and tries to protect her siblings from danger and being hurt. She's really nice actually, if you don't count the many times she argues about something completely nonsensical. She likes to be populair and has many friends. She helps her mother in the household.

Felix King and Gus Pike.
Felix King is mischievous, loves food, hates doing chores and going to school, always argues with Felcity, is good friends with Sara and Gus and is really funny. He sometimes is misunderstood. Gus Pike is calm , loves playing the violin, smart, looked after Sara when they both were captured(he made sure she escaped and didn't wait for him, but she didn't leave him alone of course). Hetty is very fond of him. He lives in the firehouse by himself. Captain Ezekiel Crane and the Kings are very good friends of him.

Cecily King.
Cecily doesn't like arguing, is always prepared to help and is very sweet and calm. She was the youngest King until Daniel came along.

Daniel King.
Well, he's still a baby, so I have nothing to say about him. In this picture he is older, not like in season 3.

Hetty King and Olivia King Dale.
Hetty is teacher, she likes rules and order, is not nice sometimes and loves Sara like a mother. She's very protective, sometimes too protective. Olivia is really kind, she loves her sister Hetty and Sara. She's a really nice character and understands Sara more than Hetty does, actually. Hetty is very funny(she and Felix are the two we laugh about most) but of course she doesn't try to be funny(Felix neither).

Alec and Janet King.
Janet is a mother cluck, she loves her children and husband and can get really nervous sometimes. She is good at cooking and doing the household but sometimes feels underappreciated. She stands up for herself when she has too, but mostly remains calm. Alec is...well, I actually don't know how to describe him. He's a good father, not only to his own children, but to others too. For example: Sara and Andrew are not his own children, but he loves them like a father anyway(They are relatives after all). He tries to settle things and is calm, calmer than Janet and Hetty mostly.

Andrew King.
He doesn't come around anymore, but he is kind and doesn't like to argue. He doesn't have a mother anymore and his father is always abroad. He tries to be with his father more often but his father usually barely takes notice of him and is always busy with work. Alec is more his father than his own father is. Strange, I know, but his own father is really almost always busy with work. He doesn't have time for his own son.

Peter Craig.
You don't see him often either. In the last episode we watched, he showed up again for the first time in season 3. He is a good boy, hard-working and honest. He loves his mother and sends her money so she stays alive. Felicity, Felix and William(that's a boy from Avonlea) teased him terribly and mean first, but they stopped and realized how wrong it was of them when Peter got really sick. He's the handyman of Hetty and gets food and a roof over his head in exchange for his hard work(and some money of course).

Jasper Dale.
Jasper is very kind, but awfully shy and he stutters. He loves Olivia and they even marry. He is a photographer for Olivia's newspaper and is a bit an eccentric man for a lot of the Avonlea towners. He is the one that makes Olivia laugh the most, and he likes inventing too. He is quickly hurt.

Muriel Stacey.
Yes, she appears in Road To Avonlea too. Hetty is jealous of her and thinks she's going to fire her or take over her school. But she is a friendly woman with other ways of teaching.

Marilla Cuthbert and Rachel Lynde.

Well, you all know about those two(I reviewed their characters in my Anne of Green Gables review). They appear in several episodes of Road To Avonlea too. Hetty is mad at Rachel Lynde first over a ''stolen'' boyfriend.

Those were Road To Avonlea main characters. If you haven't watched Road To Avonlea, you're missing a lot. It is really wonderful to see. You can lend the first two seasons in the library but the rest is onl available on the internet or you can buy them. No subtitles, only English spoken. That's how we watch it, even if we are Dutch. You can understand it perfectly well, only sometimes someone mumbles and you can't hear it then. But it's okay.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

~Four Fictional Characters Tag~

So, MovieCritic tagged me with the Four Fictional Characters Tag. Thank you!!

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe you relate to them.
3. Tag a few other blog people.

