Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time flies

I love this picture. The clock shows you have time, the almost broken string that time is precious and doesn't last forever.
I can't believe that it is already almost winter! Time flies and you can't stop it. The sunny and warm summer has turned into a windy and cold autumn, now following by icy cold winterdays. Not that I don't like winter, I do. But our winters(the winters in Holland) are just cold, and rainy(really a lot of rain). No snow. I wish we had snow here in Holland. I love winters with lots of snow. But we haven't had snow here for a long time. My brother, two sisters and I used to play in the snow, make snowmen. Have snowball fights. A lot of things. Now it didn't snow in Holland for two, three years. Sometimes, if we were lucky, we'd go to our grandparents(where there sometimes is snow). Or sometimes it would snow here, but the next day or even shortly after the snow fell, the snow was already melting, or it was raining again. But I have lost track. I was talking about time. Yesterday I slept until eleven o'clock. Can you believe it!? Eleven o'clock? Really? That is the longest time I've ever slept. I mostly sleep until half past nine, nine o'clock, or half past eight. But that day was different. I was tired. And in winters, you have short days, where the light must go on in the morning if you want to make breakfast, and the lights turn on five o'clock in the evening. I can't sleep when it's light. In summer I don't fall asleep soon. Because it is hot and because it is still light. In winter I sleep a lot, because it is cozy and warm in your bed, and because it is still dark.
Time is valueable. You need time for everything you do. If you are working, you need time to finish it. You need time to think about a problem and think of a solution. You need time for making things, learning things, waiting for things. You need time to know when you have to do this and when you have to do that. You need time to get enough rest and sleep. You need time for almost everything. You cannot erase time. If you did something, you can't turn back or just erase that thing of your...let's say schedule. Wishing you could turn back read that a lot in books. But you can't. You can't turn back time. Time has its own way. You can't change it. Yesterdaynight, when I was in my bed, I kept thinking of how odd it is than you don't realize you sleep 24 hours when you are asleep. You don't even know when you fall asleep. It's really strange. It seems like time is over in just a blink, but actually you sleep one whole day...or when you're in a train...time seems to go really fast. Or when you watch the clock when waiting for something. Then everything goes really slow. 

''Time is very slow for those who wait. Very fast for those who are scared. Very long for those who lament. Very short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternal.''
                                                             ~William Shakespeare~


  1. What a lovely post! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for the lovely reminder!

  2. This was such an amazing post, Ruth! Thank you, too! Time is indeed something valuable and we must live every minute of it to the fullest.
    I love your new bloglook by the way. Pink and roses. ; )

  3. Thanks so very much!
    I agree, we must live every minute of it to the fullest :)
    Aw, thank you! Pink and roses fit well, right?