Monday, August 15, 2016

Hugo(2011)-A review

Hugo is a movie from 2011, which I have watched two times. If I have watched a movie two times, I think my opinion about that one is established. Except when it is a mini-serie or serie. Then it's established with the first time. This one is no serie, so my opinion is established now, after two times.

Hugo is a rather quiet boy. He is really kind and a little bit sad. I feel sorry for him. He didn't knwo his mother, his father died in a fire, he had to go live with his uncle, who disappeared a few months afterwards. He was lonely and had nobody to talk with. He had to steal his food and drink, and he steals mechanical stuff to repair the automaton, so he won't feel lonely anymore. Eventually in the end(warning:spoiler!), he finds a family. Happy ending for him, fortunately.

Isabelle is a kind, friendly, sweet and loving girl. She is adopted and had never seen a movie, until Hugo, who is her friend, took her to the movie theater. I think she is one of my favorite characters in this movie. I like her very much.

Papa Georges.
I don't like him so much. He is not so kind to Hugo. But I feel a little bit sorry for him, because he lost his movies and his job, movie director. He loved to make movies. He has a loving wife and daughter. But his hair! I think they sticked something on it so it would seem he was bold on that place, becase it doesn't look real.

Mama Jeanne.
She is nice. Mama Jeanne. She is also emotional and loves her husband and daughter. I have nothing else to say about her, sorry.

Inspector Gustave.
Inspector Gustave is not always kind, at least in the beginning. But in the end, he is nice and friendly. He is actually a bit shy sometimes, to that flower girl Lisette. I like him in the end, when he lets Hugo go, and after that.

Monsieur Labisse.
He didn't appear much in the movie, so I won't tell much about him. Only that he is a librarian and that he is kind, but mistrustful. Nothing else. And that he gave Hugo a book to read.

All with all, I like this movie very much, although some scenes might be a little bit scary for those who are very soon frightened.

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