Thursday, August 25, 2016


Now...the costumes of Downton Abbey! The costumes are really pretty, although some are not so...nice. Everyone has an other style and taste.

Lady Mary Crawley.
Lady Mary wears the second best outfits. She has some beautiful dresses on her wardrobe.

 And she has such elegant style!
 I love this color blue! It's so very pretty! And that hat and the pearl necklace. So beautiful!

Lady Edith Crawley.
Lady Edith wears some very pretty dresses too. Not all are nice, because look at this dress.
It's very ugly! Sorry to say this, but I don't think this one is pretty. But she has very pretty dresses too.

 Lady Sybil Crawley.
Lady Sybil has the prettiest wardrobe. She has light and gorgeous outfits.
And no one can skip Sybil's blue bloomers.
And her kitchen dress and that blue evening gown.

Lady Rose MacClare.
Lady Rose also has very pretty dresses. She has elegant and beautiful gowns.

Lady Cora Crawley.
 Lady Cora has some pretty dresses, but some are not very pretty.
These are pretty, I didn't mean to say that these are ugly with the last sentence.
This blue dress is, I think, the prettiest of those I have seen.

All together, the Downton Abbey costumes are veeeeeery pretty. I didn't let the downstairs dresses to come by, because those are not so colourful and bright as upstairs. Now, only the wedding dresses will be shown, just for some more prettieness.

I only couldn't get a picture of Sybil's wedding dress, but that's because you never see her wedding dress. Her wedding is not shown, sadly. She would probably choose a beautiful wedding gown, maybe even prettier than Rose's, but I don't think one will ever outcome Rose's wedding gown.



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