Monday, October 16, 2017

~Photo Session~

Do I start every post with Robin Hood lately? Anyhow, sorry for the strange post name. This is just a photo post. With colors. (Ahum, what will everyone think of me? I do have to make myself clearer)I'll just put pictures that have a specific color in them. Blue, orange, red...all of them. Well, maybe not all. First, some news(not important news, just what happened lately, because I haven't been on Blogger for a while now). Movies I have watched... Uhm, we watched The Electric Horseman. That was a nice movie. We also watched A West-Side Story and Barefoot in the Park. All kind of old movies, but I quite liked them all. Oh, and also A Knight's Tale. As the description on Netflix says: A medieval movie with a wink to the modern time. I liked that one too. We watched Back in the Saddle, which was(as the title already says) a movie about horses. Well, what can I say? For a horse movie, it was pretty good. But not so good that I put it on my movie list. And we watched Pray for Rain(the movie had really nothing to do with the title). It was okay, but not really very good. Plus we watched The Barber Shop 1 and 2. There's a lot of swearing(one more than two) and sometimes they talked about not so appropiate things, but I kinda liked it. It had, even though they swore a lot and talked about those things, a good story behind it and it was funny. And last, we watched I'm In Love With A Church Girl(weird title, I know). I liked that one, even though the story was totally cliche. But hey, it was based on a true story. I read The Book Thief. It was really a good book, though so very sad in the end. (I was tearing up) I actually haven't read so much books lately. Oh yes, and I have been doing calligraphy and typing(the fast typing with ten fingers). Stories I have been working on...well, mostly the same. Now, to the real thing of this post.

Precious Pink.

Gorgeous Green.

Beautiful Blue.

Refreshing Red.

Pleasing Purple.

Ornamentary Orange.

 Bilingual Brown. 

 Lovely Lime.

Glamorous Gray.

Whimsical White.

Tangible Turquoise.

Best Black.

Yummy Yellow.  

Glorious Gold.  

Charming Chocolatey.

Vivacious Violet. 

That was all.  It's been a long time, I know, but post ideas don't come like sleep does ;)
Maybe I'll do a tag later on!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

~10 Favourite Couples~

So, Rachel also did a ''favourite couples'' post. I decided to do it too, seeming as there is always a couple in period drama's or whatever other movie. (They're not listed from favourite to least-favourite, by the way)

Robin of Locksley and Marian of Knighton, Robin Hood BBC
Of course, everyone who knows me knew I was putting these two on this post. Obvious, very obvious. Well, sorry, I just love those two together so much. For a lot of reasons. An example: they make eachother better, they complement to eachother, and are actually quite similar.

Dwight Enys and Caroline Penvenen, Poldark
To be honest, I like these two together more than Ross and Demelza. Much more.

Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher, When Calls the Heart

Leland Coulter and Rosemary LeVeaux, When Calls the Heart
These two... :)

Tom Branson and Sybil Crawley, Downton Abbey

These two are my favourite couple from Downton Abbey. I like them better than Matthew and Mary, it was so sad when Sybil died.

George Knightley and Emma Woodhouse, Emma 2009

Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables

Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey

Arthur Clennam and Amy Dorrit, Little Dorrit

Prince Kit and Ella, Cinderella

I tried to do everything with gifs, but they didn't have a gif of Arthur and Amy, so that one and Ella and Kit are non-gifs(although there is a gif of Ella and Kit in the start)

Friday, September 8, 2017

~When Calls the Heart: A review~

Where there is a new serie, there is a review, right? Well, we haven't finished When Calls the Heart yet, we're almost at the end of season 3. And then we have to wait for season 4 and 5 to come on Netflix. But we're enjoying it, at least I am, so a review seems to fit right now.

The music: Well, it is not that compelling, and the start song isn't really the best, but it is okay. By the way, the songs that play during the movie fit the scenes and everything.

The scenery: Of course, the scenery is beautiful.

Then the characters.

Elizabeth Thatcher.

Elizabeth is very...stubborn. She cares a lot about the people in Hope Valley, and loves her work: teaching. She likes romantic things and has started writing a book about Hope Valley, because she loves to write and wants to capture the sphere in Hope Valley. She doesn't care very much about her money, not if that means she can't stay in Hope Valley anymore.

