Friday, October 21, 2016

We are Robin Hood!

Robin Hood is the very best serie existing! It is funny, good, and still sad. I also like it so much because it is different from the books and other movies, and its not violent. The soundtracks are very nice and compelling. And the characters are great and well-chosen.
I saw this on pinterest, and thought it was a good presentation of the characters and the story.

Characters who annoyed me a lot:
Isabella was awful! Even when she was nice, I didn't like her at all. I can understand Guy. She is really mean. And she does unthinkable things. How can she even think of killing her own brother, Guy, and her(probably first real)friend, Meg? Ugh...she was terrible! And all that with Robin. Robin, you are really chosing the wrong women. Isabella and Kate? Really? I'm disappointed. And she doesn't fight normal. My younger siblings always put ther two hands in front of them, as if they are holding a dagger, and ask: who am I? And then the answer is Isabella :) And above all, she is cruel. Kill her own husband? Her brother? Her husband was awful, I know. But you didn't have to kill him, Isabella. And who kills her own brother? Sheriff helped her a hand, yes, but still she stabbed him too.

 And Kate of course. But I already talked about her in the first post from this week.
Little John annoyed me a lot. Sometimes he was alright, but most of the time...well, he was annoying. He doesn't think at all before he does something, and repeats the same lines all the time. ''We go to Nottingham'' and ''Him/Her I liked.'' and ''It's a good day to die.''
 He storms to someone, screaming, without thinking if it is safe. He is good when it comes to people. I mean, he knows the characters well. But why didn't he go visit his wife, Alice and his son, Little John, before? He could at least leave something so they'll know he was there and is still alive, if he is too scared to see her again. Or just visit her. Then she wouldn't be married, and then Little John would know that he is his father. And then all the things of punishing and his wife and son leaving wouldn't have happened maybe.

The characters that were funniest:

Sheriff Vasey is funny. He is cruel and mean, but still funny. ''A clue: no.'' :)
Always rolling his eyes, teasing. He is really funny, but on a other way than Allan A Dale. Allan has a friendlier funnyness(I don't know if that's even a word: funnyness) :)

Allan A Dale is really funny. ''I'm not being funny, but...'' is one of my favorite lines of him. Because he's always actually right with those. And he has the best and funniest facial expressions. He deserved more than he got. And when he died, he knew that the gang didn't believe him, but still wanted to save them. His death is so terribly sad.

Djaq was also very funny sometimes.
Allan: Maybe if you try wearing a dress.
Djaq: I will if you will.
(In case the letters on the picture are not readable)
Much was also very funny.
And the scenes with Prince John were funny too. Although he is psychotic.
Count Friedrich was very funny too!

Characters I like most:
Marian is great! Lucy Griffiths plays the best Marian ever. She is intelligent, witty, stubborn, speaks her own mind, and still kind and caring. Her father and the poor are her biggest concern. Although she is sometimes a little bit unfair towards Robin. She says he's a fool to protect the poor, while she does it herself as The Nightwatchman. She takes care she isn't caught, but in the end she gets caught and if Guy of Gisborne and Allan A Dale weren't there, she would have been hanged.

Allan A Dale was a good person too. I liked that he was a sort of thief in the series, while in the books he is always described as musician or noble. He is always teasing everyone, and mostly agrees with Will. I think that Joe Armstrong plays Allan the best. He is really funny. But sometimes he is just being serious. He risks his life to save the lifes of the gang. Which became his dead.

There are a lot of nice persons still. Djaq, Will, Much, Meg...and more. But that's too much too write about. I don't want to bore anyone. :)
So, that's the end.
I love this series and always will.

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