Tuesday, September 5, 2017

~Twelve movies/series that remind me of when I was younger~

Just some movies or series that make me think back of when I was small.

#1. The Little House On The Prairie.

#2. The Sound Of Music.

''These are a few of my favourite things...''

#3. The Prince of Egypt.

#4. The Storykeepers.

#5. The Waltons.

#6. The Famous Five.

#7. Road to Avonlea: The Movie.

The movie, not the series though. The series we only started a few months ago, and we didn't even finish it. Not that is was not an enjoyable serie, on the contrary! I loved it! But the site we were watching it on, failed to give us the episodes to watch, so that's why it's not the series. We watched the movie a lot when I was small.

#8. Disney's Robin Hood.

#9. The Railway Children.

#10. Fly Away Home.

#11. A Little Princess.

No, not the one with Shirley Temple, although we have watched that one once when I was young.

#12. Annie.

Tadaa, done! I was actually going for just ten movies/series, but then...it's always ten, right? So, twelve.


  1. Oh yes! So many of these bring back my childhood, too! Especially Annie. My sisters and I used to watch that at least once a week when we were little.

    Great post, Ruth!:)

    1. Oh, Annie. We used to watch that so many times too! And then sing the songs all the time. Just like with The Sound of Music.
      Thanks, Elanor!

  2. Lovely post Ruth! <3
    All those movies are reminding me of the old day, my childhood!!! I've watched all of theses in my childhood too.

    Amazing post! (Just saying.)

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, they do, don't they? It is so great to look back and think: ''Wow, did we really do that?''
      Thanks again!

  3. I love The Prince of Egypt and The Storytellers! They are so good!!!

    I have seen 6 of these, well sort of 6 1/2 because I haven't seen that version of The Little Princess, but I have seen a version.

    By the way, I love your new blog look!!!!!!

    1. Yes, they are!
      The version with Shirley Temple?