Jack Thornton.

Jack is the Mountie of Hope Valley. He tries to help everyone, and he likes to do it too. He also cares a lot for the little town Hope Valley, and everyone in it(he gave up a job he wanted before, so he could stay in Hope Valley).

Abigail Stanton.

Abigail is kind of ''the mother'' of Hope Valley. If someone has problems, they go to her for help. She is an amazing cook, and opens her own little café(well, she shares it with Henry Gowen, and later with Bill). A lot of problems have come on her path, but she faces them bravely. I think she is a very strong woman(with that I mean, a strong character) and a very caring one too.

Rosemary LeVeaux.

I first didn't like her. She was standing in the way of Jack and Elizabeth and for that I didn't like her. But she saw that Jack didn't care for her anymore, not in that way at least. She is also very stubborn(like Elizabeth), very enthusiastic, and loves to help and solve problems and meddle into someone's life. But kind meddling, well-meant.

Leland Coulter.

Lee is really nice. He opens a saw mill in Hope Valley and by that gives everyone jobs and money. He loves Rosemary, and really can't say no to her. A good friend. He is that also.

Becky and Cody are the two orphans who Abigail takes into her home(first just Cody, because Becky is very sick and has to go to the hospital). Cody is sweet, but sometimes sees things the wrong way. He also awkwardly looks a lot like Kevin from Home Alone(maybe not so much in the picture, but sometimes when you're watching. Then he looks A LOT like Kevin).

Bill Avery.
Bill. I don't really like him. Not that much. But he's okay. He had an interest in Abigail, and then in Dottie. He can cook, was a Mountie, but sometimes breaks the law to catch thiefs, even when he's not allowed.

Frank Hogan.

Frank is the pastor of Hope Valley. But(secret, secret) he was a thief first. He got shot, almost died,  and then changed his life for the better. He became pastor Frank Hogan(first his name was Matt Landry, but he changed it legally). He also has an interest in Abigail. I don't like him very much.

Julie Thatcher.

Julie is Elizabeth' youngest sister. She is a bit spoiled, likes to do things her own way, and believes people right away(even when they are lying and are actually an outlaw who is using her to get better).
I guess she is okay(much better than Elizabeth' oldest sister)

Clara Stanton.

No, she is not Abigail's daughter. Though she is her daughter-in-law, because Clara was married to Peter, Abigail's son. Clara is very nice, very good-willing and helpful, and she trust people quickly. I like her.

Henry Gowen.

Of course, in every show there's a bad guy(it wouldn't be the same without one, right?). But Henry Gowen is not all bad. He has a good and kind side, which he shows to Nora and Dottie. But everytime I think he is better, he does something not nice.

Charles Kensington.
(Notice that Charles and Henry Gowen have almost the same clothes. Even the hat.)
Charles, I do not like. At all! He also stands between Jack and Elizabeth, but then all the time. Very annoying. Even when Elizabeth tells him that she does not have feelings for him, except for a friend. Even though he proposes to her. Why!? And just when Jack was about to, too. Just go away, Charles!

Tom Thornton.

Tom is Jacks reckless and indifferent younger brother. He likes Julie(and she likes him), but he gets in trouble all the time. Also, his hands are a little loose, he just punches someone in the face(and then gets himself and Jack thrown out of the café, in front of Elizabeth and her sisters).His feelings for Julie though, are sincere, and he cares a lot for his brother and mother(though he sometimes is mad at them).

Then you have other characters:

Nora Avery

Rip(Jacks dog)
Catherine Montgomery

Florence Blakeley

Molly Sullivan


Wade Garrett

The other reverend from which I forget his name

Dottie Ramsey

Roy, Edith and little Oliver

Becky and Cody's aunt

Billy Hamilton

Sir Lionel

Faith Carter
Jesse....what was his last name?

Mr Yost

Mr and Mrs Thatcher

Viola Thatcher(that's the infamous older sister of Elizabeth)

Jacks mom(which we haven't met yet, but I know she exists and will appear in the next episode)

Wendell Backus

Robert, Gabe, Emily, Hattie, Opal, Anna, Caleb, Miles, and all the other school children.

See you next time!

(I forgot to mention that Rosemary gives advice on romance questions, not only in person but also in the newspaper)