Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Robin Hood BBC~Marian's Hairstyles~

Today, Marian's hairstyles. Marian has a few of the loveliest hairstyles.

I think this is really suitable for Marian. Her hair is loose, but it is still out of her face. That's convenient and very pretty. But it doesn't suit some people. Like Kate. She had the same hairstyle...
...but she has too thin hair for it to be pretty. And she has the braid not directly after her hair. There is a space between her hair line and the braid, which is not the case with Marian. And Kate doesn't have curls. With curls it is much prettier. But we were talking about Marian's hairstyles, not Kate's.

I liked this bun very much. It was very pretty, and elegant. It seems like it is difficult to make at some points, but sometimes it looks like it is easy. And the beautiful hairpins. They are so pretty!

I really like when she has her hair loose. She has such pretty waves in her hair. And her hair has the perfect length. She also has curls in her hair sometimes.
But I think that's curled by a machine, how do you call those? But it still is pretty, very pretty.

I loved this hairstyle. I thought it was really pretty. And she had a ribbon in her hair, which made it even prettier.

This hairstyle is beautiful too. It's real simple. You have your hair loose, and put in a hairband. Done!
I would like to have this hairstyle once. But I wish I had Marian's curls. They're so pretty.

This hairstyle is very pretty. It looks like normal, that she didn't do anything with her hair. But she did. She pulled it backwards. It looks gorgeous! I would love to have this hairstyle! But I would like to have curls still, when I had this hairstyle.
I didn't like this hairstyle so much. Nothing to say about it. Only that I didn't like this that much.

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  1. Love those hairpins! And those curls! These are some nice ones you picked out!