1. Jane Bennet(Pride&Prejudice)
Well, she is shy in public and doesn't show her feelings toward others that quickly (I certainly am the first, but the second...)
She concerns about others and my father said my eyes looked a bit like hers(dreamy, because I am a dreamer). She's also pretty silent(which I am too) but is the eldest daughter(I am not the eldest daughter, if you haven't read that in some of my posts yet :))

2. Belle(Belle and the Beast)

She is a dreamer and likes to bake and read(that's me)
She is kind and loves the Beast even though he is not a real person from the outside.
She is a misfit(I am not a misfit, but she is and in this tag I also have to say who she is, not only why I relate to her)

3. Annie(from The Famous Five book series)
She is a bit scared for a lot of things
She doesn't want people to quarrel and fight(I hate quarreling too)
She is the youngest(not me)
She has an other side in her that's more adventurous and daring(I'd like to think as myself with an other side too)
She thinks before she does something(I do think before I do something)

4. Amy Dorrit(Little Dorrit)
She is kind and generous
She is quiet(again, I am, because sometimes I go downstairs and someone says: how did you get from upstairs downstairs?)
She cares for her family even though they are not always nice to her(of course I care for my family, that part of they're not always nice for her doesn't apply for me though we sometimes quarrel a bit)
She likes things to be like it had been and always was (I like old things more than new ones)

That were four characters. There were some more characters I think I relate too, like Jane Fairfax or Cinderella or Molly Gibson, but there are supposed to be four and they look a lot alike, so that doesn't matter. Thanks again for the tag, Molly Gibson!!

As for the tagging part I always think everyone can do the tags I do, even if they are people who I don't know, the only thing I ask then(if I don't know you yet)is to inform me so I can read the tags(that's always great to do).

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

~First Robin Hood week post~

So, Olivia is hosting a Robin Hood Week, and this is my first post. What is it to be about? I did the characters once, I did a post why I liked Robin Hood BBC so much, and two reviews about the show. What is there else? Well, lots of things of course, but I can't come up with one right away. I first thought I'd do a Robin Hood BBC versus another Robin Hood, but that's not fair because I can't remember the Robin Hood 2010, I believe. I could do RH BBC versus Princess of Thieves, but then another idea came up in my head. Why not a Kate vs. Isabella? I never actually know which one is worser, so I'll do that. But then, did I not do that post once? I don't believe I did.

Kate vs Isabella


They were both terrible. They both were a sort of replacement for Marian which failed. They both held a sword like it could fall out of their hands. I think that if you want to know who is better, you should make a pro-con list, the Rory Gilmore method. 

Kate's cons

1.She whines and does things without considering the other people in the gang.
2.She tries to replace Marian
3.She hates Robin and doesn't want to help him for her brother, and then she falls in love with him, then she hates him, then loves him. Until he dies. I mean, make up your mind!
 4. She annoys me and acts childish and yells all the time when she's fighting(that annoys me)
5. She's not nice to Much, doesn't even really try being nice to him
6. She wasn't always nice to Allan either
7. She blames people for something she actually caused herself if you think about it
8. She didn't even cry when Allan was killed

Kate's pro's

1. She at least tried to protect Allan when Rufus tried to kill him
2. I think that if she was in the camp when they thought Allan betrayed them again, she would've stood up for him.

Isabella's cons

1. She tries to replace Marian
2. She killed Guy and Robin
3. She also acted childish and was really evil and did stupid things
4. She was flirting when she was around Robin(which annoyed me, because Marian is still his wife)
5. She wanted to kill Meg
6. The gang never really trusted her

Isabella's pro's 

1. She did show some regrets when Guy was dead
2. She had reasons to be so evil
3. She was really scared for Thornton
4. She was nice to Meg(at first)
5. She was smart and a strong woman(not strong like lifting heavy weights, of course)
6. She really did feel sorry for the poor(before she was against Robin)
7. She also screams when she fights(annoying)

That was all, I think. If you have any cons or pro's of the two of them, you can tell(it might even change the situation). The pro-con list shows that Isabella is the better person. Prooved that Kate is worse!